Scenario:Tanya - Listen to the Flow

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Listen to the Flow

Tanya gets used to her job, and her quirks draw the customers' children to her. She is awkwardly listening to the childrens' stories when angry voices sound from outside the restaurant. As the crew arrives, both men draw their swords.

It has been a few days since (Captain)'s crew arrived at the resort, and the opening day finally arrives.
Tanya, who had changed into her swimsuit, has been asked to help out at the beach house along with the rest of the party.
Tanya: Um... er, may I take... your order please?
Cheerful Customer: Oh! You must be fresh to the job. Your first time with customers, am I right?
Tanya: Oh... Sorry. Did I say something wrong?
Cheerful Customer: Hahaha! Not at all! Keep at it now. I've got your back!
Tanya: Thanks.
As Tanya awkwardly serves each customer in turn, the children visiting the beach house start to gather around her.
Boy: Um... Miss, why are you carrying knives?
Tanya: Hm, these? If I hold them... Well, it calms me down.
Children: ...
Tanya: Oh, I mean... Sorry, did I scare you? It's... it's not like that.
Girl: Wow, so touching them calms you down. You're a funny person, Miss!
Girl: Hee hee, holding some things is the same for me!
Boy: Haha, I have things like that too!
Tanya: O-oh, really? Okay then. What is it?
The boy pulls out a twig and proudly shows it to Tanya.
Tanya: Wow... That's... a cool twig!
Boy: Heh heh! I know, right? And you know what? I had to walk sooo far to find it!
Tanya: Haha... Did you now? Good work.
Girl: Hey, Miss! Listen to my story, too!
Kind-Looking Woman: You're a good listener. The kids look so pleased to be around you!
Tanya: Eh? Oh, well, that's not really...
As Tanya is chatting pleasantly with the kids and customers, a loud voice rings out suddenly.
Vyrn: What's up? A fight?
Tanya: (Captain), come on!
Youngster: Hey! This is our place, you hear me?
Hot-headed Man: Shut up! Get out of here! Or would ya rather I settle things with this?
Vyrn: Uh-oh! That guy's drawing his sword!
Tanya: Stop it. This is no place to be fighting.

Listen to the Flow: Scene 2

After calming the two arguing youths, Tanya hears out each side's story and proposes a solution. One group approves of her suggestion, but the other side opposes it, drawing his sword in anger.

Hot-Headed Man 1: Crud! You're a pretty strong one...
Tanya: Calm down. Listen to what he has to say.
Youngster 1: Yeah. See, we already secured this stretch of beach in order to play.
Hot-Headed Man 1: What? We were the ones who reserved it first I tell ya!
Youngster 1: Huh? We were here before you!
Tanya: Calm down, would you? Let's listen to the whole story first.
Tanya listens earnestly to each party's explanation in turn.
Each group had reserved a place to play.
But their timing had been unfortunately similar, and the argument had escalated.
Tanya: Okay. Think I got the gist of it.
Tanya: I know. What if... you all played together?
Hot-Headed Man 1: Huh?
Tanya: Well, I mean, the sea's basically for everyone.
Tanya: I think it'd be much better if you have fun together, instead of fighting.
Youngster 1: Hm... You certainly have a point there. Guess it was wrong of us to try and monopolize the area like that in the first place.
Youngster 2: All right! We're fine with that. What about you guys?
Hot-Headed Man 1: What? No way! As if we'd befriend you lot!
Hot-Headed Man 2: Hah! And what's with you, acting all high-and-mighty?
Tanya: Uh, no, that's not it. I wasn't trying to judge you.
Hot-Headed Man 1: Shut it!
Vyrn: Ugh! They're drawing their swords again! These guys are way too worked up!
Tanya: Sigh. No choice, then...
Tanya: Guess I have to help you cool down again...

Listen to the Flow: Scene 3

The crew disarms the fighting parties, and the young men repent. The next day, the young men and children visit the beach house, all wanting Tanya to hear their stories. After work, Tanya bathes in the light of the setting sun, reflecting on the warm feelings she is filled with.

