Scenario:Sutera - How Sutera Got Her Groove

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How Sutera Got Her Groove

Metera takes Sutera to see an aesthetician, a beautician, and finally Korwa in an effort to groom her for an upcoming mixer. After getting a new dress and hairdo, Sutera is ready for a unique experience.

Sutera returns to the Grandcypher after finishing an early morning training session. Her older sister is there to greet her.
Sutera: Good morning, Metera! I'm back!
Metera: Yeah, morning. You're finally done, huh. Ew, look at that sweaty face of yours.
Sutera: That's right! I had a very productive training session today!
Metera: That's not the point...
Though she is caked in mud and drenched with sweat, Sutera feels invigorated.
Metera: Seriously, with all the potential you have as my little sister, how'd it come to this...
Metera grows steadily irritated with Sutera as she remembers how disinterested her little sister is with being fashionable.
Sutera: Oh no... Was it something I did?
Metera: Sigh... No. You didn't do anything, and that's what annoys me.
Sutera: Huh?
Metera: Bah, change of plans. I was waffling over taking a nap, but this is a big no-no.
Sutera: What are you talking about?
Metera: It's been your goal to be like me, right? Well, today's your lucky day. You're getting a taste of my special training.
Sutera: Are you really going to train me?
Metera: Mm-hm. We're gonna get your groove on.
Sutera: My groove? What's a groove?
Metera: Uh-uh, don't worry 'bout the small stuff! Just follow me.
Sutera: O-okay!
Sutera has no idea what her sister has in store for her, but even so she follows obediently behind Metera.
Sutera: What is this place? It looks so posh and upscale... Are we actually going to be training here?
Metera: Hm? You're in for a world of hurt if you let looks deceive you. Improving your groove is serious business.
Sutera: I'm sorry. I'm being thoughtless even though you're going out of your way to help me!
Sutera: Whatever happens, I'll give 110% and challenge it with a can-do attitude!
Metera: Uh... You don't really have to. Oh well, that's just you being you, I guess.
Metera: Hey there. This is my little sister, so feel free to go all out on her.
Aesthetician: As you wish. The room is ready for you, miss. This way please.
Sutera: Oh, okay. Here I go. See you in a bit, Metera.
Metera: Yeah, yeah. I'll be waiting right over there. Gooood luck.
Aesthetician: Let's get started. Could you please lie on the table facedown?
Sutera: So on my stomach? Okay.
The aesthetician dribbles a warm, viscous solution onto Sutera's legs and begins massaging it into her skin.
Sutera: Mmm... This feels so amazing... But what part of this counts as training?
That thought slips from her mind as Sutera gives in to the pleasant massage. However, her moment of bliss soon comes to an end.
Aesthetician: I'm going to warn you right now that the next part might hurt a little. I need you to relax and not tense up.
Sutera: Huh? S-sure...
As soon as the words comes out of Sutera's mouth, the aesthetician begins kneading her leg without mercy.
Sutera: Yeeek! This is too—
Aesthetician: Oh dear, please don't squirm. Try to relax, okay?
Sutera: Yaaagh!
Aesthetician: Poor blood circulation causes all kinds of illnesses. We need to get your blood flowing again!
Sutera: Ngh!
This must be what Metera meant by training!
Sutera: Ungh!
A part of me is being belittled... It's pitiful to think of myself in that way...
Sutera: I never imagined that I would be suffering penance in a lavish room like this.
Sutera: Aha! This is what Metera was aiming for! Overcoming unimaginable pain is the path to strengthening my will!
Sutera: She understands I'm too softhearted! I knew I was no match for her!
Sutera: Don't panic. Don't scream. Stay calm and clear your mind. Let it all out...
Sutera: Ack!
Aesthetician: Um, miss? Please relax. Try not to be so tense.
Sutera: I-I'm fine! I won't give in! I won't give in!
Sutera goes from comfort to mind-boggling pain in the blink of an eye.
But thanks to her optimism and fortitude for training, she continues to endure the harsh pain.
Sutera: I did it, Metera! I conquered my weakness!
