Scenario:Syr - Before the First Step

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Before the First Step

(Captain) and Lyria meet Syr in the Sidheros Pits. The very idea of going to Estalucia makes his eyes sparkle. Once his family learns of his wish to join the crew, they release him from his obligations.

(Captain) and Lyria are kidnapped and find themselves sent to the Sidheros Pits.
While there, (Captain) befriends a boy named Syr, and they watch for an opportunity to escape the pits.
Syr: Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Not really... but please don't mind me.
Syr: Don't mention it. You're just so pale... and your fever hasn't broken...
Syr: But there doesn't seem to be any way to cure you here.
Syr: I wonder if there's medicine or anything in the guards' room. Maybe we could steal some!
Lyria: We can't do that! If we get caught, they'll do... something... awful to us...
Syr: Whoa! Don't push yourself so hard! I won't do anything like that, so get some rest!
Lyria: Okay... You better... keep that promise, Syr.
(Captain) advises the ailing Lyria to hide out inside the captain for the time being.
Syr: No matter how many times I see that, I just can't understand it. How is Lyria able to do that?
Syr: Lyria doesn't remember much of her past, does she? That's just like me.
Syr: I can't remember anything before Gramps adopted me.
Syr: I have Gramps, Altos, and my brothers and sisters... I have a good life now.
Syr: But sometimes I wonder what my real parents were like.
Syr: (Captain), wasn't your dad also a skyfarer?
Syr: What's that? Your dad's in Estalucia?
Syr: So that's why you're heading there.
Syr: That's so cool! I want to do something great like that!
Syr: But I guess we have to get out of here first!
Syr: Let's find a way to do that, (Captain)!
(Captain) and Syr soon find an opportunity to escape from the pits.
They rejoin their friends, who have come to look for them, and head for Galthazar's safe house.
Syr: Looks like Lyria went to sleep. Hopefully her fever will diminish...
Altos: I gave her medicine, so we'll see how well it works.
Syr: It'd be nice if we could call a doctor, but there's no hospital in Sidheros.
Syr: There might be doctors at the pits, but it's not like we could bring one here.
Altos: And the doctors on this island are here for the bureaucrats anyway.
Altos: They don't care about the health of the laborers, let alone illegal occupants like us.
  1. If only we could leave this island.
  2. The time has come for revolution.

Choose: If only we could leave this island.

Syr: Yeah... I guess that would be the easiest.
Altos: But I doubt Galthazar plans to leave this island.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: The time has come for revolution.

Syr: That's right!
Altos: Good luck with that.

Continue 1

Syr: What? You want me to go with you, (Captain)?
Syr: A crew, huh? That sounds awesome. We might even be able to do something great!
Syr: You're heading for Estalucia after all, right, (Captain)?
Syr: I'd like to go with you, but it's not that easy...
Altos: That's not true, Syr. If you want to go, you can leave the island.
Syr: But...
Altos: I'll look after Heletina and the others. You should just think of yourself.
Syr: But I'm not so sure that—
Galthazar: What are you grumbling about?
Syr: Gramps?
Galthazar: You're always saying that you want to do something great, right?
Galthazar: But if you keep worrying about all the tiny details, you'll never do anything truly great!
Galthazar: I thought you had more backbone than that, but it looks like you're just a scaredy-cat.
Syr: What are you saying? How mean!
Galthazar: Whatever... I know when I'm not wanted. See you later.
Syr: How could he say that? He has no idea what I'm feeling!
Syr: I'm not just going to abandon Altos, Heletina, and the others.
Syr: And I need to do something about Gramps's jewel no matter what.
Syr: (Captain)... Thanks for inviting me along.
Syr: Um... I know this is pretty selfish of me...
Syr: But would you still let me join after I take care of some stuff for Gramps, (Captain)?
Syr: I can't help but worry about my family... Yeah, there's definitely some stuff I have to get to before we go.
Syr: I'll let you know when I'm done, so give me a little time!
Altos: Right, well, enough of that. It's time to start preparing dinner.
Syr: Sure thing! I'll go get us some water! Take it easy, (Captain)!
After Altos and Syr leave, Galthazar lumbers back into the room.
Galthazar: I'm not sure what kind of half-baked crap that kid was talking about. You realize you're about to take in a little brat, don't you?
Galthazar: I'm sure that his strange sense of justice and recklessness will cause you all kinds of trouble.
Galthazar: Still... I'll be glad to be rid of him!
Despite Galthazar's callous words and gruff attitude, Syr knows that the old man secretly loves his children.
Syr's bond with his grandfather gives him strength, a strength that will propel him into the sky sooner than he thinks.