Scenario:Sutera - To the Max

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: Scene 1

Sutera: Hey, (Captain), when I was at the mixer the other day, I kept hearing the boys say to the max.
Sutera: Everyone else seemed completely at home with it, but I can't say I'm too familiar with that expression.
Sutera: I was wondering if you could shed some light on what it means.
  1. It means to the limit.
  2. You're cute to the max.
  3. Marvelous.

Choose: It means to the limit.

Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: To the limit?
(Captain) gives the correct answer, but Sutera's brows furrow in consternation.
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Choose: You're cute to the max.

Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Cute... to the max?
(Captain) blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. Sutera reflects on the answer, her brows furrowed in consternation.
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Choose: Marvelous.

Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Oh, I see! So it's used to describe something as marvelous! Thank you!
(Captain) had only meant to get a laugh out of her but seeing Sutera's readiness to accept any answer makes (Captain) feel guilty.

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