Metera: Mm, your face looks much brighter than it did this morning. It's perfect!
Sutera: Really? Does this mean I've caught up to you a little?
Metera: Hm? What? Anyway, we've still got many places to go and so little time to do it in. Get going, girl!
Sutera: We're still training? Um, I'm feeling a bit fatigued at this point...
Metera: No way! You can do better than this!
Sutera: Metera!
???: Hi there! I've been waiting for you!
Metera: Heh heh. Sorry to keep you. I've brought my little sister with me. Go on, Sutera—introduce yourself.
Sutera: Good day. My name is Sutera. You certainly have a large stock of clothing.
A diverse collection of masterfully tailored outfits are on display in Korwa's dressmaking studio. It's a sight to behold.
Korwa: Oh, so you're Sutera! I'm Korwa, a fashion designer. Hehe, aren't they all wonderful?
Sutera: It's a pleasure to meet you, Korwa. Yes, I must say I'm overwhelmed by your shop, especially considering it's my first time here.
Sutera: So I have to wonder... What kind of training could we possibly—
Korwa: Come over here! We're about to witness the start of a fantastic, new story. Oh, I just can't wait!
Sutera: Uh... Huh?
Korwa: First I need to take your measurements! Could you stand over here please? Feet shoulder width apart... Now raise your arms a little.
Sutera: Like this?
Korwa: La-la-la... Okay! Hum-dee-dum... And this length... Good. Next is...
Sutera: Um, what exactly should I be doing, Metera?
Metera: Hm? Just stand there and don't move. She's gotta get the sizes right otherwise you'll look frumpy.
Sutera: Oh...
Korwa: That does it for the measurements. You've got a nice figure, you know that?
Korwa: Any design would look great on you, but which is the best...
Korwa: Gasp! I just had a moment of inspiration! Hang on, I need some paper... Paper, paper...
Korwa: Ah, here we are. First I'll make the cut here... Then the hems... Ooh, and this here. I want to show off the shoulder line...
A short while later Korwa, with a twinkle in her eye, finishes the design.
Korwa: Hehe! What do you think about this? Doesn't it totally match Sutera's sensibilities?
Metera: It's so cute! I love it! It's totally Sutera, and it even makes her look more womanly!
Korwa: Haha. Everyone is unique in who they are, so every designer has the chance to bring out the best in their client.
Korwa: It's settled then! Let's go with this!
Korwa: Okay, Sutera, I need you to stand right over there for me.
Sutera: Okay.
Korwa proceeds to unroll many bolts of fabric. She holds up swatch after swatch against Sutera.
Korwa: Mm... No, not this one. This one's just off... Ngh... This one's iffy...
Korwa: I want to avoid making it look too rugged. It needs to be sharp and sophisticated...
Korwa is completely absorbed in the swatches as she looks for the perfect complements to Sutera's aesthetics.
All the while Sutera continues to stand stock-still in silence, wishing not to disturb Korwa.
Sutera: Say, Metera. What kind of training is this? This seems like a normal tailoring session to me...
Metera: Training? Who said anything about training? No matter how you look at it, we're just getting new clothes made for you.
Sutera: Th-that's it? But why?
Korwa: You don't know? I thought this was a custom order for that special occasion. You're going to need proper attire for an important battle!
Sutera: Oh, I... see? Um, what do you mean by an important battle?
Korwa: Ahem. Moving on, could you try this on for me?
Sutera: S-sure.
Korwa: This is close to how it'll look when finished, so if it doesn't fit now... Oh, lookin' good!
Sutera's questions go largely unanswered, lost in Korwa's rapid-fire self-musings.
Korwa: Wonderful. It'll be ready for you soon! Take care until then!
The final destination for the two sisters is yet another fashionable establishment.
Metera: Now that you've got new clothes, it's time for the finishing touches.
Beautician: Welcome. We've been waiting for you. Right this way please.
Sutera: What's about to happen now, Metera?
Metera: Your hair is an extension of yourself. Proper care is a must, or else it'll spoil everything we've done today.
Metera: Anyway, take a seat, and it'll all become clear to you.
Sutera: This is also a part of training I guess. Hm...
