Scenario:Tear Grants - The Confused Visitor

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The Confused Visitor

A dark rift transports Tear from Baticul—the capital of the Kimlaska Kingdom—to an unfamiliar place. While trying to gather information, she is left bewildered by a host of unfamiliar words. After regaining her composure, she realizes that she must act swiftly to rectify her situation, leading to her encounter with (Captain)'s party.

At Duke Fabre's palace in Baticul, capital of the Kimlasca Kingdom...
Tear: To think the Crystallization Anomaly would have spread this far...
Discovering an instance of the spreading Crystallization Anomaly in a bed of flowers, a sorrowful expression crosses Tear's face.
Tear: What is happening to this world?
Just as Tear reaches toward one of the shining crystals in the flowerbed...
Tear: Wait... This feeling...
A black fissure suddenly appears behind Tear, as though a gash had been torn in the very air itself.
Tear: What...? There was nothing here a moment ago!
With all senses on alert, Tear raises up her guard, but...
Tear: Eek!
The space between Tear and the black fissure begins to contract.
Tear: Oh no... I'm being pulled in!
Tear: Aaaahhh!
The black fissure swallows Tear without remorse or mercy.
Tear: Nnngh...
Tear: Mmm...
Tear: ( I? I was just in the courtyard of the mansion, right?)
Tear: What happened?
Tear's words escape her lips, only to be carried away by the wind.
Tear: Okay, hold up. I need to be calm and get a grip on my situation.
Tear: The fissure that swallowed me seemed similar to that space-time distortion I fell into before.
Tear: Luke said he came out of the other end in a world called a fractured dimension. Might the Great Spirits have something to do with this?
Tear: Regardless, what I need now is information. Standing around in a daze isn't going to get me anywhere.
Tear begins walking towards a city in the distance.
Tear: Um, pardon me...
Townsperson: Hmm? Can I help you?
Tear: (I can't just ask where I am—that would be far too suspicious.)
Tear: Er, could you tell me the best way to get to the capital?
Townsperson: You mean Agastia?
Tear: Agastia? Uh, I mean...yes! That's right! I definitely want to go to Agastia.
Townsperson: Then you'd best grab an airship at port. Mind you, we're a bit far out, so you may need to transfer a couple of times.
Tear: Is that so?
Tear: ("Airship" sounds like some manner of vehicle, though I've never heard of it. Looks like I may be up the river on this one...)
Townsperson: Something wrong, miss?
Tear: Oh, sorry. You, wouldn't happen to know a place close to Baticul, would you?
Townsperson: Can't say I've heard of Baticul. Is that in Erste?
Tear: No, that's fine. Thank you for your help.
Thanking the man and taking her leave, Tear lets out a long, bewildered sigh.
Tear: (I've never heard of a country called Erste, and I have no idea what an airship is either...)
Tear: I may be in a worse situation than I thought.
Tear: But if something unusual is going on, this is no time to be dragging my feet.
Tear: I need to hurry and find a way back.
Looking to suss out more information, Tear begins to walk to the city center.
Little does she know, a fateful encounter with (Captain)'s party awaits...