Scenario:Teena - Heartfelt Gratitude

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Heartfelt Gratitude

After discovering a shortage of chocolate ingredients on the Grandcypher, Teena decides to gather more on her own. To her surprise, she finds Lucius on his way out to do the very same thing. Together, the two head out for a long-overdue hunt.

Valentine's Day is just one day away.
Teena checks her ingredients to make sure everything is in order for the big day.
Teena: Uh-oh... It looks like this might not be enough.
Teena: I may have been a bit overzealous with my practice runs... But it has to be perfect this year.
Teena: Sigh... I guess I need to go out and gather the stuff I'm short on.
Teena: Otherwise I don't think this will be enough to make the perfect chocolates.
Teena hangs up her apron and puts on her hunting gear.
Teena: Okay then...
Teena: Hm? Lucius?
Lucius: Teena...
Teena runs into Lucius on the way out, who also happens to be fully equipped and armed for some reason.
Teena: You're all geared up... Are you going somewhere?
Lucius: I was thinking I'd head out to gather some chocolate ingredients.
Teena: Huh? What would you need chocolate ingredients for?
Lucius: Well, rumors are going around the crew that we're running short on ingredients for chocolate.
Lucius: (Captain) brought in quite a haul, but unfortunately there still isn't enough to go around—not to mention the mission we've taken on from Sierokarte as well.
Lucius: As such, I decided I would help supplement the crew's inventory myself.
Teena: What?
Teena can't believe what she's hearing from her brother, her mouth frozen wide open in stunned surprise.
Teena: Oh! Maybe you just ate something weird.
Lucius: Teena... What's that supposed to mean?
Teena: It's just... I never imagined you saying anything like that.
Lucius: Yes, well... I owe much to (Captain) and the rest of the crew. Not only that, but they've taken good care of you as well.
Lucius: So it wouldn't be right if I didn't pay back the favor somehow.
Teena: I see...
Lucius: Yeah. Is that all you wanted to ask? I should be heading out soon.
Teena: W-wait! I'll go with you!
Teena: I mean... I need some chocolate ingredients too.
Lucius: Hmm? That won't be necessary. I'll bring back some for you.
Teena: It's fine! I'm going because I want to.
Teena: Besides, it's been a while since we've gone on a hunt together.
Lucius: Oh... I-I see.
Teena: Okay!
With a curt nod and bright smile, Teena joins her brother for their first excursion together in a long time.

Heartfelt Gratitude: Scene 2

Lucius finally musters the courage to confirm if Teena has found a romantic interest to give chocolate to this year. After revealing that there isn't anyone like that in her life, Teena suggests they both make chocolate for (Captain) together.

Lucius and Teena are on a hunt for the elusory chocolate sprite in order to obtain ingredients for the crew.
Lucius: Teena, do you think this will be enough?
Lucius shows Teena a respectable haul of ingredients.
Teena: Not even close. We need enough for everyone so try to double that.
Lucius: Humph, I see...
Lucius: I must say... Making chocolates for Valentine's Day is much more arduous than I could have imagined.
Lucius: Sigh... To think that even this much wouldn't be enough.
Teena: Hehe... Valentine's Day is a special day to show gratitude and let the people in your life know how much you care.
Teena: That's why everyone's giving it their all.
Lucius: ...
Lucius's responds with silence, his face hardening into a serious expression.
Teena: W-what's wrong, Lucius?
Lucius: Teena... I-is there someone in your life right now you want to share those... feelings with?
Teena: What?
Lucius doesn't react to Teena's surprise—his face still as serious as can be.
Lucius: Teena... If there is someone, would it be all right if I were to meet them?
Lucius: I... I just want to make sure it's someone who can make you happy.
Teena: Ah... Ahaha... Relax, Lucius. I don't have anyone like that in my life right now.
Lucius: Oh... I-I see.
Lucius breaths a sigh of relief after hearing his sister's answer.
Teena: Geez, Lucius... You worry too much.
Lucius: Humph, of course... We're family.
Teena: Hehe... Thanks.
Teena: How's this? If I ever find someone like that for me, I'll be sure to introduce you, okay?
Teena: I don't know when that'll happen though...
Lucius: Oh, r-right...
Teena: What about you, Lucius? Do you have a special someone in your life?
Teena: I mean... You're not as dark and brooding as you used to be, so maybe...
Lucius: Humph, I have no interest in such things.
Lucius: But there is someone I am indebted to.
Teena: It's (Captain), isn't it?
Lucius: Yeah. It's all thanks to (Captain) that we can spend time together like this.
Teena: Hehe, that's true.
Teena: Say, Lucius... What do you say we make some chocolate for (Captain) together?
Lucius: Me? I thought Valentine's Day was for...
Teena: Anyone can give chocolates on Valentine's Day to show their appreciation for someone.
Teena: So it's perfectly fine for you to give chocolate to (Captain).
Lucius: Hmm... so that's how it is. If you put it that way, it may be worth thinking about.
Lucius: But first things first—we need to finish hunting for ingredients.
Lucius has his eyes locked on a chocolate sprite that has appeared before them.
Teena: That's right. We've gotta get a whole bunch more...
Lucius: Yeah... Come on, Teena! Let's move!
Teena: Okay!

