Scenario:Teena - Our Funny Valentine

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Our Funny Valentine

Teena sneaks into the kitchen to prepare for Valentine's Day, only to find Anthuria, Yaia, Vania, and Narmaya all trying their hands at making chocolate. After teaching them the art of confectionery, the girls hold a taste-testing contest.

Teena: Okay... Looks like the coast is clear.
Carrying a basket of ingredients, Teena slinks through the halls of the Grandcypher under the cover of night, careful not to make a sound.
Teena: Here's my chance...
???: Teena?
Teena: ...!
A voice breaks through the silence of darkness, speaking her name. Teena nervously turns around to see who it could be.
Teena: L-L-Lucius?
Lucius: Yeah. What are you doing up at this hour?
Teena: I-I, uh, I could ask you the same thing!
Lucius: Me? I'm just making my usual rounds, of course.
Teena: Oh yeah... That's right.
Teena nervously looks around, unsure of what to do or say next.
This only further raises Lucius's suspicions.
Lucius: So, care to answer the question?
Lucius: What's that basket you've got there? And your outfit...
Teena: ...!
Teena: D-don't worry about it! I gotta go now, bye!
Lucius: Wait, Teena!
Teena: Hurry up and get some sleep already, or you'll regret it tomorrow!
Making a run for it, Teena dashes past her brother without another word.
Lucius: Hmm? That aroma...
Lucius: Oho... So that's what this is all about.
Lucius: Sigh... I suppose Teena's finally around that age now. As her brother, this is bittersweet indeed...
Having identified the familiar aroma, recognition dawns on Lucius's face as he smiles pensively to himself.
Teena: Huff... Puff... I think I lost him... I just hope he didn't notice.
Teena: It should be all right... He's pretty oblivious to this type of stuff. I think.
Teena: More importantly, I better get to the kitchen quickly so I can practice...
Teena: Huh?
Yaia: Owie... I burned my finger.
Narmaya: Oh dear! A-are you okay, Yaia? Do you want me to make it better?
Vania: Whatcha think? Deelish, right?
Anthuria: Um... Did you remember to put sugar in?
Vania: Huh? Sugar? You need to put sugar in chocolate?
The sound of pans and mixing bowls can be heard throughout the corridors as Teena arrives. To her surprise, it's bustling with activity even at this hour—well past suppertime.
Teena: W-what's everyone doing in the kitchen?
Teena: That smell... Is that chocolate?
Anthuria: Yep. We're all getting ready for Valentine's Day!
Anthuria: Teena, that basket you're carrying...
Anthuria: Heh, of course. You've also come to try your hand at chocolates.
Anthuria is quick to eye Teena's basket, which is chock-full of ingredients.
Teena: Ahaha... Yeah. I thought I'd get some practice in before the real deal.
Teena: I mean... If I'm gonna give chocolate to someone, it should be something really special.
Teena: Oh! I'll go ahead and use that area over there if it's all right.
Teena promptly gets to work on a batch of chocolate with clearly practiced hands.
Vania: Whoooa, amazing! You're super good!
Anthuria: Very impressive.
Teena: Hehe, making sweets is a bit of a hobby of mine.
Yaia: Teena, Teena... Can you show me how to make chocolate?
Yaia: I, uh, want to learn how to make yummy chocolates too...
Vania: Me too!
Teena: Ahaha... In that case, how about we all make some together?
Yaia: Yeah!
Yaia: Oh no... The chocolate's all burnt.
Teena: You don't want to apply heat directly when melting the chocolate—use boiling water to gently melt it instead.
Teena: Here, like this.
Teena puts her bowl of chocolate into a larger pot of boiling water, preventing the chocolate from scorching as it slowly melts.
Teena: And just like that, it'll melt nice and evenly.
Vania: Oho, so that's how it's done.
Anthuria: Ugh, another failure... How can I get the chocolate to have a nice, even sheen?
Narmaya: Hrmm... My chocolate's covered with white spots for some reason...
Teena: While the chocolate solidifies, keeping temperature in mind is critical.
Teena: Keep it dry and cool, otherwise it'll end up looking like that. Also make sure not to let too much air in when folding it.
Teena: If you want a nice coat of luster, the trick is to put some butter or oil in.
Anthuria: I see... So that's the secret.
Narmaya: Thank you. I'll give that a try.
Teena: Whew! That should do it. Now then, how's everyone else doing?
Anthuria: We're just about done here as well.
Vania: Ooh! We should compare our chocolates and see how they all taste!
Teena: Good idea. I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on mine too.
Anthuria: Let's get to taste testing then, shall we?
Vania: Heh-heh... Then we'll kick things off with chocolate from yours truly!
Vania presents her chocolates to the table and puts a piece in front of everyone.
Teena: Okay, let's see how this tastes...
Yaia: Thanks for the treat!
Vania: Well?
Yaia: Um... This tastes... kinda weird.
Anthuria: Did... What did you put in this?
Vania: Heh-heh. My very own special soup! Isn't it just deelish?
Teena: Ahaha... Maybe you could try leaving the soup out next time.
Vania: Whaaat?
Anthuria: Well then, do you think ours are ready for tasting?
Narmaya: Hehe, I think so.
Narmaya and Anthuria have both baked chocolate cakes, each cutting a slice for the others to try.
Yaia: Oooh... Something about this cake is weird...
Vania: Am I the only one who sees the ominous black aura?
Teena: A-ahaha... Well, here goes nothing, I guess.
Narmaya: How is it?
Teena: Well, how do I put this... It's good... but might be a litte undercooked...
Teena: Um... Oh! I can, uh, really feel the passion you put in this cake.
Narmaya: That's perfect—I was thinking of the crew the whole time while making it.
Anthuria: D-don't forget that mine is full of passionate feelings too!
Teena: Ahaha...
Teena: Okay then, that leaves just mine and Yaia's.
Vania: Here goes!
Anthuria: Let's see how this tastes...
Yaia: Well, is my chocolate yummy?
Anthuria: ...!
This is superb...
Narmaya: Both of your chocolates are delicious.
Yaia: Ehehe... Yay!
Teena: Isn't that great, Yaia?
Gran is the Main Character

