Scenario:Thelonim - A Hero's Dream

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A Hero's Dream

Vyrn and company worry about Thelonim's equipment, and take him to a weapon dealer to outfit him with something better. Once there, Thelonim shows an unexpected reaction to a knight's sword that once belonged to a princess. The princess-obsessed Thelonim is just about to buy the sword when a ruffian appears to snatch it away from him.

Thelonim is just about used to life with the crew.
Today, he joins (Captain) and company to eat at a nearby town canteen.
Vyrn: Hey, Thelonim, isn't it about time to do something about that equipment of yours?
Thelonim: What do you mean?
Vyrn: I mean, you made it yourself! It always looks like everything's about to fall apart!
Thelonim: Honestly, I don't worry about it...
Vyrn: I'm not talking about you! We're the ones freaking out every time we see you go out there!
Lyria: There, there, Vyrn. If you're that concerned about his equipment, how about paying a visit to a weapon shop?
Vyrn: Heh, now you're talking! What do you say we buy the little guy a nice sword, (Captain)?
Thelonim: (Sigh. What I've got is just fine.)
(Captain) and the crew bring a decidedly unenthused Thelonim to a weapon dealer's storefront.
Despite being treated to a wondrous assortment of weapons and sublime treatment from the shopkeeper, his expression remains unchanged.
Shopkeeper: Hrm, it's no good, I suppose. Nothing here seems to strike his fancy.
Shopkeeper: I hate to say it, but I don't think there's a weapon here I can recommend to the little guy.
With a heavy, defeated sigh, the shopkeeper picks up a sword, scratching his head with his spare hand in an attempt to conceal his embarrassment.
Shopkeeper: Actually, I think this might be a good fit. Long ago, this beauty was bestowed upon a noble knight by a princess from the far east.
Thelonim: Um, mister, c-can you repeat that?
Shopkeeper: Repeat what? The part about it being a good fit for you?
Thelonim: No, after that!
Shopkeeper: Hm, the part about it being bestowed upon a noble knight?
Thelonim: No! After that!
Shopkeeper: Ah, that it once belonged to a princess from the far east?
Thelonim: A p-p-princess!
Thelonim: Oh, what music to my ears. This sword is absolutely splendid!
Thelonim: Shopkeeper! Please, allow me the honor of using this blade!
Vyrn: That's a total 180 from the way you were acting a second ago!
Shopkeeper: Ha ha ha! I'm not sure what brought you around, but I'll happily make the sale. Come again, anytime!
As the shopkeeper begins handing the sword over to Thelonim, a voice rings out.
Ruffian: Hey, hold it! I saw that bad boy first! Sorry, kid, but the sword's mine!

A Hero's Dream: Scene 2

Strangely enough, the ruffian who suddenly interrupted Thelonim just moments before is another supposed descendant of a great hero. Thelonim is overjoyed to have met another ally, and excitedly explains the destined dream of all heroes to find and rescue a princess. The ruffian agrees, but another thug appears and reveals Thelonim's newfound friend to be a scam artist.

