Scenario:Tanya - Smooth Talker

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Smooth Talker

Tanya is worrying over how her lack of skill with words may cause trouble for her friends. Upon hearing that, Walder and Vyrn advises her to have more confidence because she always looks so uneasy when speaking. Lyria tries to suggest her idea, but they are suddenly attacked by monsters.

After completing a request in one town, (Captain) and party head through a forest to return to their airship.
Along their journey, Tanya asks for advice from everyone.
Lyria: Huh? You want to be able to hold a conversation better?
Tanya: You know... how I’m not good with words... So I cause a lot of trouble... to everyone...
Walder: Really? I never thought of you as a troublemaker at all!
Vyrn: Geez. I think you’re overthinking things. But if you’re asking for advice, we gotta give it to you! Let’s help her out, (Captain)!
Tanya: Thank you...! I just don’t know what to do about it...
Lyria: Hmm... How to become better at speaking...
Walder: Hmm... Well, how about having more confidence in yourself?!
Vyrn: I see... The knife lady does seem nervous every time she talks!
Tanya: I-I’m sorry... I-I really am worried... I always wonder if I offended anyone...
Lyria: Haha. Don’t worry about that. Well, in that case...
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Tanya: Looks like we’re surrounded. Sorry. I was completely caught off guard.
Vyrn: That level of monster is nothing! (Captain)! Get ‘em! Get ‘em!

Smooth Talker: Scene 2

Lyria suggests that Tanya imitates Walder. Tanya thinks that Walder’s style of talking is bold and admirable. But once she tries to imitate him, she starts to feel embarrassed. Tanya tries her best with the help of Walder, but with the appearance of monsters, they are forced into battle.

Lyria: Um... If you don’t feel confident, then how about imitating how Walder talks?
Tanya: Hm? Wait, but that’s...
Vyrn: Come on. I know Walder is always full of confidence, but what does that matter?
Lyria: Hehe! She has to change herself from the outside in!
Tanya: I-It’s true that the way Walder talks is... admirable... But I'm too embarrassed...
Vyrn: Yeah! Walder’s catchphrases do sound cool!
Tanya: I do wish that I could be as confident as him someday...
Walder: Hehe! You know it!
Walder: However! Trying to keep up with me is a lot of work! Follow my lead!
Tanya: W-Wait just a second! I didn’t say I would do it...!
Walder: I am the daring warrior of the woods known as Walder the Forest Ranger! Walder the Forest Ranger! Repeat after me!
Tanya: D-Do I have to?! I-I can’t...!
Lyria: You can do it! You have to challenge yourself! Come on, Tanya!
Tanya: Umm... Ugh...!
Tanya: Daring warrior of the woods...
Tanya: I-I can’t do it! Please don't make me...!
Walder: The path to becoming the forest ranger is long and treacherous...
Vyrn: I don’t think the knife lady is trying to become a forest ranger.
Lyria: Hmm... Let’s se... How about...
Tanya: There’s more...?! P-Please... Only things I can do...
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Walder: Monsters! Right when it was getting good! They’ll for this!
Vyrn: Was it getting good? A-Anyway, we gotta defeat the monsters! Let's move, (Captain)! (Captain)!

Smooth Talker: Scene 3

Together with Lyria and the others, Tanya tries to imitate many people, but nothing seems to work out. Tanya decides not to make any drastic changes and to correct herself little by little.

After defeating the monsters, (Captain) and party exit the forest and return to their airship.
Even afterwards, Tanya will be forced to imitate other people by Lyria and Walder.
Lyria: Haha! Good job! You imitated lots of people!
Tanya: H-Haha... I feel so embarrassed right now...
Vyrn: H-Hey, knife lady, you okay?
Walder: Hm... None of them really matched you.
Vyrn: You know? I think you should just be yourself. Right, (Captain)?!
Tanya: I-I’ve always hated myself, but now I think that may be a good idea.
Tanya: I shouldn’t force a sudden change. I should accept myself and change little by little.
Lyria: Yeah! I think that’s a great idea!
Tanya: Gasp! D-Did those two do that to make me realize this...?!
Walder: Heh. You saw right through me.
Vyrn: Nah, we were just playing around.
Thanks to Lyria and Walder, Tanya realized how important it is to be herself.
But regardless, she will be forced to join in their games for some time.