Scenario:Soriz - The Explorer

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The Explorer

Seeing Soriz in a sorry state of affairs aboard a Nordvjast fishing boat, Lyria mentions that her first impression of him was wrong. Seeing that Lyria has stopped working, an older fisherman comes in to reprimand her, but is intercepted by Soriz. Soriz reveals to the ever-positive Lyria that it is his dedication to achieving his goal that keeps him going through whatever hard times come his way.

The massive island of Nordvjast extends throughout a number of different Skydoms.
(Captain) and crew are aboard a research vessel studying the area and giving ice fishing a go.
Though nominally a research vessel, the ship's captain gave it a rough and ready air.
Lyria: Wow, the fishermen on board are all quite… characterful, aren't they?
Vyrn: They're really going for it, aren't they? But the stamping and shouting's a bit much, I think.
Lyria: Huh? Over there, on all fours… Is that Soriz?
(Captain) looks to where Lyria is pointing, and indeed sees Soriz on the floor on his hands and knees.
Soriz: C'mon, there's gotta be some around here. Someone must've dropped some spare change.
Soriz: All I need is a single rupie and I can make it back to the top. That'll show 'em!
Vyrn: Looks like he's lookin' for spare change. Shouldn't he be working?
Lyria: Poor Soriz, he's had nothing but bad luck recently.
Lyria: He's not acting like himself, to be honest I'm a little worried about him.
Soriz: Oh… Oh, oh, OH! A coin!
Soriz: Hahahah! Now I can start amassing my fortune! That'll wipe the smile of their faces!
(Captain) and the others work tirelessly day in and day out.
An exhausted Lyria trips while carrying her latest catch.
Lyria: Eek! Oh no, the fish!
Vyrn: H-hey, Lyria! are you OK?
Rough Fisherman: Hey, girlie! What'chu think yer doin'? We can't sell the fish if it's damaged!
Lyria: I-I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time.
Rough Fisherman: NEXT TIME? Ye'll be lucky if I let there be a next time!
(Captain) sees that things are about to get out of hand with the fisherman, and steps in to protect Lyria.
However, before (Captain) can get to her Soriz stands in the way and grabs the fisherman by his arm.
Lyria: Ah! Soriz!
Soriz: Don't you dare raise your hand to a child. Now, go and think about what you've done wrong!
Rough Fisherman: Hey, that hurts! Let go of me arm! Ye're gonna break it!
Soriz: Heh! You act all tough when you're bullying a defenseless young girl, but now look at ya! Squirming like a worm on a hook!
Soriz: All right! I'm letting go, now beat it!
Rough Fisherman: Ugh! Stupid old man!
Lyria: Thank you so much, Soriz! And (Captain), I know you were about to protect me as well, so thank you to you too.
Soriz: No worries. Are you hurt? What was that guy thinkin'?
Lyria: Hee hee…
Soriz: Huh? Lyria, what're you laughin' at?
Lyria: It's just, the longer we're on this boat the more I realize my first impression of you was wrong.
Lyria: Hee hee, I first thought you were a bit scary, but you're really a nice guy!
Soriz: What? I think you've got it all wrong, Lyria.
Soriz: To be sure, life on this ship can be hard.
Soriz: But it's not enough to break my spirit!
Soriz: Not as long as I have my dream!
Soriz: I don't mind going through hard times like this if it means I get to live out my dream.
Soriz: (…That's right… I have to find the treasure in that hidden hot spring…)
Lyria: You're right! It's good to have something to work toward! We have a goal, too, you know!
Vyrn: That's right! We can't let this boat get in the way of our goal!
Vyrn: Heheh. C'mon, (Captain)! We got a trollkrabbe to catch!
(Captain) and crew's goal may be different to Soriz's…
But working together as friends they can overcome any obstacles in their way.
Not even the icy cold of Nordvjast or the salty demeanor of Captain Sanza could put a damper on the crew's spirits.