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Tomboyish Moon

Tabina spends most of a day shopping with her crewmates, during which she gets a chance to show a band of crooks their place at a boutique. Noticing her distress in being away from Attiyah, the crew invites her out for a gearcycle ride that night.

Tabina: You have to be kidding me! What the gramps has here is bona fide Valtz jewelry—the finest grade at that!
Jeweler: And I'm offering a fair price! How many times do I have to say it!
The jeweler plunks a bag of rupies on the table.
Tabina: One measly bag? Nuh-uh! If you seriously think that's enough to pay for such a valuable piece, you sure as heck deserve to have your whole business run into the ground!
Jeweler: Do I have to spell everything out for you, lady! Anything's fair game in a trade as long as both parties agree, and the old fella almost did until you had to butt in!
Tabina: You call intimidation with your filthy band of rogues "fair game"? Sweet mother of Tahar, you must be trying to turn every merchant in the skies against you!
An exchange of colorful invective rings aloud in the back alley of a shopping district.
Old-Timer: ...
Roustabout: ...
The old-timer and roustabout, taken aback by how much the situation has escalated, quietly observe the situation.
The crew, standing behind Tabina, also watches with bated breath.
Vyrn: H-hey, (Captain)? Looks like these goons are playing dirty, so maybe we should—
Lyria: No, I can't let this go either! Tricking an old man into selling his precious jewel for cheap is just wrong!
Vyrn: Not to mention Lovey-Dovey Girl's from a merchant family. It's no wonder she's so fired up...
Tabina is the daughter of Wahid—leader of the merchant guild Ahabak, which is based on Tahar Island of the Valtz Duchy.
She had met the man of her dreams—a merchant by the name of Attiyah.
However, Attiyah embarked on a quest alone to stop his father, Qawi, from exacting revenge against Wahid.
Tabina then joined up with (Captain)'s crew in hopes of one day reuniting with Attiyah.
Tabina: This jewel's too good for a crooked merchant like yourself! Just give it up already!
Jeweler: We're living in a free economy, missy! You've got no right to be meddling in my affairs!
Tabina: So you're all about free trade, huh...
Tabina: Fine. I'll play it your way!
Tabina produces a large pouch of rupies.
Jeweler: Bwahahaha! You trying to outbid me?
Jeweler: Not a bad idea. But I've got plenty more where that came from.
With a sardonic snicker, he has each of his roustabouts take out rupie pouches of their own.
Each one is so filled to the brim that the contents seem ready to come pouring out.
Tabina: Humph... Looks like you can at least act like a real jeweler, despite being rotten to the core. Let's see how you like this...
A bold smirk crossing her lips, Tabina takes out one bulging bag after another.
Jeweler: Huh?
Vyrn: Whoa!
She piles them one atop another.
Tabina: Like I've been saying, the jewel's of the highest caliber in terms of origin, translucency, and luminosity. It's only fair for it to fetch a price deserving of that!
Jeweler: What the hell... And here I was thinking you were just some traveler!
Tabina: More like a traveling merchant-in-training. Since you're already in the biz, you should know the rules a lot better than I do.
Jeweler: Tch! You like to play rough, eh? I'll show you rough!
Old-Timer: Aiie!
With a single gesture from the jeweler, the roustabouts move in to swipe the jewel from the old-timer.
Tabina: Haah!
Tabina flings an axe into the ground, intentionally missing them by a hair.
Roustabout: Whoa!
The crew takes advantage of the roustabouts' moment of confusion and quickly rounds them up.
Jeweler: Damn it!
Tabina: Oh, no you don't!
Tabina's arrow pierces through the jeweler's garments and pins him to the wall.
Tabina: The deal was off the moment you resorted to violence.
Tabina: If there's even a shred of mercantile goodness left in you, you'll refrain from pulling this kind of nonsense in the future.
Jeweler: Eek!
Seeing the jeweler sink to the ground in defeat, Tabina breathes a sigh of relief.
Old-Timer: Erm... Thank you so much! It was no easy feat digging this piece up. I don't know how I can ever repay you...
Tabina: Oh, no need for that. Still, you want to sell the jewel, right? I know a great place you can trust.
Vyrn: Huh? Didn't you wanna buy it for yourself, Lovey-Dovey Girl?
Tabina: I was only debating the market price—about how many bags of rupies it should be worth.
Tabina opens up one of her pouches to reveal clothing and accessories.
Lyria: Huh? You mean...
Tabina: The first bag contained actual coins. As for the others, I snuck in random stuff to outfox that dirty merchant.
Tabina: Heheh, these kinda disputes happen pretty often when I'm with Daddy. Never hurts to handle them with a bit of wit.
Vyrn: Haha... You're laughing, but wouldn't it be, like, total doomsday if they actually saw what was inside? You're one gutsy merchant-to-be...
The crew later hands the jeweler and his roustabouts to the local authorities.
And by Tabina's introduction, the old-timer lands a fair deal for his valuable stone.
Vyrn: Boy, you sure know your jewelry shops.
Tabina: Daddy's guild, Ahabak, comes to this one a lot. I'm a big fan of the place myself!
