Scenario:Stan - A Most Peculiar Banquet

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A Most Peculiar Banquet

Stan tells the crew he wants to cook them dinner as a way of saying thanks. Unfortunately, he wants to go to Tarvi to get ingredients. The crew reluctantly sets off to their dangerous destination.

One day Stan comes to see (Captain).
He wants to thank the crew, and to offer to do something for them in return.
Lyria: Erm... You don't need to repay us. That's not why we help people...
Stan: It's fine. Just think of it as a token of my goodwill, Lyria.
Vyrn: Heh heh, if you insist, who are we to say no? What did you have in mind?
Stan: I thought I'd prepare a meal for you.
Lyria: You're going to cook for us?
Lyria's eyes sparkle with excitement.
Stan's cooking was so delicious that it had become something of a hot topic aboard the Grandcypher.
Stan: Heh heh heh, and not just any old meal either. I'm gonna prepare my specialty as a treat just for you guys!
Lyria: Yay, I can't wait! My stomach's grumbling already!
Stan: Ha ha... You'll have to hang in there a little, Lyria.
Stan: But it's definitely something you should be excited about. I'm gonna pull out all the stops on this one!
Stan: Oh, and I'd like to head towards Tarvi.
Vyrn: Ha ha, I'm looking forward to it! ...Wait. Tarvi?
Stan: Yeah. Tarvi. Just trust me on this one.
Although harboring doubts, (Captain) and the others trust Stan, and they set a course for Tarvi.

A Most Peculiar Banquet: Scene 2

The crew sits around a campfire on Tarvi, awaiting Stan's return. They rush to his rescue after hearing him scream, only to find him cowering in the face of a lone snake. Sighing, the party faces off against a growing horde of monsters.

After arriving on Tarvi, Stan leads the crew to a tranquil area.
Sitting on a fallen tree, the crew keep watch over a crackling fire and await Stan's return.
Vyrn: What's Stan trying to do here, anyway?
Lyria: He said he was going to gather ingredients for the meal so... something mushroom-y?
Vyrn: Mushrooms would be great, but that's not what I meant. Something doesn't feel right somehow...
Stan: Waaaaaaargh!
Vyrn: Th-that's Stan's voice! Sounds like he's not far!
Lyria: We better find him, and fast!
Snatching up their weapons, (Captain) and the others head toward Stan's panicked voice.
The crew finds Stan cowering in front of a snake, frantically swinging his sword in an effort to drive it off.
Stan: Get away from me! Get away!
Vyrn: Huh... Now what are you up to?
Stan: You're just in the nick of time, (Captain)!
Stan: I was planning on catching this snake, but...
Snake: Hissssssss!
Stan: Eek! Sn-snakes are totally terrifying! Yikes!
Lyria: Why was he trying to catch a snake?
Vyrn: No idea. Being terrified of snakes is just what I'd expect from Stan, though.
Lyria: Ah ha ha... It's almost kind of reassuring to see him like this, isn't it?
Stan: There's nothing reassuring about this... Hurry up and get me outta here!
Monster: Grrrrr...
As if responding to Stan' desperate cries, a monster suddenly appears.
Stan: Huh? I-I wasn't asking for help from you!
Vyrn: I knew this would happen... (Captain), I think it's time for us to do our thing.

A Most Peculiar Banquet: Scene 3

(Captain)'s crew is struggling with monsters when the mysterious Druj appears, sending the horde running. Upon hearing Stan's reasons for coming to Tarvi (to cook up some delicious roast snake), Druj invites the party to a feast where everyone enjoys Stan's cooking... along with some hearty laughter.

Monster: Blaaaaaargh!
Stan: Wh-what are these things? They just keep coming!
Monster: Blooooorgh!
Vyrn: Gah! There's no end to them! They're gonna have us... surrounded!
The crew is hemmed in by a ring of monsters.
Stan: Uh-oh... This doesn't look good...
Monster: Bluuuurgh!
Stan: Urgh...
A monster prepares to attack Stan only to pull back at the last second.
Monster: B-blooorgh...
The monster frantically tries to escape, as if it has been frightened by something.
Stan: Huh? What just happened?
Rough Voice: Miserable half-wit.. What are you here for?
Stan: That voice! Druj?
Vyrn: Wah! Y-you again... Didn't you vanish into specks of light?
Druj: Ha! Don't be ridiculous, my brethren. Just taking a rest, as I believe I told you.
Druj: I am a dragon who's lived for eons... It'll take more than some mere child to send me to the next life.
Stan: So you survived... That's a relief!
Druj: Ha! What concern is it of yours? I'd advise you not to annoy me.
Stan: I-I'm sorry... Please don't get too angry at me...
Druj: So what brings you here this time, then? This is hardly a vacation spot, you know.
Stan: Well... I was planning on making roast snake for dinner...
Druj: Oh?
Lyria: What? R-roast snake?
Vyrn: Looks like that bad omen I felt was right on the money...
Stan: Huh? But they're delicious! The snakes here on Tarvi are seriously the best!
Stan: For some reason, Llana's Disease really made me work up an appetite...
Stan: I caught a snake out of desperation, and that's when it hit me how delicious it'd be if properly cooked!
Lyria: Wow... That must've been one tasty snake if it's been on your mind since then...
Stan: It's going to blow you away, I promise! Oh, right! Druj, you should have some too!
Druj: Have you taken leave of your senses, child?
Stan: Not at all. Just thought it'd be good to thank you for everything, too.
Druj: ...Bwa!
Druj: Bwahahahahahaha! You're just an endless source of amusement, aren't you, child?
Stan: Huh? Wh-what's so funny?
Druj: Everything! Everything about you is hilarious, child! Bwahahaha!
Druj: Why, this is delightful! I accept your invitation! Whatever you cook, I'll eat.
Druj: I'll have you know I'm quite fussy about my food, however. The lass I once had by my side was quite the cook.
Stan: I can't guarantee you'll like it, but... It's going to be good. That's a promise.
Vyrn: Are you sure about this? I mean, roast snake is a little...
Druj: Trust the child, my brethren! How bad could it be? Bwahahaha!
Lyria: Hee hee hee... That's right! I just know whatever Stan cooks up will be delicious!
Stan: Whoa, you guys are setting the bar pretty high... But I won't let you down!
Answering with a smile, Stan catches the snake from earlier and begins preparing his meal.
Before long, the dish is complete, and the crew smacks their lips in anticipation.
Lyria: Wow... this really is good! It just melts in your mouth!
Druj: Ha ha ha... This is quite the surprise. Boy, you might want to leave the battlefield behind. You clearly belong in the kitchen!
Stan: Ha ha... Thanks, but no thanks.
Druj and the crew enjoy Stan's cooking with some friendly conversation.
The strange group spends the evening gathered around the dining table, feasting long into the night.