Scenario:Therese - The Truth Comes to Light

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The Truth Comes to Light

Therese had been put to sleep by the phantom thief, Chat Noir. As soon as she woke up, she was guided to the evacuation area and joined the rest of the crew. It was there that they took on a new task from Christina to defeat the looters.

The Jewel Resort Casino Liner was in an unprecedented crisis.
A primal beast had suddenly appeared along with the phantom thief, Chat Noir, who is known to always take his prize.
With the appearance of these two threats, the Casino Liner had been plunged into chaos.
Therese: Ah hah! So you’re the phantom thief? Seeing as you’re threatening this Jewel Resort, I assume you’re looking for a bit of hurt.
Chat Noir: Mm hm... So you’re Therese the Elegant Dueler. I’ve heard about you.
Chat Noir: I’m afraid you might get in my way of things, so I’m gonna have to ask you to take a little nap.
Therese: You threatened this Casino Liner and for that, I will have no mercy on you! You’re going down right now, right here!
Chat Noir: I’m sorry. But it goes against my policy to perform violence on a lady.
Therese: Ngh...! This is...!
Chat Noir: Mmhm...
Therese: (I’m losing... conscious... )
Therese: Er... mm... Where am I...? A storage room? Was I... sleeping?
Therese: Grr... He took me by surprise. How could I let him?
???: Ah! Therese!
Therese: Huh? Who’re you...?
Staff: I’m a recently hired crew member of the ship. That’s a relief. I’m relieved to find that you were safe.
Crew Member: Miss Therese, everyone is gathered safely. Please allow me to guide you there.
Therese: Lady Christy! (Captain)! You’re safe! Oh, I’m so glad...
Christina: Therese, you’re unharmed as well?
Therese: My apologies, Lady Christy. It seems I was put to sleep by the thief...
Lyria: But still! I’m really glad you’re not hurt!
Christina: By the way. I’ve been told there are more rats scurrying around the Jewel Resort.
Crew Member: Yes. It seems there are some looters going around stealing things during this crisis.
Therese: Oh is that so. How dare they. In a time like this...
Christina: Therese. We’ll leave the phantom thief to the side for now. We have to get rid of those dirty little rats. Now!
Therese: Hah! Quite the guts you’ve got! Any rat who tries to steal anything in this Casino Liner will be exterminated... by me!

The Truth Comes to Light: Scene 2

After Therese and (Captain) defeat all of the looters, they realize from his behavior that the crew member is Chat Noir in disguise. With his identity revealed, the phantom thief summons several machina soldiers and disappears while they are fighting.

Therese: Are you the last of the looters?
Looter: Heh! Let’s see about that!
Therese: Did you not get enough punishment? Brace yourself!
Looter: Eeeeep! Ah... Y-yes! We’re the last! Please have mercy on us! I beg you!
Vyrn: Eesh... Therese can get really scary when she’s upset.
Crew Member: Miss Therese. We seem to have gotten rid of all the looters.
Therese: Good. So these guys really are the last. Thanks for your help.
Crew Member: Mm hm... You’re very welcome.
Therese: !!!
Vyrn: Hm? What’s wrong? Therese?
Therese: You... You’re not a crew member of this ship! That smirking kind of laugh! You’re the phantom thief, Chat Noir, in disguise!
Crew Member: ...!
Vyrn: Say what?!
Crew Member: You’ve found me out. I have no reason to hide it anymore.
Chat Noir: It seems I’ve underestimated you. Such a star performer, dear duelist.
Therese: First you cause this commotion and then cooperate with us. What are you trying to do?
Chat Noir: Mm hm... It would go against my ideal if let those petty crooks ride on the grand event I created.
Therese: Hah! Listen to that! A little crook speaking of ideals! You’re getting what you paid for!
Chat Noir: Oh, let’s not. It would be foolish of me to face you straight on.
Machina Soldier: !!
Vyrn: Ack! There are still machina soldiers around!
Chat Noir: My servants would love to play with you. Mm hm... Well then, dear friends. Have a wonderful day.
Therese: Hey! Wait!!!
Machina Soldier: !!
Vyrn: Damnit! We gotta deal with these first!

The Truth Comes to Light: Scene 3

Although they let Chat Noir get away, (Captain)’s party was able to defeat all of the machina soldiers. Therese bites her lips. After speaking with Christina, she then also realizes that she had been tricked by the thief to dress up as a bunny girl this whole time. Therese skulks for having been fooled by the thief and goes to change back into normal clothes, but Christina orders her to stay in the bunny girl outfit for a bit longer.

Therese: Gr... He got away!
Christina: Therese, it’s fine. Don’t go after him. He’s probably gone by now.
Therese: Err... I’m so sorry, Lady Christy. I should have known better...
Lyria: But but... You did a great job protecting the casino, Miss Therese!
Vyrn: Tell me about it! We were super tired after fighting those machina soldiers. It was pretty tough.
Therese: You’re all so kind. Thank you.
Christina: By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask. Why are you dressed up as a bunny girl?
Therese: Huh? This? I was told that you had requested for it...
Christina: No. I’ve never said a word about it.
Therese: Gasp! Could it be...? That guy who relayed the message to me was...!
Crew Member: Excuse me. I’ve been told to tell you that you need to be dressed up in a bunny girl outfit when appearing in front of the guests.
Therese: Wha-... Are you serious?! Me? A bunny girl?!
Crew Member: That is correct. I’ve relayed the message. Please don’t say I didn’t tell you.
Therese: Wha-wha-... I can’t... Oh no! What if I don’t look good in it? This is embarrassing...
Crew Member: Mm hm...
Therese: Th-That was the phantom thief?!
Therese: No way... He’s got me beat way too many times. He even made me wear this outfit.
Vyrn: There there... Are you okay?
Therese: Yes... I’m going to go change now.
Christina: No, wait.
Therese: Yes, Lady Christy?
Christina: You see. I may not have been the one to make you to wear the outfit, but it’s been very popular with our guests.
Christina: I want you to stay in that suit for a bit longer and entertain our guests in the halls.
Therese: Wha-... whaaaaaaa?! In this outfit? The whole time?
Christina: Haha. We did have a rat sneaking around, but I don’t mind this unexpected treat.
Therese: That’s just mean... Please, Lady Christyyy!
The phantom thief, Chat Noir. He appeared out of nowhere on the Jewel Resort and spread chaos like the plague.
But it may have been Therese who suffered the most.