Scenario:Sutera - Nice One

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Nice One

Sutera decides that the red mark on an old map of hers might lead to treasure, so she sets out on a treasure hunt with the crew.

Lyria: What's wrong, Sutera? You seem to be thinking awfully hard about something.
Sutera: Well, I found an old map of this island, but there's a strange mark on it.
Vyrn: What? Lemme take a look!
Sutera: Here you go. See this red mark right here?
Vyrn: You mean this? It's really close to this town!
Sutera: I wonder what it's pointing to. It could be where a primal beast is sleeping—or perhaps treasure!
Vyrn: Whoa! I vote for treasure.
Lyria: Hee-hee. Then we could buy lots of snacks!
Sutera: Forget about snacks. We might even be able to hire our own cook.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! That'd be great! With the way Lyria cooks, she could make apple pie taste bad!
Lyria: Oooh! Cut it out, Vyrn!
Sutera: We could buy every variety of apple there is, and compare how they taste.
Vyrn: Show me the apples! Boy, I'd love to try a bunch of those side by side.
Sutera: (Captain)! Let's use this map to go treasure hunting!
Vyrn: Yeah, (Captain)! Think of all those apples waiting for us!

Nice One: Scene 2

The spot shown on the map is a forest infested with monsters, who Sutera thinks are guarding the treasure. Lyria worries that the ghosts of monster victims could appear, but the crew heads deeper into the woods.

Sutera: I didn't expect the map to lead us straight to a monster-infested forest. Maybe they are guarding the treasure?
Sutera: I bet everyone who came looking for it before us fell victim to them...
Lyria: Uh-oh! Then their ghosts might still be here!
Sutera: The vengeful ghosts of poor murdered souls, huh? Goodness, what a terrifying thought.
Lyria: Let's not talk about it then! My imagination will run away with me!
Vyrn: Can't do much about that! Scary stories really do mess with you, don't they?
Sutera: But the treasure must be good if there are monsters guarding it, right?
Vyrn: Yeah! I'm sure it'll be amazing!
Sutera: This is so exciting! Leave the monsters to me. I'll show you the results of my training!

Nice One: Scene 3

(Captain) and company reach the cave where the treasure is supposed to be. Sutera tries to assuage Lyria's fear of ghosts with a story about her sister, but monsters interrupt.

Sutera: According to the map, our destination is deep inside this cave.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Give me some space!
Lyria: Ugh... But there might be ghosts. Why is no one else afraid?
Sutera: I was scared of ghosts when I was little too. Sometimes my older sister would keep me up at night with scary stories.
Vyrn: Haha! Gotta love older sisters!
Sutera: I'm sure she just wanted me to be stronger. She loved to toughen me up in all sorts of ways.
Vyrn: Uh... You sure she wasn't just messing with you?
Lyria: Eeep! I th-think I heard something! Is it a gh-ghost?
Sutera: That's no ghost! It's a monster! Lyria, stand back. I'll take care of this!

Nice One: Scene 4

(Captain) and company finally reach the spot shown on the map. They find a worn-out knife and a message commemorating another crew's first adventure. Lyria suggests leaving something behind as well, and Sutera agrees.

Sutera: A dead end... There's no sign of a collapse, so the cave must have always been this way.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, look at that! A wooden box!
Lyria: Wow! You're right! Could it be the treasure?
Sutera: Let's open it and find out! Here we go...
Vyrn: Let's see... Huh? It's just an old worn-out knife.
Sutera: There's something written on the bottom of the box. In memory of the founding of our crew and our first adventure.
Lyria: Hee-hee. I guess it's treasure, but only for the people who left it behind.
Vyrn: Humph! Then we came all the way out here for nothing.
Sutera: Well, it is a little unfortunate. But I had fun exploring with you guys.
Sutera: I'd love to do more stuff like this with you!
Vyrn: Sheesh... Well, if you insist, I don't mind tagging along.
Lyria: I know! Why don't we leave something here too?
Sutera: That's a wonderful idea, Lyria! But I wonder if I have anything worth leaving behind...
Like the skyfarers before them, (Captain) and company leave a memento in the cave.
Thus the adventure of Sutera and the old map comes to a close.