As Sutera undergoes her hair treatment, she takes the chance to reexamine the meaning behind the word groove.
Metera: Ooh, it's really brought out the shine in your hair.
Sutera: It does feel softer too, now that you mention it.
Sutera: But I've been thinking. You keep bringing up something about a groove, Metera. What exactly is that?
Sutera: After considering it for awhile, I still haven't the faintest idea as to what it could be.
Sutera: And as for training, nothing about the activities we've done today feels remotely like training...
Metera: It's such a pain in the butt to try to explain what a groove is.
Metera: To put it simply, it's something you don't have enough of.
Sutera: My insufficiencies...
Metera: Sigh... Look, if you wanna be like me, you'll need the power and the will to knock down your rivals.
Metera: I mean, come on. You've spent this entire time oblivious to the training but think about it. Haven't you progressed since this morning?
Sutera: You really think so?
Sutera: I'm still not entirely sure myself, but if you say it's true, then who am I to argue?
Sutera: I'm still missing something as I am now. I must become stronger if I want to achieve victory!
Sutera: I get it now!
Sutera: Therefore today's trials were all for the sake of mastering my groove!
Metera: Uh... Yeah, yeah, that's the spirit...
Korwa: Hello. I thought I'd find you here! Your outfit came out perfectly!
Metera: Wow! You're the queen of cloth!
Korwa: You bet I am! Sutera's going to look even cuter than she already is in this! Now let's get to the final touches!
Sutera: Hm? Final touches?
Korwa: You're going to try it on, girl!
Korwa: Excuse me, do you have an empty room we could borrow for a little while?
Beautician: Sure, right over there. We'd thought about using it as a dressing room anyway.
Korwa: Wonderful! Come on, Sutera!
Sutera: Um... You don't have to pull me by the arm like that, Korwa...
Metera: Pfft... See ya back in a few.
Korwa: Okay, okay, let's get those old duds off of you!
Sutera: Huh? W-wait a minute...
Sutera: Eeek! What are you doing, Korwa! I can undress myself!
Korwa: Ah-ah-ah! I can't wait any longer! It'll go faster if I help out!
Sutera: K-Korwa!
Korwa: See? This cut really forces you to stand tall and show off with pride!
Korwa: Here, put this on! And this! And then this!
The clothes and accessories come at Sutera in unrelenting waves, and she has no choice but to go with the flow.
Korwa: Heheh! She's ready! Presenting tonight's star, Sutera! A brand new chapter starts today!
Korwa: Come on, step out! Don't be shy!
Korwa can barely contain her excitement as she drags out a timid Sutera.
Sutera: Um...
Metera: Is that really you, Sutera? You look totally different!
Sutera: I'm not used to wearing clothing like this, so I'm a bit nervous... But I'm actually really happy with it.
Metera: Cuuute! You're like a super woman now! Which doesn't surprise me at all since you're my little sister!
Korwa: The navy hue does an amazing job.
Korwa: It gives off a sense of maturity without being too stiff. The balance is exquisite!
Sutera: What's the purpose for wearing something like this? It's a bit much just for training...
Metera: Oh, yeah. I started to say this earlier but didn't get to finish.
Metera: You're going to wear that to a mixer.
What's a mixer?
Metera: Hmm... I guess you could say it's a place for practicing...
Sutera: Practice? Then I'll have to buckle down and focus!
Sutera: But won't these clothes end up getting ruined?
Korwa: Wrong! These clothes draw out your natural allure, giving you more flexibility in battle!
Metera: If you want to get on my level, you're gonna have to be able to handle trivial mixers with ease.
Sutera: Oh, I... think I get it?
Metera: You'll see once you get there. The new Sutera can handle it.
Korwa: I'll join you too after I finish taking care of some business. Feel free to start without me!
Sutera: I understand! In order to be one step closer to you, I'll prevail over this mixer!
Metera: Sigh... Relax, girl... Ah, well, that's just how you are. Carry that spirit with you.
And so at Metera's cajoling, Sutera's participation in a mixer has been decided.
How the mixer will turn out is anyone's guess.