Scenario:Tanya - The Shy Knife Girl

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The Shy Knife Girl

Tanya stands among the crowd at an auction house, wearing a beautiful new dress. After reminding herself of how (Captain) bought the dress for her, she brings herself back to her senses and focuses on the mission at hand.

Tanya not in crew

Tanya is a girl on a lonely mission. In her hands she carries knives that serve as a keepsake from her deceased father.
Despite her loneliness Tanya's troubling communication skills inadvertently keep other people away.
But when (Captain) and the crew met her, they saw past her troubles and asked her to join them.
Tanya: I'll pass... I'll just get in your way. You'll be better off... far away from me.
Lyria: Don't say that! I want to travel with you, Tanya! Won't you reconsider?
Tanya: Lyria... Are you sure?
Tanya: Thank you. I am at your service.
And so Tanya became a member of the crew, journeying alongside (Captain) as she continues her mission.
Then one day...
Fancy Girl: Huh? Didn't you know? My daddy owns this auction house!
Simple Girl: Wow, really? Did you know that, Tanya? This place sure is fancy!
Tanya: Uh, well, I...
Fancy Girl: You got that right! And don't forget about what happened the other day...
Tanya: (Ugh... Why are they talking to me like this?)
Standing there in a dress, Tanya is caught up in a long-winded conversation. As the girls talk circles around her, she thinks back to how she arrived in this situation in the first place.
The crew returns to the Knickknack Shack after successfully completing a mission for Siero.
As (Captain) discusses payment with Siero, Tanya takes a look around at all the knickknacks.
Tanya: Wow... Everything from weapons to bookshelves. Oh, and there are even some clothes here...
Tanya: This is amazing. I've never seen so many clothes...
Tanya gazes upon shelf after shelf of clothing. With her curiosity piqued, she walks around to take a closer look at it all.
Tanya: Umm, I guess these must be the dresses. They're all so... beautiful.
Tanya: But I'll never have a chance to wear one...
Feeling tears well up in her eyes, Tanya goes to hide between the dresses. But as she does, she discovers one particular dress.
Tanya: This one is nice. The color and decorations are sort of toned-down, but it's still cute...
Tanya: No, I can't. I would never even wear it. I'm sure another more beautiful girl would be better off with—
Tanya: Oh wait. This thing is cheap.
Tanya: I guess I could get it...
As Tanya stands there staring wide-eyed at the price tag, (Captain) knocks on one of the shelves before calling out to her.
Tanya: Eek!
Vyrn: Heh heh! I'm surprised you didn't hear us comin', Knife Lady!
Lyria: Yeah! So what are you looking at, Tanya?
Tanya: Um, well...
Tanya: I was just... looking at these dresses. They're all so beautiful.
Lyria: I hear that. Dresses sure are fun even just to look at!
Tanya: Y-yeah... They really are.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, are you gonna buy that one you're holdin' there?
Tanya: Uh, no... This is just...
Lyria: It's so cute! And it matches with your hair!
Sierokarte: Whatcha lookin' at? Ah! That dress is super discounted!
Tanya: It... is? I mean, it's so beautiful. Why would...
Sierokarte: Well, you see, it's so tiny that almost no one can wear it. But it looks like it'd be perfect for you, Tanya!
Sierokarte: So how about trying it on? Go ahead—get in that dressing room!
Tanya: But... I don't think it'd look good on me...
Sierokarte: Hehehehe! You'll never know if you don't try it on! Go on, then!
Succumbing to Siero's pressure, Tanya goes to try on the dress.
Tanya: Umm... What do you think?
Lyria: Wow, you look beautiful! That dress really does look good on you!
Vyrn: Yeah! And it's a nice change of pace for ya!
Tanya: I guess you're right... Hehe. It makes me feel... happy.
Tanya: But I'm sorry to say I have nowhere to wear this dress.
Tanya sighs herself into a slump. Seeing her reaction, (Captain) leans over to Siero and whispers something.
Sierokarte: Oh ho! You'll take it, you say? Thank you very much!
Tanya: What? C-Captain!
  1. It looks too good on you to pass up!
  2. We owe you one anyway!

Lyria: That's right! It's like that dress was made for you!
Tanya: You really think so? You're too kind...
Choose: We owe you one anyway!
Tanya: It's too good to be true. Or maybe not...
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Vyrn: Heh heh! You got that right! Whenever we go to fight monsters, you're always right out in front!
Vyrn: It's the least we can do in return!
Tanya: You don't need to thank me! I'm just happy to help out...
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Vyrn: But, Knife Lady, it'd be a terrible waste if you didn't accept our gift!
Tanya: Sorry for being a burden on you, (Captain).
Sierokarte: Come now, Tanya! You have nothing to apologize for.
Tanya: Oh, really? Well... maybe you're right. Thank you, (Captain).
Tanya: I'll be sure to take very good care of this dress.
Feeling both humbled and grateful, Tanya looks at (Captain) and smiles.
After recalling the day she got the dress, Tanya realizes that she's still standing in the auction house. 
Tanya: (I'm on the job here. I have to stay focused!)
Simple Girl: Hmm... What should I get to drink? Tanya, what are you getting?
Tanya: Umm... I'll have... whatever you're having.
Simple Girl: Ah ha ha! Hey, this looks good! Here's yours, Tanya.
Tanya: Thank you.
Fancy Girl: Ugh, this just isn't strong enough. Don't you want something with a little more kick?
Simple Girl: Hey, yeah!
Tanya: (Can't focus... Must... try harder...)
Tanya stands there between the girls, unsure of herself, while the rest of the hall anxiously awaits the beginning of the auction.
Considering the current situation, it's not clear if Tanya will be able to complete her mission.
But she looks at her dress and reminds herself of how it was a gift from (Captain). Tanya then decides to focus even harder on the mission at hand.