Scenario:Therese - My Fair Duelist

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My Fair Duelist

(Captain) and company head to the casino liner to help celebrate Gem Domain Foundation Day. Therese is slated to duel a monster in the role of a Gem Domain hero, but she worries about disappointing De La Fille. With her friend's support, Therese succeeds with flair.

Vyrn: Awesome! The casino liner's even busier than usual!
Therese: It's the first time we've held a Gem Domain Foundation Day celebration at the Jewel Resort. The excitement is at an all-time high.
De La Fille: Father entrusted the arrangements to me this year, so I've taken the greatest care with every detail, starting with the venue!
Therese, (Captain), and the crew have come to the casino liner at De La Fille's invitation.
No version of De La Fille in crew

De La Fille is Queen of the Gem Domain, a country where lithomancy thrives.
She and Therese are old friends and have grown extremely close over the years.
Vyrn: So, what kinda celebration is it? Doesn't look like it's shaping up to be all that formal.
De La Fille: We'll be staging a famous old Gem Domain legend.
Lyria: An old legend?
De La Fille: It is said that the Gem Domain was saved from annihilation by the actions of one brave hero.
De La Fille: He defeated a fearsome monster and restored peace to the land. In return, the queen crowned him the new king.
De La Fille: And to play the crucial role of the hero in this drama, I have selected none other than...
Therese: Me!
De La Fille: This is the Jewel Resort debut performance. Who else but the casino's star duelist could fill the role?
Vyrn: I get that. So that's why Therese is raring to go.
Therese: Yes! I don't usually face monsters, but I'll be fighting in front of my audience. How could a duelist resist?
De La Fille: I knew I could rely on you, Therese. I can't wait to see you on stage.
Therese: Leave everything to me! I'll put on a show they'll never forget!
De La Fille: Oh, I almost forgot. Your outfit, the Gemflower Battle Gear, just arrived.
Therese: Finally!
Therese: I'll go change!
De La Fille: I had a special outfit made, based on the exploits of the legendary hero.
De La Fille: Hee hee. I'm certain it will suit her. I'm looking forward to seeing Therese in her finery.
Therese: Uh... um... Do I really have to fight in something this... girly? I don't think this kind of dress suits me...
De La Fille: Whatever are you saying? It looks lovely on you. Don't you agree, (Captain)?
  1. It looks great on you.
  2. You look adorable.

Choose: It looks great on you.
Therese: Do... you really think so, (Captain)? Or are you just trying to make me feel better?
De La Fille: Come now, Therese, you think too much! You truly do look incredibly fetching.
De La Fille: So believe in yourself and step into the ring.
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Choose: You look adorable.
Therese: A-a-adora-what? What are you babbling about, (Captain)?
De La Fille: The captain is quite right, Therese. You're cute as a button.
Therese: You too, Fille? D-don't tease me!
De La Fille: Why, (Captain) and I are merely being honest.
De La Fille: So stand tall and step into the ring, Therese.
Continue 1
(Captain) gives a supportive nod.
Therese: All... all right then. I'll... do my best!
De La Fille: Excellent. I'll be cheering you on from my box.
The celebration begins at last, with a huge audience in attendance.
De La Fille opens the event, then hands the arena over to Therese.
Monster: Grrrrrr...
Lyria: The monster she's supposed to fight is bigger than I expected...
Vyrn: Yeah, but Therese can handle one that size no problem, right?
The fight begins. Therese swings her sword while nimbly evading the monster's blows, seeking an opening.
Therese: Hnh!
Monster: Grrrrrr...
Patron: That's our star duelist! Even facing a monster that size, she never gives ground for a second!
Therese: (The perfect role, the clamor of the crowd... It's like I'm riding a wave of their energy...)
Therese: (But this dress is making it hard to move...)
Therese: (I can't let Fille down when she's counting on me! I can't let it show!)
Therese: Hah!
Monster: Grrrooooooar!
Therese: Did it... dodge?
Therese: No. I misjudged the distance.
Monster: Grrrooooooar!
Therese: Urgh!
Lyria: Eek! Do you think Therese is all right?
Vyrn: She doesn't seem like herself...
De La Fille: (What in the skies is the matter with Therese? Her movements are so stiff...)
De La Fille: (Is she that worried about making me look bad?)
Therese's grueling battle continues.
Monster: Grrraaaaargh!
Therese: ...!
Oh, no—
De La Fille: That was too close! It missed her, but only barely!
Therese: (Argh. I can't move the way I need to... I don't want to disappoint the audience, but what do I do?)
Therese: (At this rate, I'll ruin Fille's celebration!)
Patron: H-hey... Is she okay?
De La Fille: ...!
The audience is also beginning to get restless, when suddenly...
De La Fille: Therese!
Therese: Fi-Fille?
Therese casts her eyes up to the box where De La Fille sits.
De La Fille: This is your beloved arena, Therese!
De La Fille: Don't hold back! Just fight like you always do!
Therese: L-like always?
De La Fille: Everyone's cheering for you, Therese! Give the people what they want!
At De La Fille's words, the audience begins to chant Therese's name, their voices swelling to fill the arena.
Therese: (Fille's right. This is the arena... My home turf!)
Therese: All I have to do...
Therese: Is follow my instincts!
Lyria: She just tore her skirt in half with her bare hands!
Therese: ...
Therese: With that flapping nuisance gone, I finally feel like myself again.
Monster: Graaaaaah!
Therese: Playtime is over.
Monster: Graaaaagh!
Therese: Prepare to be destroyed!
Monster: Grrrr...
Patrons: Whooooooah!
The audience erupts in applause and cheers for Therese's splendid victory.
Therese: Thank you for cheering me on, Fille... Everyone!
Therese raises her sword aloft, as if in answer to the thunderous applause.
Lyria: Great work, Therese!
Vyrn: You had us worried for a minute there, but you really pulled it out at the end!
Lyria: It was really cool how you just tore off your skirt!
Therese: I feel bad after Fille made it special for me, but it kept tripping me up...
Therese: ...
Vyrn: What's up, Therese? You got quiet all of a sudden.
Therese: Uh... I was just thinking... It's quite short...
Therese: Did I really fight in front of everyone wearing this little...
Vyrn: Ha-ha... Yeah, I thought you might not be sweating that detail mid-duel.
Therese: Once... Once it's over, I have time to worry about it... Like with the bunny costume...
Therese thrashed the monster and performed her role as the legendary hero to a tee.
But, for her, wardrobe malfunctions were a far more formidable foe...