Tabina: Well then, why don't we continue with the shopping!
(Captain) and company recall that they were simply procuring various materials before the incident broke out.
Tabina: Okay, I think that's all the makeup we need. Let's check out perfumes next.
Lyria: Makeup and perfume... The things you buy are so mature, Tabina.
Tabina: You think so? Actually, while we're here, why don't we find some perfume that works for you, Lyria?
Lyria: M-me? I think it's a bit early for me...
Tabina: Haha, age shouldn't be an issue. I'm sure we can find something for you.
Lyria: Ehehe... I guess I'll be following you around, Tabina!
Tabina: Let's get going before the sun sets, (Captain)!
The menacing look in Tabina's eyes from the confrontation earlier is all but gone as they make for the town's shopping district.
(Captain) and company look on excitedly at the various bottles of perfume on display in the shop.
Lyria: Wow! This aqua-colored bottle is so sparkly!
Tabina: Right? I love all the decorative bits on it. Now let's see what it actually smells like.
Tabina: 'Scuse me! Is it okay if we try them?
With Tabina's help, Lyria tests out various perfumes.
Lyria: Hm... They all smell so great. It's hard to pick one out...
Tabina: Hehe, just go with whatever strikes your fancy.
Tabina: I know there's a lot to consider, from the fragrance to the purpose, cost, manufacture, and design of the bottle...
Tabina: But if you ask me, the best is always whatever grabs your heart at first glance!
Lyria: Whatever grabs my heart...
Lyria: Hm, I think I'll go with this one! This aqua-colored bottle really caught my attention!
Lyria: It almost looks like a jewel, and the aroma is so relaxing. What do you think?
Tabina: Great pick, Lyria! A classic citrus fragrance with a perfectly balanced combination of floral ingredients.
Tabina: Not to mention the blue bottle just goes great with you! It's almost fate that you'd pick this one!
Vyrn: Haha, I can definitely see the merchant in you. You market the goods like a real pro.
Tabina: Oh, all I did was speak my thoughts. There's nothing out there that can bring out Lyria's charm better than this bottle of perfume!
Lyria: Ehehe... You're making me blush.
With Tabina in the lead, the crew leaves the perfume shop and tours the neighboring stores.
By the time the sun begins to set, Tabina's and Lyria's faces are full of content as they haul around numerous shopping bags.
Lyria: Ahaha, we ended up buying so much! We should put on our matching necklaces and go out together sometime!
Tabina: You mean the seashell one? It looks kinda plain at a glance, but that rainbow glint is absolutely beautiful.
Tabina: I also love the clinking sound that seashells make. It's like listening to the calming sound of ocean waves...
Tabina gets misty-eyed as she dreams of the perfect situation to wear it.
Tabina: I'd take long walks on the beach with Attiyah while wearing the necklace...
Tabina: It'd jingle pleasantly as I frolic about on the coastline... Then he'd whisper into my ear.
Tabina: "A beautiful view,
a beautiful necklace.
But the most beautiful of them all lies beside me."
Tabina: Then we'd pull each other in for a passionate embrace...
Tabina: Aah! What bliss that would be!
Vyrn: Um, Lovey-Dovey Girl? You know we can hear you, right?
Lyria: Ahaha... Sounds like she's lost in her own world.
The elated Tabina remains in her dreamlike state for some time thereafter.
(Captain) and company walk the path back to the Grandcypher after a long day of shopping.
Tabina: ...!
When a figure who looks just like her beloved passes by, Tabina immediately gives chase.
Turning corner after corner, she finally catches up and calls out to the man.
Dude: Hm? You looking for me?
Tabina: Ah! Sorry... I thought you were someone else.
Tabina: (That's right... I already asked the people all over town...)
Tabina: (Attiyah... Where could you possibly be right now?)
Vyrn: Hey, Tabina! So that was Mustache Mister?
Tabina: ...
Tabina: Ah, ahahaha! Turned out to be someone else. Sorry for the mix-up...
Lyria: Tabina...
The crew continues on their way back to the ship.
Tabina: Sigh... Attiyah...
Tabina lets out a deep sigh as she stares pensively into the night sky from the deck of the stationed Grandcypher.
The pale crescent moon stands out amid the darkness.
Tabina: The ephemeral darkness
Gives way to a fragmented moon
With no room for the sun's rays
Tabina: That crescent moon is me. While sharing the same sky as the sun, it feels like I can never cross paths with it.
Tabina: Attiyah... Oh, how I wish you could just hold me in your strong, sturdy arms right now...
Tabina hugs herself and shuts her eyes as if to mask the solitude she feels.
A few figures pop up from behind.
Vyrn: So, Lovey-Dovey Girl... You got a few minutes?
Tabina: V-Vyrn! That outfit!
Vyrn: You wanna go for a ride? I mean, you've got your own gearcycle after all.
Lyria: I heard the night breeze feels great around these parts! Why don't you come along?
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria attempt to cheer her up.
Tabina: I appreciate the invite, everyone, but I'm afraid I'm not in the mood for it...
  1. Just trying to make you feel better.
  2. You must really hate hanging out with us...