Yaia: Yeah! Hehe... I really hope he likes it too.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Yaia: Yeah! Hehe... I really hope she likes it too.
Teena: Oh, will you be giving your chocolate to (Captain)?
Yaia: Yep!
Vania: I'm giving mine to (Captain) too!
Anthuria: Hehe, same here. These chocolates and feelings of passion are all for (Captain)!
Anthuria: And then surely (Captain) will become inflamed with passion just for me...
Narmaya: Of course, I'll be giving mine to (Captain) too... I just hope it's good enough.
Teena: Wow, so everyone's giving chocolates to (Captain), huh?
Anthuria: Oh? What about you then?
Teena: Me? Probably Lucius and (Captain)... I think.
Teena: It's thanks to Lucius and (Captain) that I've been able to become this strong.
Teena: So that's why I want to let them know how grateful I am with these chocolates.
Teena: And Lucius... He's all the family I have left.
Teena: I want to do everything I can to help him find his way to a new path.
Narmaya: Hehe... You two really are close siblings.
Teena: All we have is each other.
The girls continue to wax lyrical into the night about their plans for Valentine's Day.
Teena: Oof, look at the time. We should probably call it a night.
Anthuria: Agreed. We wouldn't want to miss out on our beauty sleep...
Yaia: Umm... I'm getting pretty sleepy, too...
Vania: Yawn... I can barely keep my eyes open either.
Narmaya: I think it's about time for us to retreat back to our quarters.
Yaia: Okay. Good night, everyone!
Vania: Nighty night!
Narmaya: Good night.
Anthuria: I should turn in as well. Good night.
Teena: G'night!
Teena: Well, I should probably head back too...
Teena: Whew... Making chocolates with everyone sure was fun.
Teena: Valentine's Day, huh...
Teena: I wonder if (Captain) and Lucius will like my chocolates?
Teena: Hehe... They'd better...
Muttering softly to herself, Teena drifts off to sleep with a gentle smile on her face.