Scenario:Sutera - Mixer Aftermath

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Mixer Aftermath

Sutera relays her experience at the mixer, starting with how she practiced flirting with Tomoi, but Metera loses interest upon hearing about his odd quirks. The two are then accosted by some sleazeballs.

Metera: So, so, so? How'd the mixer go? You gotta tell me every juicy detail.
Metera and Sutera are out for another day on the town.
While the two window shop, Metera, who can't stand not knowing any longer, prods Sutera about what happened at the mixer from a few days ago.
Metera: Hehe... Any good guys?
Sutera: I don't know if I would call them good guys, but everyone was very delightful.
Metera: Oh? Like how?
Sutera: Like... Okay, here's what I did. I tried to emulate your style at the mixer.
Metera: Haha, say what? What do you mean by that?
Sutera: We practiced how to start a conversation. Tomoi was my partner.
Sutera: I don't have much experience when it comes to relationships, so I thought about how you would handle it.
Metera: Interesting... That actually sounds kinda fun. Wait, isn't Tomoi kinda sketch?
Metera: Haha, oh wow. This is just too good. So then what?
Sutera: Gasp! Could it be that you've got your eyes on Tomoi? I don't think that's such a good idea...
Metera: What? Why? Wait, don't tell me you and Tomoi... Aaah, tell me, tell me!
Sutera: If there's ever a one in a million chance of you two ever meeting...
Metera: Yeah, yeah?
Sutera: He'd definitely lose his life!
Metera: Wha?
Sutera: That's why I believe you should stay as far away from him as possible. On second thought you mustn't ever meet him at all!
Metera: Hang on, what's this all about? You're not making any sense at all.
Sutera: Something happened during the practice I mentioned earlier. Tomoi lost consciousness halfway through.
Sutera: Like I said, I don't have much experience with relationships, so I just did what you do.
Sutera: It's kinda dull doing this alone though. Ah, if only I had a man for myself...
Sutera: Hm?
Her eyes focus on a street corner.
Tomoi: ...
Sutera: Hi there. Whatcha doin'? You free by any chance?
Tomoi: Huh? Um... Ahem... Well, this is kinda sudden... You look like you're on your way back home after a day of shopping.
Sutera: That's right. I was getting kind of lonely by myself though, so you know...
Sutera: I thought you could come by and... watch me try on some outfits.
Tomoi: Brgwaaah!
Lowain: Oh snap, did he just kick the bucket?
Elsam: Sutera, man, I think you just gave Tommy a heart attack!
Sutera: I-I'm so sorry... I'm still new to all this...
Sutera: And that's what happened. Just imagine what would happen if he met the real you...
Metera: Ahahaha! Oh wow, what kinda messed up story is that! Hahaha!
Metera: Oh geez... Was that supposed to be me? Aha, my sides hurt...
Sutera: Yeah, I guess it was pretty funny. It took everyone else by surprise too.
Metera: I'm shocked though. Never would've expected you to suddenly go outta character.
Metera: You don't need to do that since there's definitely someone out there for you.
Sutera: I see what you're saying, but someone that fits my character? How do I meet someone like that?
Metera: You're so lovable, and that's a trait any guy could fall head over heels for.
Sutera: You think so?
Metera: There's the look I'm talking about! Your puppy-dog eyes and innocent expression will drive 'em crazy!
Sutera: Oh, that's what you mean.
Metera: All right, if I run into a nice guy, I'll show you how it's done.
Sutera: Thanks! I definitely feel better with my big sister around.
Metera: Haha, duh! If you want a guy to fall for you, just ask!
Metera: Anyway, we're getting off track. So that's the kinda guy Tomoi is.
Sutera: Yes. I only pretended to be you and look at what happened to Tomoi...
Sutera: Had I actually come at him with your level of charm, he would've died!
Metera: That's funny. I could've sworn a sketchy guy like him would be used to girls flirting with him. Maybe I'm wrong.
Metera: Heheh... You know, an innocent playboy isn't so bad. It'd be fun to toy with him.
Sutera: But he seems tormented by his daydreams. He can't tell reality from fantasy.
Metera: Ick. What's wrong with him?
Sutera: He confuses the woman in his dreams for the actual woman in real life. He's so lost in love that he's coming up with a plan to run away with her.
Metera: Uh... Is his brain okay? Those innocent fantasies or whatever you wanna call them will blow up in his face if it goes too far.
Sutera: I agree. I think we need to get him to a competent doctor as soon as possible.
Metera: Mm-hm. That boy sounds like trouble. Think I'll pass on him.
Metera: Sigh, too bad. I thought I'd be able to have some worry-free fun. How disappointing.
Metera acts uncharacteristically dejected at losing what she deems as suitable prey.
Sleazeball 1: Yo! You two lookin' good today! Where ya headin'?
Sleazeball 2: Hey there, ladies. Wanna come hang out with us?
Metera: Sorry, fellows, but we're in the middle of sister time. Ciao!
Metera brushes the men off and keeps walking. A hand suddenly clamps down on Sutera's shoulder, stopping her in her tracks.
Sleazeball 2: Why you gotta be so cold like that? I said let's hang out.
Sutera: Let go of me! It's rude to touch someone without asking!
Metera: You'd better take your hand off her before I take it off for you. Permanently.
Sleazeball 1: Hey! That ain't very lady-like! Why don't you behave like you're supposed to?
Metera: You suck. I can't believe you used such crappy pickup lines. Hah, guys like you still exist?
Sutera: Metera!
Metera: You're a bunch of self-absorbed idiots who only see a pretty face and don't know when to quit.
Metera: So as thanks for putting up with your garbage, we'll have to pay you back in full, won't we?
Sutera: I'll back you up, Metera!