Heartfelt Gratitude: Scene 3

After giving their chocolates to (Captain), Teena gives Lucius some chocolate she made especially for him. It's more than a mere symbol of gratitude to her brother, but a gesture to let him know that she will always be by his side as they move toward a brighter future.

Lucius and Teena return from their hunt with a successful haul of chocolatey ingredients.
Lucius: I'll leave the ingredients here, Teena.
Teena: Okay. Thanks, Lucius.
Teena: Now then...
Teena: Oh! Narmaya—and Yaia's here, too. Are you girls making chocolate?
Narmaya: Oh... Yes.
Yaia: Me too, but...
Lucius: You seem troubled... Did something happen?
Yaia: Sniff... Um... There aren't enough ingredients for all of us...
Yaia: Auuugh... I don't think I can make enough for both daddy and (Captain) with just this...
Narmaya: I also wanted to make a big chocolate cake, but now I don't think it will be possible...
Narmaya: Considering that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, we won't have any time to hunt for new ingredients either. Sigh...
The two girls are simply at a loss concerning what to do, now on the verge of tears.
Teena: Lucius.
Lucius: Yeah, I know.
Lucius: Hey, listen up. Go ahead and use these.
Lucius takes out a pile of ingredients and hands them to Narmaya and Yaia.
Narmaya: Wh-where did you...
Teena: We just gathered these ourselves.
Yaia: Are you sure?
Lucius: Yeah... But be sure to leave some for Teena, will you?
Yaia: You got it!
Narmaya: Thank you.
Lucius: Don't mention it.
Pleased that he was able to be of service to others, Lucius leaves them with a satisfied grin.
Narmaya: Okay then, Yaia! Are you ready to make some chocolates together?
Yaia: Yeah!
Narmaya and Yaia find an open area in the kitchen and begin working in earnest on their respective Valentine's Day sweets.
Lucius: Teena, I'll be heading back to my quarters now... I'll just get in the way staying here.
Teena: You aren't going to make anything?
Lucius: No.
Teena: Why? Didn't you say earlier that it was worth thinking about?
Lucius: I did. After giving it some thought, I realized I have no experience or skills in making chocolate.
Lucius: And giving (Captain) subpar chocolate is simply out of the question, so I'll abstain this time.
Teena: Hmm... You can help me out with mine then.
Teena: You should be okay with just helping, right?
Lucius: Yeah... That shouldn't be a problem.
Teena: Okay! Let's get started then!
Teena: All right, so just go ahead and mix this chocolate.
Teena: Try not to let too much air into the pockets though.
Lucius: How does this look?
Teena: Yeah, just like that—until the luster is nice and smooth.
Lucius: Understood.
Teena: Ouch!
Lucius: Teena!
Teena: Ahaha, I'm fine... Just burnt myself a little is all.
Lucius: Come on now, be careful.
Teena: Haha, right...
Teena: Hmm...
Lucius: What's the matter?
Teena: Well, the chocolate's hardened... but it's not exactly how I pictured it coming out in my head.
Lucius: Hm. What were you hoping for it to look like?
Teena: Um...
Teena vividly explains in detail the design she had in mind.
Lucius: Understood.
Teena: Huh?
In a flash of an eye, Lucius takes a knife to the chocolate, elaborately carving it into the shape Teena had described.
Lucius: What do you think, Teena?
Teena: Incredible... Since when were you such a pro at this?
Lucius: Heh. Don't underestimate what I can do with a blade in hand.
Teena: Phew... All that's left is to wait for it to solidify, and we're done.
Lucius: Right. I must say though, your talents are impressive as ever.
Teena: You think? That means a lot coming from you, Lucius.
Teena beams at Lucius, her eyes gleaming with pride.
Lucius's expression softens into a smile in return.
Valentine's Day has come at last.
Teena: Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)! These chocolates are for you.
  1. Thanks.
  2. Wow. Handmade?