Choose: Just trying to make you feel better.

Tabina: (Captain)...
Tabina: Heheh, you can be so straightforward. But I kind of like that about you.
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Choose: You must really hate hanging out with us...

Tabina: Oh dear! What a way of putting it!
Tabina: But that's not it at all. Actually, it might be kind of fun to go on a night ride with all of you.

Continue 1

Vyrn: Hooray! It's decided then. I'm all ready to go vr-vr-vrooom!
Lyria: Ehehe, let's go!
(Captain) and company descend from the Grandcypher with a spring in their step.
Vyrn: Whoo, tearin' it up!
The unmistakable purr of the gearcycle engines gives life to the quiet night as the crew races down the highway.
Tabina and Vyrn ride their own vehicles.
(Captain) steers a borrowed gearcycle, with Lyria in the back seat.
Tabina: Hahah, this feels great! I can't get enough of this breeze!
Vyrn: Heh, you can say that again! One ride on this baby really clears your head!
The crew arrives at a small hill.
They lie down at the top of the hill and gaze up at the starry night sky.
Lyria: Wow! It's beautiful!
Tabina: How did I miss all these stars before?
Tabina: To think that I was only seeing the moon...
Vyrn: I guess all those lights in town made the stars harder to see...
Tabina: That's probably it. I guess sometimes, you just have to take a step back to really see a situation for what it is.
Tabina: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn. Thanks for inviting me out tonight.
Tabina: (The sun's so far away... But I'm still a lucky gal to have so many dear friends around me.)
Tabina: Even without a sunbeam in sight

The moon finds its place

With the stars in the sky
Lyria: Hmm... What does it mean?
Tabina: Hehe. You cannot question a poem's meaning, Lyria. What matters is if you can feel something from it in your heart.
Tabina: All right, what do you say we race back to the airship!
Tabina: Last one there's a rotten egg who has to add "boing" to everything they say!
Vyrn: What the! How do you even come up with that!
Tabina: Haha, it's a little thing we do in the Ahabak guild. Well, you'd better hurry if you don't want to be boinging tomorrow.
Lyria: Ah! Tabina went ahead! (Captain), we need to catch up!
Vyrn: Boing, huh... I'm coming too, boing...
Vyrn: Nuh-uh-uh! No way! There's no way you're gonna get me boinging along to your tune!
The others quickly descend the hill in pursuit of Tabina.
She reaches her gearcycle first and immediately hops on it.
Tabina: I know what I have to do! I'm coming straight for you, my love!
Tabina: Wait for me, Attiyah!
Tabina points to the night sky before putting a foot to the pedal and firing up her engine.
The gearcycle responds in kind, taking off at full speed.