Thelonim and the crew defeat the rule-ignoring ruffian.
Ruffian: Heh, not bad! Can't believe you beat me, a descendent of a great hero, so easily!
Vyrn: Did I hear that right? Something about that sounded vaguely familiar...
Thelonim: You're a descendent of a great hero, too? Wow! Who'd have thought I'd run into an ally in a place like this!
Vyrn: Sigh... Heroes don't just show up whenever it fits in your schedule, y'know...
Vyrn: And wait a sec! You haven't even been recognized as a hero yourself, Thelonim!
Ruffian: Bwahaha! I've taken a shine to you, kiddo! Let's grab some grub, my treat, and talk over some of the finer points of hero-ing!
Vyrn: What gives! We just ended up right back where we started!
Lyria: Now, now, it's nothing to complain about, Vyrn. I like this place!
While Lyria cheerfully eats, Vyrn can't help but notice something's amiss.
Vyrn: It's weird, though. Why did you both want that sword?
Thelonim: Because to a hero, a princess is the ultimate aspiration! A figure of destiny!
Lyria: Um, what do you mean, exactly?
Thelonim: I've done my homework, read all the books, heard all the fairy tales.
Thelonim: All the heroes spoken of in myth and legend defeat some kind of scary monster or dragon, and then they marry a princess.
Thelonim: No ifs, ands, or buts. If you're a hero, that's what you do. Period.
Vyrn: Hm, now that you mention it, that kind of thing is definitely a consistent theme in these things.
Lyria: You're right. Katalina's told me lots of stories like that.
Thelonim: Which means as a hero, I'm gonna get to, um, m-marry a... p-princess.
Ruffian: Exactly! Well said, kiddo! Bwahahaha!
This moment of jubilation is interrupted by a sudden, brusque shout.
Visitor: You think you're a hero? Lyin' Luger here's up to his old tricks again, deceivin' folks as usual!
Lyria: What do you mean?
Visitor: Ha ha ha! What do I mean? This guy's specialty is saying just what other people want to hear!
Visitor: Pretends to be your friend when you pass through town, then hits you when you least expect it! A total con man!
Unable to hide his shock, Thelonim asks the supposedly heroic ruffian a question, his voice quivering.
Thelonim: I-Is that true, mister? It's not, right?
Ruffian: ...
Visitor: As a matter of fact, the only reason we got called here is to round up all your cash and rob you blind!
Thelonim: Hey, he's not telling the truth, is he? Answer me, mister! You're a hero!
Ruffian: Gah, you idiots just had to rush things! And right as I was about to collect on these sleepwalking children!

A Hero's Dream: Scene 3

Thelonim's joy over finding another heroic ally dissipates with the realization that it was all just another lie. The crew's attempts to cheer him up come with limited success, but a coincidental mention of princesses inspires a slightly scary fanaticism from Thelonim, dragging him out of his doldrums.

Hollow victory in hand, (Captain) and the crew begin the journey to their next destination.
There's a point of grave concern for the crew, however. Thelonim has yet to utter a single word since returning to the ship.
Vyrn: Hey, Thelonim? Don't worry too much about what happened, okay?
Lyria: Vyrn's right. You have to just ignore bad people like that!
Thelonim: So it was another lie...
Vyrn: Huh?
Thelonim: No, it's fine. I'm used to being lied to, after all.
Thelonim: I'm going to become the greatest hero in all the skies. A minor setback like this isn't going to get me down.
Thelonim flashes a courageous smile in an attempt to deflect concern, inspiring a surprising flood of emotions from the crew.
Lyria: Oh, Thelonim...
Vyrn: Cheer up, buddy! Lemme split one of those pink princess apples I bought back at the market with you!
Thelonim: Princess? Did someone say princess? Where?
Vyrn: Stay with me, Thelo! I'm talking about apples! The kind fit for royalty!
Thelonim: I knew it! You're talking about princesses again!
Katalina: What's going on in here? I thought I heard someone shouting about princesses, but that can't be right.
Thelonim: This is sounding like princess business again! Where are they? Are you one? Just point me in their general direction!
Vyrn: You're hearing things that aren't there!
Thelonim: A princess, a princess... Gotta make sure I don't make miss anything... There's my sword, got my shield...
Thelonim: Oh, this is bad! What should I do? I'm still no match for dragons and wizards! Hey, Vyrn, it'll be okay, right?
Vyrn: Er... How should I know?
Lyria: Actually, this is an awful lot like the incident back at the weapon shop.
Lyria: It seems as if he responds to just about anything princess-related...
Vyrn: Whoa, really? You're a strange one, Thelonim!
Although perturbed by Thelonim's sudden outburst, the crew looks on with smiling faces, as the storm that had blown so strongly just moments ago fades to a whimper.