Scenario:Threo - One Bad Axe

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One Bad Axe

A lone Threo prowls the dark halls of a sleeping Grandcypher, questing for the source of an unknown odor, which turns out to be the Three-Tiger Axe. The axe speaks to her and challenges her to a duel to determine her strength.

Threo: Hmm, I don't recognize this scent.
A lone Threo prowls the dark halls of a sleeping Grandcypher, questing for the source of an unknown odor.
Threo: Did some critter sneak onto the ship?
Threo: But I've never smelled anything like this before. Definitely not an animal I've met.
Threo: Urgh, this scent is giving me goose bumps.
Threo: I gotta find out where this is coming from though. Don't think I can sleep unless I do.
Threo: This must be it.
Threo: Hiya!
Threo: Huh? Nothing here. But the scent is definitely coming from this room.
Threo: Sniff, sniff... The axe... Uhh, what was it called again?
As if to answer Threo's question, the Three-Tiger Axe begins to glow brightly.
Three-Tiger Axe: I ask. Dost thou seeketh power? Dost thou seeketh ultimate power?
Threo: Whoa! The axe is talking! Hmm, no one ever told me axes could talk.
Three-Tiger Axe: Once more I ask. Thou seeketh power, dost thou not?
Three-Tiger Axe: Power unequaled, power supreme, dost thou seeketh not?
Threo: Uhh, not sure why you're asking, but of course I do! The weak are prey to the strong. Everyone knows that.
Threo: And nobody wants to be someone else's lunch! At least I don't. So I wanna be stronger than anyone ever!
Three-Tiger Axe: Thou hast answered well. Now let us test the strength of thy resolve.
Three-Tiger Axe: I challenge thee.

One Bad Axe: Scene 2

The Three-Tiger Axe tells Threo to strengthen her will by fighting others stronger than her and asking them why they seek strength. She decides to follow the weapon's advice by battling each Eternal and (Captain).

Three-Tiger Axe: Well done.
Threo: I gotta admit, you were pretty strong. Not as strong as me though!
Three-Tiger Axe: Thou spoke of seeking power, hast thou not?
Threo: Yep!
Three-Tiger Axe: Thou art powerful. True as that may be, thy heart... is weak.
Three-Tiger Axe: Continue down this path, and thou shalt reach oblivion before thy goal.
Three-Tiger Axe: To attain the power thou seeketh, thou must temper not only thy body but also thy heart.
Three-Tiger Axe: Nay. Thou must awaken thy consciousness. Only then shall thou know true power.
Threo: ...
Threo: I-I don't get what you're saying! Stop using hard words!
Three-Tiger Axe: ...
Wield me, contest with those stronger than thou, and understand them.
Threo: Uhhh... So all I have to do is fight strong people, right?
Three-Tiger Axe: Indeed. And ask. Seek their reason for strength.
Threo: And if I do that, I'll get stronger than I am now?
Three-Tiger Axe: Indubitably. The Three-Tiger Axe vows.
Threo: Okay!
Threo: But there ain't anyone around as strong as me except for the Eternals and (Captain).
Threo: And I lost to (Captain) not too long ago...
Threo: I know what I'll do then. I'll fight all the Eternals, and once I've gotten stronger, I'll try taking (Captain) on one more time!
With that, Threo hoists the Three-Tiger Axe onto her shoulder and strolls away.
Her quest for strength has begun.