Scenario:Sturm - Dinner Dangers

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Dinner Dangers

Sturm and Drang are enjoying dinner at a bar they frequent. Much to Sturm's embarrassment, Drang brings up a tender moment between her and Orchis, prompting her to bring wrath upon Drang.

Owner: Here are your drinks!
Drang: Wonderful, thanks a bunch.
Owner: I haven't seen you two in awhile.
Drang: Ah, well, you know. Things have been kinda hectic lately. But I've always had a hankerin' for your cookin'.
Owner: Goodness, Drang, you're ever the smooth talker!
Drang: I'm just speaking from the heart.
Drang: It's not like I'm expecting a little extra on my plate, know what I mean?
Owner: Hahaha! You're such a card!
Drang: Here, Sturm, this one's yours.
Drang cheerfully converses with the bar owner, as he is wont to do, while placing a large mug in front of Sturm.
Sturm: Ah.
Owner: Right then, take your time and enjoy yourselves! That goes for you too, Sturm.
Sturm: Uh-huh.
Drang: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy there, Sturm!
Sturm quickly raises the mug to her lips, but Drang stops her from tasting a single drop.
Sturm: Why did you stop me? This is what I ordered.
Drang: Pre-drink protocol.
Drang: Cheers! Here's to another—
Sturm: Another what? Don't get so carried away over nothing.
Drang: We made it safely through another day. Isn't that good enough?
Sturm: Sigh... Fine, do as you like.
Sturm polishes off her drink in a single gulp and sets down the empty mug.
Sturm: Get me another. Same thing.
Drang: You never stop to savor your drinks, do you. Barkeep!
Drang calls over a bartender to order another round.
A waiter soon delivers a plate of sizzling food, which the pair begin eating without delay.
Drang: Hey, Sturm. Gonna eat that kebab?
Sturm: I'm going to eat that kebab.
Drang: Trade you for some of those steamed veggies?
Sturm: Go for it.
Drang: Thanks! Chomp, chomp...
Oh, by the way...
Drang: I'm glad we're meeting with the boss tomorrow afternoon.
Sturm: Mm-hmm.
Chomp, chomp...
Drang: Gee, I wonder what kind of mood she'll be in.
Sturm: A bad one. She's never ever in a good mood.
Drang: Don't say that, Sturm. Sheesh.
Sturm: But it's true. She has a scowl on her face every time I see her.
Drang: Let's put the boss aside and talk about someone else then. I bet Orchis is doing well!
Sturm: As far as I'm concerned, she doesn't feel anything.
Drang: Are you sure about that? Seems to me she experiences good and bad just like we do.
Sturm: I wouldn't know.
Drang: Huh? I could've sworn you had a strong connection with her!
Sturm: Where'd you get that idea? I've never been good with children.
Drang: You keep telling yourself that, but I've seen you being nice to her.
Sturm: What are you talking about? I never—
Drang: Remember when you...
Sturm: ...
Orchis: ...
Sturm: ...
Orchis: ...
Though it's barely audible, the rumbling of a small stomach pierces the silence.
Orchis: Ah...
Sturm throws a glance at Orchis before rummaging through her cloak for something.
Orchis: Um, I'm sorry...
Sturm: It's fine. I'm not angry.
Sturm fishes out a piece of candy and thrusts it toward Orchis.
Sturm: Eat.
Orchis: Um...
Sturm: Eat. It's just candy.
Orchis: Okay.
Sturm: ...
Orchis: Mm... It's sweet.
Sturm: Is it, now?
Orchis: Thank you, Sturm.
Sturm: Be careful not to choke on it.
Orchis: Okay.
Drang: And that's what happened.
Sturm: Were you spying on me, Drang?
Drang: Oh, come on. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I think she likes you too.
Sturm: Drang...
Sturm: Don't get wrapped up in emotions. This is work we're talking about.
Drang: Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. But you know this is how I do things!
Sturm: Humph.
Drang: Hey, pass me that stuff over there.
Sturm: It's called salt.
Drang: But we're the best of friends, so you knew exactly what I wanted without me having to say anything!
Sturm: Cut the jokes.
Drang: Brrr... So icy. Oh, and another thing...
Drang: Remember that skyfarer crew we keep running into? The one with the blue-haired girl and the cute talking lizard?
Sturm: How could I forget.
Drang: Oooh, they actually managed to lodge themselves in your brain, eh?
Sturm: It's part of the job. That crew has something to do with our boss's plans...
Drang: Yep, yep. No objections here, so simmer down, Sturm.
Drang: I have a feeling we're gonna run into those kids soon enough.
Drang: They seemed like they had some spunk. Why, I might even be looking forward to seeing them again!
Sturm: Get serious. I won't show you any mercy if you get in the way of my job.
Drang: Aha! So as long as I don't get in the way of your job, everything else is fair game!
Sturm: You're a windy windbag.
Sturm sets down her fork and stands up.
Drang: What, are you done eating? I'm—
Drang: Yeowch!
Drang: Ah-ah-ah... Owie, owie! Quit poking me, Sturm!
Sturm: Shut up.
Drang: Yow! That hurts, Sturm! Since we're done here, stop poking me and grab the check!
Drang: You're so much lovelier when you're busy stuffing your face, you know that?
Sturm: Sh-shut up! I obviously can't do anything to you when I'm eating!
Drang: Yeeeowch! The stinging! It... stings!
Owner: Hm? Oh, they're at it again. I take it the meal's over?
Sturm: Yes. Thanks for the food.
Drang: Wait, I'm still—ow—eating! For crying out loud, I can't get a word in stabwise!
Owner: Here's your bill.
Sturm: Uh-huh.
Drang: Augh! Wait up!
Drang's pitiful cries echo through the quaint little bar.
And another typical night out for the duo comes to an end.