Choose: Thanks.
Teena: Hehe... You're always helping my brother and me. It's the least we could do.
Teena: Hehe, I've got a good feeling you'll really like this year's chocolates. My brother even helped out.
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Choose: Wow. Handmade?
Teena: Yep.
Teena: I... I wanted to give you something really special this year for always helping out my brother and me.
Teena: So, um, anyways... Will you take them?
(Captain) takes the chocolate with pleasure.
Teena: Hehe, I've got a good feeling you'll really like this year's chocolates. My brother even helped out.
Continue 1
Lyria: Wow, Lucius helped?
Vyrn: Yeah, I can't even picture you in a kitchen making chocolate!
Lucius: Well... Teena said that Valentine's Day is also a special day for expressing gratitude, I believe.
Lucius: So I wanted to do my part as well.
  1. Thank you, this made my day.

Choose: Thank you, this made my day.
Lucius: I'm glad you found it to your liking.
Teena: Anyways, we should probably get going soon.
Teena: I don't think the rest of the crew would be happy with us if we hogged you all to ourselves on Valentine's Day.
Teena and Lucius take their leave from (Captain)'s room.
Teena: Hey, Lucius. Come follow me for a sec.
Lucius: Hm? Fine, but where are we going?
Teena: Umm... The deck should be good right now, I guess?
Teena: Okay, it looks like we have it all to ourselves.
Lucius: What's going on, Teena? I don't see anything out here.
Teena: Um... Here. This is for you.
Teena takes out a chocolate she's been keeping in her pocket and hands it to Lucius.
Lucius: For me?
Teena: I made a special chocolate just for you.
Teena: It's to show my gratitude for everything you've done for me... I want you to know I'll always be here for you.
Teena: Would you accept it?
Lucius: That goes without saying. Thank you, Teena.
Teena: Yup!
Teena: Heh, I'm glad (Captain) liked our chocolate, Lucius.
Lucius: Indeed.
Lucius: Heh... It's been quite a long time since I've felt a sense of purpose doing something.
Teena: Hehe, maybe you could consider a future as a chocolatier.
Lucius: Who knows... I wouldn't be opposed to that, I suppose.
Teena: Someday when this journey's over, do you think we could both open our own patisserie together?
Lucius: With me?
Teena: Yeah. We could aim to go pro, even!
Lucius: Running a patisserie together... that may be worth thinking about...
A grin spreads across Lucius's face as he imagines himself as a pastry chef.
Teena: Not a bad idea, right? I thought that maybe that could be something we do someday.
Teena is also unable to contain a smile as she envisions such a future.
It's only a distant dream—but more attainable than ever before.
With the path of revenge and retribution now behind them, the siblings look toward the future where brighter paths await.