Hot-Headed Man 1: Ugh... grrr...
Tanya: Hey. Calmed down yet?
Hot-Headed Man 2: Humph... yeah... I'm a lot better now.
Tanya: Listen, I'd like you guys to end it here.
Hot-Headed Man 1: Heh... right... Fair enough. We screwed up. That's our summer vacation over, then...
Tanya: Oh, wait! That's... not what I meant.
Tanya: I wasn't clear. Sorry. I meant I wanted you guys to end the violence.
Tanya: This is a fun place. I'm not good with words, but both children and adults enjoy this place, see?
Tanya: That goes for you, too. But you can't go ruining the fun for others.
Tanya: If you have anything else to say, I'll listen.
Tanya stares at the two ruffians earnestly.
Hot-Headed Man 1: Hey, Miss! What's your name?
Tanya: Huh? I'm Tanya.
Hot-Headed Man 2: Oh! Tanya! You're so considerate! You're still willing to hear us out?
Hot-Headed Man 1: Hey, you guys. Look, we're really sorry. I know it's a little late, but would you like to join us?
Youngster 2: Well, sure. Tanya's here too, so why not?
The young men exchange handshakes. Thus, the conflict is resolved, and the two groups begin to play together.
The next day, the young men and the children all come to the beach house.
Hot-Headed Man 1: Hey, Tanya. Listen to this!
Tanya: Sure. But first, your order.
Youngster 1: Ha ha ha! She's treating you like a customer!
Tanya: You too. Order something.
Youngster 1: Huh? Er, okay.
Vyrn: Huh. Those guys are sure in good spirits lately. She's like their mentor or something now.
Hot-Headed Man 2: Somehow, Tanya's the kind of person I just wanna tell my stories to, you know?
Youngster 2: You got it! She's such a considerate listener. I feel I could talk to her about anything!
Tanya: Yeah. 'Cause you guys have interesting stuff to say. I never get bored.
Girl: Jeez! She's only talking with the boys. I want Tanya to listen to me, too!
Girl: Hey! Tanya! I'll give you this!
Tanya receives a beautifully-colored seashell from the child.
Girl: This is what I was talking about yesterday. It's what calms me down when I touch it! Take it!
Tanya: You sure it's ok?
Girl: Yeah!
Tanya: Thanks. It's so beautiful.
Hot-Headed Man 1: Heh... Not as beautiful as you, Tanya.
Youngster 1: What! Where did that come from?
Hot-Headed Man 1: Ha-ha! Quiet, you!
Tanya: Hee hee...
Smiling, Tanya listens to the customers' stories as she takes their orders.
As she cleans up after work, Tanya gazes at the seashell she had got from the girl.
Tanya: It certainly is relaxing to touch.
Tanya: Makes me feel... so warm inside.
Tanya: Hey, (Captain)... How was I? With the customers, I mean?
  1. You did great!
  2. Did you enjoy yourself?

Choose: You did great!
Tanya: R-really?
Sierokarte: Your service was splendid! Who would have thought that you would get on so well with the customers!
Lyria: And you were such a good listener too, Tanya!
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Choose: Did you enjoy yourself?
Tanya: Yeah, I did. It was great fun.
Tanya: Everyone was great. And it was so interesting to talk with them.
Lyria: You were speaking with everyone, weren't you?
Vyrn: Tanya's a surprisingly good listener!
Continue 1
Tanya: I dunno about that. All the stories were so interesting, I just lost myself...
Sierokarte: That's a special skill you have there. You'd do well to treasure it from now!
Tanya: Yeah. I guess you're right. Heh. Got it!
Tanya: Hey, everyone. Today was a lot of fun. It's thanks to you, all of you, for being there.
Tanya: Thanks, guys.
Tanya and the party enjoy the warm, golden sunlight.
It was not just Tanya's body, however, but her heart that was filled with warmth that day.