Scenario:Teena - In the Heart of the Flames

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In the Heart of the Flames

Camped out on Midnight Island, our heroes were preparing dinner over a bonfire created by Teena’s fire magic. Teena told them she wanted to learn more advanced magic, and so our heroes invited her to join the Order. In order to fulfill her dream of traveling all over the world and becoming a powerful mage like her mother, Teena decided to join our heroes.

During their travels, our heroes joined a goblin extermination task force and disembarked on Midnight Island in pursuit of information on primal beasts.
Shrouded in the growing darkness of dusk, our heroes arrived at the task force’s meeting point and began to set up camp.
Vyrn: Damnit! I guess the wood is too damp... The fire just won’t start!
Lyria: Sigh... At this rate, we won’t have a bonfire tonight... And that means no dinner...
Teena: Hm? What's wrong?
Vyrn: We’re stuck... We can’t start this stupid fire at all...
Teena: Oh, is that all? Just leave it to me!
Teena: Stand back, you two. Take that...!
Vyrn: Whoa! Flames just shot out of her palms! She lit a fire within seconds!
Teena: There, all done... Hehe! Just leave the fire to me!
Lyria: You're amazing! Where did you learn that fire magic?
Teena: Huh?! Umm... well...
Vyrn: Come onnn... Just tell us!
Teena: O-Okay! But... it’s not a super interesting story or anything, okay?
Teena: My mom was once a mage, you see. She went on a journey with my dad, who was a swordsman, and they went around helping people in need.
Teena: I seem to remember my dad telling me that my mom was really good at using support magic to bolster his sword techniques...
Lyria: Awww! So your parents supported each other! That’s so awesome!
Teena: Well, once me and my brother were born, they stopped going out on dangerous journeys and instead focused completely on raising us...
Teena: So, yeah... As for why I know fire magic, well... My mom’s the one who taught me the basics of magic.
Vyrn: Hmm? What’s wrong, Teena? Whoa, um... Are you crying?
Teena: Huh? No, I, uh... I got smoke from the bonfire in my eyes, that’s all!
Vyrn: Oh, I see... That’s good, then.
Teena: But... my mom never taught me anything else besides the most basic magic, so...
Teena: The truth is, I want to be able to use really, REALLY advanced magic, like my mom.
Teena: And... Let’s see... I’d like to see all the islands my mom journeyed to, if I can.
Vyrn: Yeah! That’d be awesome! But... didn’t you visit all kinds of places when you were journeying with your brother?
Teena: Yeah... but we’re so busy hunting goblins using the Airship the intermediary organization lent us, so we don’t have any free time.
Lyria: Hmm... In that case...! Once we finish this job... Why don’t you take a ride on our ship?
Lyria: Besides... We visit all kinds of islands on our journey, so maybe we could help you! Right, (Captain)?
Teena: Huh?! B-But... I’ll need to ask my brother...
Vyrn: Don’t worry about that! We can ask your brother together. So, what do YOU want to do, Teena?
Teena: I want... to go with you. I want to see all the same sights as my mom, and be a strong and kind mage, just like her.
Teena: I know it’s asking the impossible, but w-would it be okay with you, (Captain)?
  1. The more, the merrier.
  2. As long as your brother says it’s fine.

Choose: The more, the merrier.
Teena: Hahaha! You’re right! A journey’s more fun with friends!
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Choose: As long as your brother says it’s fine.
Teena: I-I’m not sure he will... But I’ll try asking anyway!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Oh? Looks like your brother’s back. Just leave the sweet-talking to me!
And so... With the fierce resolve to become a mage like her mother, Teena joined our heroes on their journey.