Mixer Aftermath: Scene 2

Sutera talks about Elsam's infatuation with Yggdrasil and how he transformed into an iron giant to be with her, but Metera has no idea what she means without proper context. Another suitor who attempts to hit on the sisters is rebuffed.

Metera: Ugh! Those slimeballs really wasted our time!
Sutera: Thank you for getting me out of that situation, Metera.
Metera: What kind of big sister would I be if I abandoned my little sister who's in trouble, even if she is a bit of a weirdo?
Sutera: A bad one! That's why I'm happy you're not. I always knew you were strong, Metera.
Metera: Yeah, yeah. Ugh, everything's all messed up now. Whatever, let's get back to your story.
Metera: Tell me about Elsam! What's he like?
Sutera: Elsam? Hmm...
Metera: He's kinda cute, isn't he? Bit of an airhead though. I hate idiots...
Sutera: Um... Yes, you could say that about him...
Elsam: Call me Elsam. It's totally a pleasure to rub elbows and wine and dine with everyone.
Elsam: My type of girl... is a fashionable one! Here's to a rad evening!
Elsam: I felt a tug on my heartstrings when this really snazzy chick showed up on the G. Cyph one day.
Sutera: Aha, so you're into fashion.
Sutera: I got the impression that he's a bit of a fashionista.
Metera: Mm... Snazzy dresser, huh? Did he say anything else?
Sutera: Let's see... Oh, yes!
Sutera: He's spending time with Yggdrasil right now!
Metera: Huh? He got with a primal beast? How's that work?
Sutera: I was surprised too, but it's true apparently.
Metera: Okay, I don't get it. Like at all.
Sutera: Yggdrasil's bigger than he is, right? In order to try to match her size, he transformed into an iron giant.
Metera: Am I... missing a punchline here? What do you mean by transform?
Sutera: It involves ancient technology that I myself had never heard of until then.
Metera: Oh, forget it! This is pointless without context. Guess that sorta answers whether he's an idiot or not. Another reject.
Sutera: Hm, so in your opinion, Elsam, too, is a no go.
Their conversation continues without Sutera understanding the true meaning behind Metera's words, but Sutera takes her at face value anyway.
Frivolous Man: Hellooo there! What a key-yoot pair of ladies! How 'bout me? Am I a pass?
Metera: What?
Frivolous Man: Now then, sistah! Lady-o! Let's form the us in lust! Can't you feel destiny tonight?
Sutera: E-excuse me? I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean...
Metera: Nope. I'm not feeling it. Come on, Sutera, let's get outta here.
Sutera: Are you sure? Maybe he's in trouble...
Metera: Yeah, it's fine, it's fine. No big deal.
Listen up: I. Am. Out. Of. Your. League.
Frivolous Man: Wait a minute, wait a minute, now wait just a minute! Please give me five minutes over a coffee!
Sutera: Five minutes over coffee? What does that mean?
Frivolous Man: Five minutes is all I need to make you swoon, baby.
Metera: Go hit on someone else. We're enjoying ourselves, and we don't need you. Byeee!
Metera lays down the law and walks away with Sutera.
Frivolous Man: Wha? Come back, sistah!
Not willing to let his prize escape, the man continues to pursue Metera.
Frivolous Man: Heh, nowhere to go, baby. You're like a bird in my cage, and we're gonna have us some fun tonight, 'kay?
Metera: Ugh, you're annoying. I'm gonna shut you up.
Frivolous Man: Huh?
Sutera: Uh-oh... She's reached her boiling point!
Metera: Sigh... This is so irritating. Let's just beat some sense into him, Sutera.
Sutera: Okay!

