Scenario:Sturm - Silence Is Golden

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Silence Is Golden

Sturm, Drang, and the Black Knight act as decoys for the crew in the streets of Agastia. They clash with the imperial forces.

The sound of pounding footsteps resounds through the streets of Agastia.
Sturm, Drang, and the Black Knight are acting as decoys to lure away the imperials.
Drang: Goodness, I sure hope (Captain) and the others are okay.
Sturm: Is this really the time to be worrying about them?
Drang: Good point. Your confidence in them is unshakable, Sturm.
Sturm: That's not what I said.
Drang: Oof! Could you not stab me, Sturm? I'm tryin' to run here!
Sturm: Humph.
Drang: There may only be three of us, but with you and the boss here, Sturm, we're practically unstoppable!
Drang: Yup! Nothin' to worry about!
Black Knight: You two are in no position to be chatting idly away.
Imperial Soldier 1: I found them! They went this way!
Sturm: They're here.
Imperial Soldier 2: There are three fugitives! Surround them!
Imperial Soldier 1: You've got nowhere to run! Give it up!
Black Knight: Heh... You have no idea what you're getting into.
Black Knight: Throwing bodies at your opponents instead of having a fair fight... The imperial army has grown quite cowardly since I've been away.
Sturm: I'll hold the rear.
Drang: Okeydoke, Sturm! Leave this side to me!
Black Knight: Charge! Show them no mercy!

Silence Is Golden: Scene 2

The Black Knight orders Sturm and Drang to set off for a certain location. As the pair hurries down some backstreets, an agent from Sturm's past confronts her, but all she can do is glare back in silence.

Imperial Soldier: Guh...
Drang: Outstanding! I think we mopped up all of our pursuers.
Sturm: How boring. I'm just getting warmed up. Next.
Drang: Oho! I don't think I've ever seen you so motivated before, Sturm!
Black Knight: I'm afraid you can't take a breather just yet. Right now I need you two to go somewhere.
Sturm: ...?
Sturm and Drang take to the backstreets as commanded by the Black Knight.
Drang: All righty then. First we need to get back to the airship.
Sturm: And we'd better hurry. This is a race against time.
Drang: Exactly! Let's just forget about the whole stealth thing and take the main roads.
Sturm: You want to blend in with the crowd?
Drang: We don't stick out as much as the boss. We'll be fine if we just act naturally.
Sturm: Okay, let's go.
Drang: Ah! Wait, Sturm!
Townsperson 1: Oh my, if it isn't Sturm and Drang. It's good to see your faces again.
Drang: Mm-hm, long time no see!
Townsperson 2: Hi there, Sturm! Try not to pull a Drang!
Drang: Hold on, now! What's that supposed to mean?
Sturm: Keep moving.
???: Sturm?
Drang: Heh, we aren't being chased by soldiers anymore, but the townspeople sure are slowing us down.
Sturm: It shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep your mouth shut.
Drang: It's okay to praise me. Just say: "that was a fantastic idea you had, Drang!"
???: Hey, you! Yeah, you! Sturm!
Drang: Hm?
Sturm: It's him...
???: I knew it was you! It's been, what, five years? No, gotta be more like ten.
Sturm: ...
???: Man, seeing you in Erste again really brings back memories... I can still call you Sturm, right?
Drang: Um, friend of yours?
Agent 1: We were agents way back when. Worked together, all that jazz.
Sturm: Only once.
Agent 1: Mmm... That attitude of yours hasn't changed either...
Drang: Whoa, look at the time! I'm sure you've got a lot of catching up to do, but we're in a bit of a hurry.
Drang: Come on, Sturm.
Agent 1: Wait! Not so fast! We finally meet after all these years, and you give me the cold shoulder?
Sturm: Persistent louse. I have no business with you.
Agent 1: Oh? Still as sassy as I remember!
Agent 1: We suffered dearly because of you, and it looks like you haven't learned a damned thing.
Sturm: Don't you dare.
Agent 1: Yo, Mr. Erune. She your boss now? Sidekick maybe?
Agent 1: I don't really care who you are, but you'd best keep an eye on her. I'd consider getting a new partner if I were you.
The man chortles with disdain.
Sturm continues to glare at him, her fists clenched and quivering in fury.

Silence Is Golden: Scene 3

The agent blames Sturm for causing a past mission to fail, but Drang pulls her away when imperials show up. The agent flags down the soldiers, and they ambush Sturm and Drang.

