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Monster Pet

The crew is asked to take care of a wealthy family's pet, but the pet turns out to be a quick-tempered monster named Floppy. Floppy won't listen to anyone, and the crew ends up fighting her when she freaks out.

(Captain)'s crew has taken on a request from a wealthy family via the Knickknack Shack.
Syr: Hmm... Taking care of a pet? Is that something they really need skyfarers for?
Syr: I seriously don't understand what rich people are thinking. You have any idea, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Heh-heh... But who knows? Maybe the pet is a handful or something?
Syr: Maybe... But what could be that bad? A gigantic cat or something?
Lyria: Hee-hee... I wonder too. And I'm looking forward to finding out!
Syr: I know we talked about it, but...
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Who would have thought anyone would keep a monster as a pet? And is this entire place seriously their backyard?
Syr: I will never understand what rich people are thinking...
Lyria: Um... But her big eyes are cute at least!
Floppy: Chomp! Chomp, chomp!
Lyria: Aahh! Ouch! Hey! Stop biting me!
Syr: Hey! You leave Lyria alone!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... This request might be more trouble than we thought.
Syr: Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Ouch... Yeah... I guess so.
Syr: Didn't Sierokarte give us a list of all the things we have to do for this monster?
Lyria: Yeah. Um... First we have to take her for a walk.
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Whoa! This thing really hates us!
Lyria: We still need to give her a bath and brush her fur... And feed her and then make her take a nap...
Syr: This thing obviously lives in the lap of luxury! Rich people...
Syr: I guess we might as well start by getting the walk over with. Come here!
Floppy: ...
Syr: Come on! Come here! Come!
Syr walks over to Floppy and gives the monster a push to try to get it moving, but the creature doesn't react quite as expected...
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Aahh! Hey! Stop! Calm down!
Syr: Okay, that's it! You've earned yourself a time-out, carrot brains!

Monster Pet: Scene 2

After a good fight, Syr and Floppy seem to have become friends, but the boy who owns the pet doesn't like that one bit. When Floppy fails to listen to him, he buys Camella, but his new pet monster turns out to be just as mean and attacks him. Floppy jumps in to protect the boy, and (Captain) and company join the fray.

Syr: Phew... She finally calmed down!
Floppy: Chirrup...
Syr: Ha-ha! Why are you showing me your belly? You give up?
Syr: There, there... Now no more fighting! Let's go for a walk.
Syr: This is a huge backyard... I'm not even sure where we're supposed to go.
Floppy: Chirrup!
Floppy nudges Syr and (Captain) with her head and begins jumping across the yard.
Syr: You're going to lead the way? Heh-heh... Thanks!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Looks like Floppy has decided that Syr and (Captain) are her friends.
Syr: All right! Let's go, (Captain)!
Syr and (Captain) give Floppy a bath and feed the monster without much problem.
Syr: Did that taste good?
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Good! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Vyrn: Huh? You understand what this monster is saying?
Syr: Not really! But I can sort of tell what she's feeling...
Floppy: Chirrup...
Lyria: Hee-hee! Even I can understand that one! You're sleepy, aren't you?
Syr: I'm feeling a little sleepy myself... Floppy, let's take a nap!
Floppy: Chirrup!
Lyria: All this yawning is making me sleepy too... and the sun just feels so good...
Syr, Lyria, and Floppy start napping in the corner of the yard.
Vyrn: Heh. Looks like we'll be able to manage this request after all, (Captain).
???: Wha?
Syr: Huh? What? What's wrong now?
Floppy: Chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: You have a lot of nerve getting all friendly with my little Floppy!
Syr: Oh, you're Floppy's owner? We took her on a walk, bathed her, and fed her too.
Wealthy Man's Son: Curse you, Floppy! Why do you like him so much?
Floppy: Chirrup...
Wealthy Man's Son: Why you little! The only thing I liked about you was that you only cared for me! Now I don't even want you!
Floppy: Chirrup?
Syr: Hey! Watch what you say to Floppy!
Wealthy Man's Son: Ha-ha! I'm getting my new pet today, so I don't care about that one anymore!
Syr: What's up with that spoiled brat? That was just cruel! Right, Floppy? Hey... Are you okay?
Floppy: ...
Vyrn: Aw... Poor thing. It looks so sad...
Syr: Cheer up, Floppy. Please?
Floppy: ...
Lyria: Hmm... It looks like the poor dear has been traumatized.
(Captain) and company try to console the upset Floppy, but they suddenly hear a loud scream.
Maid: Aahh! Young master!
Syr: Huh? What's going on?
Floppy: ...!
Syr: Hey! Wait, Floppy! We better go see what happened, (Captain)!
Camella: Grrr...
Wealthy Man's Son: Eek! They didn't tell me my Camella would have such a short temper! Aahh!
Camella, the new pet, tries to attack the boy, but Floppy jumps in between them.
Floppy: Chirrup, chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: Huh? Floppy? Did you just protect me?
Camella: Grrr!
Syr: Uh-oh... This thing seems pretty upset.
Syr: But Floppy apparently wants to protect her owner, so let's help calm Camella down. Come on, (Captain)!

Monster Pet: Scene 3

(Captain) and company somehow manage to deal with the situation and complete their task. Syr decides he wants a pet one day, which is yet another dream for the starry-eyed boy to pursue. He seems to enjoy his life outside Sidheros.

Floppy: Chirrup, chirrup!
Camella: Grrr...
Syr: Phew... I'm glad the new pet finally calmed down. Camella seems to understand that Floppy is the boss.
Syr: Ha-ha. Floppy, you're so strong! You did great for your owner!
Floppy: Chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: Huh? Camella? Floppy, did you do this?
Floppy: Chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: I'm sorry, Floppy. Thanks for helping me even though I said such mean things to you...
Floppy: Chirrup, chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: Oh? You'll forgive me, Floppy? You're the best!
Syr: Heh. Looks like everything's okay now! It even looks like Floppy's made a new buddy.
Syr: And based on how much Floppy likes her owner, he can't treat her that bad, right? I hope the new monster will get along with them too.
Syr: Of course, if anything happens, we can come and help them out again!
Lyria: Yep! Hee-hee... But I don't think there's much to worry about anymore.
Wealthy Man's Son: Good little monster! Ha-ha! That tickles, Floppy! Camella, you too?
With the request completed, the crew returns to the airship.
Syr: ...
Vyrn: What's wrong? It's not like you to sigh.
Syr: It's nothing really... I was just thinking of how cute Floppy was...
Syr: I wanted that bunny as a pet too. Ha-ha... Just kidding.
  1. You'll have to make do with Vyrn.
  2. But pet food can get expensive...

Choose: You'll have to make do with Vyrn.

Vyrn: Hey! What do you mean by that, (Captain)?
Syr: There, there... Good boy.
Vyrn: Yeah... That's the spot! Hey! Now you wait just one second!
Syr: Ha-ha! Sorry about that!
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Choose: But pet food can get expensive...

Syr: Oh? So I can have a pet monster as long as the cost of food isn't a problem?
Lyria: What? Really, (Captain)?
Syr: All right... Then I'm going to take on as many requests as I can and save up some money!
Syr: Ha-ha! As if! Did you really believe me?

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Ever since Syr left Sidheros on his journey into the sky, he has been spending fun-filled days with (Captain) and company.
Every day is loaded with new experiences, and the letters he sends to his family are getting longer and longer.