Mixer Aftermath: Scene 3

After listening to the random stories that emerged at the mixer, including Lowain's tale about being a macho hunter, Metera is unable to wrap her head around the true meaning behind that night's events. She wonders just what kind of strange situation she had thrown her younger sister into.

Sutera: Phew. I hope he didn't hurt you, Metera.
Metera: Of course not. Who do you think I am?
Metera: What a lousy, unlucky day. All we met were good-for-nothing louts. Laaame.
Sutera: I'm a bit vexed as well, but at least you're okay.
Metera: Sigh... Yeah, I'm done with this. Let's go.
Faced with a parade of inept pickup artists, Metera can't take anymore and decides to head back.
Sutera: You know, so many of them speak in such strange tongues when talking to us.
Sutera: Even Lowain and the others had interesting ways of speaking at the mixer.
Sutera: Hm... It seems to be a fad of some kind? I guess that's how young men talk these days.
Metera: Hellooo? What are you doing? Get over here.
Sutera: Oops! Coming!
Sutera comes up with a rationale of her own to explain the men's actions, but in the end another seed of misinterpretation takes root in her head.
Metera: So what else went down? I wanna hear more of your story. What about Lowain?
Metera: After hearing about his two pals, I'm guessing he's the same as the rest of them.
Sutera: Lowain is infatuated with Katalina.
Sutera: Once he joined the crew, he vowed to be with Katalina until he drew his last breath.
Metera: Oh yeah? And here I thought he was just another player, but that's surprisingly sweet.
Sutera: Even at the mixer he spoke highly of Katalina. I think he's a very earnest person.
Metera: Heheh... Charming him away from her seems like a challenge...
Sutera: So you don't reject him?
Metera: I'll keep an open mind. What does he do?
Sutera: Well... He says he's a descendent of a long line of macho hunters.
Metera: What's a macho hunter?
Sutera: They are destined to hunt machos.
Metera: Yeah, but what is that?
Sutera: As someone who watches over the balance between forests and skydwellers, I was extremely interested in what he had to say.
Metera: ...?
Sutera: Lowain doesn't hunt machos on a whim. He releases young ones back into the forest to be with their eld—
Metera: Wait!
Metera: Stop. Just stop.
Sutera: Wh-what is it?
Metera: Are you listening to yourself? Everything I've heard up till now is way too weird! How is that a mixer?
Sutera: Huh?
Metera: Did it all seem like a dream to you? You didn't have too much to drink, did you?
Sutera: N-no, I went there like you told me to. The food was really delicious...
Metera: Yeah, but... Rrrngh!
Sutera: What's the matter, Metera?
Sutera's never seen such an expression on her sister's face before. Metera lets out a huge sigh.
Metera: And here I thought you'd finally gotten your groove on.
Metera: I'm sorry, Sutera, for throwing you into your first mixer with so many weirdos.
Sutera: There's no need for that, Metera! I found it extremely productive!
Sutera: Though I still don't quite understand what a groove is.
Sutera: But thanks to all the different people I've met, my knowledge has expanded considerably!
Seeing the look of satisfaction on Sutera's face, Metera can't help but grimace.
Metera: Sigh... I finally got you looking so cute too...
Metera: Ugh. That dummy trio and those pickup artists from today are all nothing but losers!
Metera: Aaah! I have got to find you some better guys next time.
Sutera's retelling of her inexplicable experience at the mixer brings out a rarely-before-seen side of her big sister.
Metera, sensing that her younger sister feels compelled to apologize, changes her attitude. She takes Sutera's hand and they begin to walk.
Sutera: ...?
Metera: We've still got time today. The real fun starts here! Follow me, Sutera!
Sutera: Okay!
Today the sisters enjoy themselves to the fullest.
A day may come when Sutera blossoms and finds the companion of her dreams.
But when that day will come is anyone's guess.