Agent 1: We're about to reach the site of the monster horde. I need a few people to scout ahead.
Agent 2: I'll go. And, uh... you. Sturm, was it? You're with me.
Sturm: Understood.
Sturm: Hey. This isn't the way...
Agent 2: Excuse me? Are you saying I'm wrong?
Sturm: There are no signs of monsters here.
Agent 2: That's why we're searching the area. It's called scouting.
Sturm: But—
Agent 2: Shut it! Just do as I say, rookie!
Monsters: Groaaar!
Agent 1: Damn it! There are too many of them! We're surrounded!
Monster: Gyaaah!
Merchant 1: Yaaargh!
Merchant 2: Aaaah!
Agent 2: Wh-what's the situation?
Agent 1: What the hell were you two doing out there? These monsters are ripping us to shreds!
Monster: Groaaar!
???: Rah!
Agent 1: Why do you think I sent you two ahead? You were supposed to prevent this from happening!
Agent 2: Yeah, but...
Monsters: Groaaar!
Sturm: Hah!
Sturm: This isn't the time to talk!
Agent 2: I-it was her fault! All of it!
Sturm: Huh?
Agent 2: She got us so lost that I couldn't detect any monsters—
Sturm: That was you!
Agent 2: Shut up, girl! This is exactly why I told you to listen to me!
Sturm: What are you talking about! I—
Agent 1: Enough! We'll deal with this later. And as for you, Sturm...
Agent 1: We'll be sure to scrutinize your part in this debacle!
Sturm: ...
Agent 1: Man...
Agent 1: This woman has no understanding of the core tenets of being a good agent: trust and communication.
Sturm: I don't remember doing anything to be ashamed of.
Drang: Hm?
Drang catches a glimpse of imperial soldiers on the other side of the street.
Drang: Sturm.
Sturm: Yeah.
The two lock eyes briefly and then bolt in an instant.
Agent 1: Wha? Hold it right there!
Agent 1: Ugh... Those two make me sick to my stomach!
Imperial Soldier 1: You there! Have you seen an Erune male with a Draph female around here?
Agent 1: An Erune and a Draph... Heh, it all makes sense now.
The man's lips contort into a shifty smirk.
Agent 1: If that's who you're looking for...
Sturm and Drang manage to elude the agent. They slow from a run to a quick walk.
Drang: Looks like we're in the clear. We should be home free from here.
Sturm: I'm guessing you have questions for me.
Drang: You mean... about what just happened?
Sturm: ...
Drang: Nah, I—
Agent 1: Grah!
Drang: Ugh!
Sturm: Drang!
Drang: What... was that? It hurts...
Blood begins to flow from a gash on Drang's arm.
Agent 1: Hah! Serves you right!
Sturm: What do you want from us?
Agent 1: Oh, no. I'm not the one you should be asking.
Imperial Soldier 1: There they are!
Sturm: Imperials?
Agent 1: Well, best of luck to you guys!
Drang: Oh, brother. You've gotten yourself into a real pickle this time, Drang...
Imperial Soldier 1: Don't move! You will comply!
Drang: Guess there's only way out of this, eh, Sturm?
Sturm: Sit tight.
Drang: Huh? Are you out of your mind? You can't take them all on by yourself.
Sturm: Listen to me. You're only going to get in the way with that injury of yours.
Drang: I know, but...
Sturm: I'm in a real bad mood right now. Do you want to get on my bad side too?
Drang: Um... I think I'll pass...
Imperial Soldier 1: What are you whispering about? If you're thinking about escaping, think again!
Sturm: Sorry, but I have no intention of running. I have every intention of making you all eat dirt though!

Silence Is Golden: Scene 4

After defeating the imperials, Drang tells Sturm that he has complete faith in her. Sturm silently delights at the remark... until Drang's tendency to say too much leads to more stabbings from her.

Drang: Phew! You're a tough one, Sturm! And so cool too!
Sturm: Stop screwing around. We're wasting time. Let's go.
Drang: Yes, ma'am.
Drang: Hey, Sturm.
Sturm: What is it? If it's not important, then save it for later.
Drang: I don't care about what you used to be like. You're everything to me now, Sturm.
Sturm: Is this about what happened before?
Drang: And when it comes to believing either you or that awful guy, I think the choice is pretty clear.
Drang: I'm willing to bet the boss and everyone in (Captain)'s crew thinks the same way too.
Sturm: Heh.
Drang: Man, I really wish I could've met the young you though!
Drang: Oops! Not that you're all that old or anything!
Sturm: Why can't you ever keep your mouth shut?
Drang: Augh! That hurts, Sturm!
Drang: Come on, have you seen my arm? If I get any worse I won't be able to run!
Sturm: Keep your voice down. What do you think will happen if we get caught again?
Drang: Then it'll be your fault! No one made you poke me in the first place!
Sturm: Humph. Let's press on.
Despite the obstacles they've had to overcome, the duo continues moving forward, never wavering from their goal.
But what awaits them at the end is a tale for another time.