Scenario:Therese - Pride of a Duelist

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Pride of a Duelist

The casino liner is bustling with the triumphant return of the idol duelist. Since it's her first duel in a while, the crew members are nervous. They sense someone watching them. When monsters suddenly appear, Therese switches to battle mode.

Vyrn: Wow, look at this! The casino liner is bustling as always! Isn't this exciting, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hey, Therese! The casino liner is roaring at the triumphant return of their idol duelist!
Therese: Ahh! Wh-what should I do? I'm starting to get nervous!
Therese: (Captain), do you think I'll be able to live up to my fans' expectations?
Vyrn: Come on, Therese! You're so tense you look like you've forgotten how to walk! You get nervous so easily!
Vyrn: As shy as she is, it's almost unbelievable how she changes when she starts dueling! Right, (Captain)?
Therese: Isn't this skirt a bit too short? Do I look weird? Oh! This is so embarrassing!
Lyria: It's okay! You look great in that! Keep calm, Therese!
Katalina: Anyone else feel that?
Rackam: Oh... Did you notice too?
Katalina: Yeah, someone was watching us, but they seem to be gone now. Still, it's pretty creepy.
Rackam: What do you want to do, (Captain)? Want to check it out?
Katalina: Hm. So it's not a mistake. I'm sure that someone, or something, is watching us.
Rackam: Hey, Therese. You know all about the casino liner, right? Do you have any idea who might be watching?
Therese: Um... An idea? I'm sorry. I don't know either...
Katalina: I guess that means we'll have to let it go for now.
Vyrn: Look, (Captain)! Something is coming! A monster!
Katalina: Ugh... I can't believe a monster would show up here. Someone clearly set this up.
Therese: No way... Monsters in the casino with so many people?
Therese: If you interfere with the duels, I'll show you no mercy! I'll crush you!
Vyrn: Looks like Therese has switched to battle mode! You gotta keep up, (Captain)!

Pride of a Duelist: Scene 2

The monsters were let loose by some thugs trying to fix the duel. When their plot is noticed, they unleash more monsters and flee. Therese is enraged by this insult to the sacred duel.

Lyria: You're amazing, Therese! You finished that fight as fast as I'd expect a duelist to!
Therese: Well, if I lost to monsters as weak as that, I'd have no chance in an actual duel.
Therese: I'm actually more worried about why the monsters were released... I have a bad feeling about this...
Vyrn: A bad feeling? Are you implying that this has something to do with the duel?
Rackam: Looks like our hunch was right. It seems like we don't have time to chit chat.
Katalina: Yeah, I guess you noticed too, (Captain). The guys hiding in the corner sent the monsters after us.
Rackam: All right! All that's left is to catch them and make them cough up the truth.
Thug 1: Damn it! All those monsters didn't stand a chance against them? This is starting to get out of hand...
Thug 2: This is terrible. If that duelist participates, our whole plot to fix the duel will all go to waste!
Rackam: So that's what you did... Hey, hooligans. That's some cheap plot you got there.
Thug 1: Whoa! When did you—Shoot! He heard everything! We got no choice! For now, we better...
Thug 2: Run for it!
Rackam: Hey! Wait! Wait, you thugs!
Katalina: I can't believe you let those low-level scumbags escape! Hmm? What's the matter, Therese?
Therese: They'll pay for this...
Therese: How dare they try to fix the duel! Those who defile the sacred duel must be crushed!
Lyria: Wow! Therese is burning up! Show them what duelists are made of!
Vyrn: All right! Let's bring those villains to justice, (Captain)!
Rackam: Oh, brother... What a bunch of trash! They sicced more monsters on us while running away!
Katalina: Yeah, for all the good it'll do them! (Captain)! Let's finish them off right away!
Lyria: (Captain)! Therese! Good luck!

Pride of a Duelist: Scene 3

After punishing the thugs, Therese, paralyzed with fear, is taken to the arena. Once there, she switches to her duelist mode and fights valiantly, captivating the audience.

Vyrn: Phew! You scared me there for a second, Therese! You went berserk, and I thought the thugs were goners.
Lyria: I agree. If (Captain) hadn't stopped you, those bad guys would have been toast!
Therese: Th-that's so embarrassing! When it comes to duels, I get tunnel vision...
Katalina: Ha ha. Based on the way those thugs panicked, they clearly thought you meant to put them down for good!
Katalina: Speaking of which, don't you need to get a move on? Isn't the duel about to start?
Rackam: Go on! The audience is chomping at the bit for you!
Therese: Ugh, of all the times for this to happen!
Therese: I... My legs are shaking...
Vyrn: Hey, are you okay? (Captain), let's take her to the arena!
Therese: W-wait! I'm not ready for this yet... How can I possibly duel in front of such a big audience?
Rackam: Wow, Therese! Listen to how the entire hall is cheering to see you! Remind them why they love you!
Katalina: Ha ha... I don't think you have to worry about that. Look at that smile! That's Therese's duelist mode if I've ever seen it!
Lyria: He he! Therese looks like she's enjoying this so much! She really must love dueling. Therese! You can do it!
Vyrn: Ha ha! You look pretty happy too, (Captain)! I'm betting you want to say that it's great seeing your friend shining so brightly!
After protecting the duel from a fixed game, the supremely confident Therese captivates the entire arena audience.
With one more victory under her belt, the beautiful duelist smiles proudly, satisfied with her accomplishment.
She then vows to her fans that she will one day return to the casino liner, and she heads off into the skies with her companions.