Scenario:Threo - True Strength

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True Strength

During what seemed to be another routine day, Threo abruptly announces that she is craving some rabbit meat from the forest in which she grew up. Realizing that she hasn't returned to her home since she left, Threo asks the crew to join her on her visit.

(Captain) and company are spending another average day aboard the Grandcypher. Or so it seems.
Threo: I want some babbit meat!
Vyrn: Huh?
Lyria: Um... You want a what?
Threo: It's a rabbit from the forest where I grew up! They're really tasty when you roast 'em! Pretty cute too!
Lyria: Y-you eat them even though they're cute?
Threo: Hm? Why not? I always hear people saying how stuff is so cute they could eat it!
Vyrn: That's just a figure of speech! You're not supposed take it literally.
Threo: Hm? Litter what now? S-stop using big words. You're confusing me!
Vyrn: Sigh... Anyways, why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?
Threo: Well, the food we usually eat is great, but I'm craving some food from home!
Vyrn: Aw, you're homesick!
Threo: Guess so!
Threo: I haven't gone home once since I left the forest.
Threo: Hey, would you mind if I visit my home?
Threo: Or better yet, why don't you guys come too? You're gonna love it!
Vyrn: Why not? It's not like we're in a hurry to get anywhere.
Lyria: I've always wanted to see the forest where you grew up!
Threo: The place is huge! Your mind's gonna blow when you see it!
Threo: It's decided then! Let's go, Grandcypher!

True Strength: Scene 2

Upon arriving on the island, (Captain) and company hear the sound of a child screaming. Though Threo thinks it's natural for a weak child to be hunted down in the forest, the crew drags her along to help.

Threo leads (Captain) and company to the forest where she grew up.
Threo: We're here! But we're not there yet!
Vyrn: What? Which is it?
Threo: My forest's way past this field!
Threo: There are too many trees in the forest to land the airship, so we gotta walk from here!
Vyrn: Ugh... There's not a tree in sight. We must have a ways to go.
Threo: I wonder if the tree I slept in is still there.
Threo: Oh, and that one herd... I wonder who their alpha is now. Hehe.
Lyria: You're really looking forward to this, aren't you!
Threo: You bet! Man, this brings back memories!
Threo: Wrestling with bears, getting into fights with monsters...
Threo: Chasing down rabbits from sunrise to sunset... Hehe, they were so tasty.
Vyrn: Wait. That means after you caught the rabbits you—
???: Aaah!
Vyrn: Sounds like some kid's in trouble!
Threo: Oh yeah, kids usually get hunted down when they wander into the forest.
Lyria: W-we need to go help!
Threo: Huh? But they're easy prey. Of course they'll get—
Lyria: Now's not the time! Come on! Hurry!
Threo: Okay, okay! I get it! I'm coming! Just let go of me!

True Strength: Scene 3

Threo seems to get along well with the child as she tells him of the law of the jungle. Bandits appear, agree with her philosophy, and demand the crew's valuables. Threo shows them who the real prey is.

Child: Sob... Hic... Th-thank you for saving me.
Lyria: Are you all right?
Child: Sob... Yeah...
(Captain) and company rush toward the source of the scream and save the child from the monster just in time.
Vyrn: Didn't you know there were monsters around here? What were you doing out here all by yourself?
Child: A friend was leaving to another island, so I was seeing him off. I was just on my way home.
Threo: Kid, you gotta be able to handle a monster like that by yourself!
Vyrn: What? That's a bit much to ask, don't you think?
Threo: Is it? When I was his age, I was beating monsters with my bare hands.
Lyria: Your standards might be a little too tough for him, Threo.
Child: Wow, you're so strong.
Threo: That's right! The only person that's ever beaten me is (Captain) over there!
Threo: No mere monster is ever gonna beat me!
Child: Wow! How'd you get so strong?
Threo: I'm strong because the forest raised me!
Threo: There's no place in the forest for the weak. You gotta be strong to survive!
Threo: If you wanna eat, you've got to run and fight for it.
Threo: You can't even let your guard down when you sleep at night. You never know when you might get attacked!
Child: Wow... Th-that sounds rough.
Threo: Sure was! But it was fun too!
Child: I see... That does sound a little fun.
Threo: Heh! If you wanna be strong like me, why don't you try living in the forest too?
Threo: You're bound to get stronger if you do! The forest is an amazing place!
Threo: I may be strong now, but I still don't think I'm any match for the forest itself...
Child: Gulp... S-sounds like a crazy place...
Lyria: Looks like he and Threo are getting along well.
Vyrn: Well, Threo's pretty much a kid too!
Threo: The forest may be fun, but you have to always be on your guard.
Threo: The strong prey on the weak... That's the only law of the jungle.
Scoundrel 1: That's right, kids! The strong prey on the weak!
Scoundrel 2: And I'm hungry for your valuables!
Child: Eek!
Vyrn: Wha! Where'd they come from? We're surrounded!
Scoundrel 1: The law of the jungle is nice and simple, isn't it?
Scoundrel 1: It says weaklings like you better do as we say. Now give us all you've got!
Threo: I'm glad you get it!
Scoundrel 1: Huh? Kid, I don't think you understand the situation you're in right now.
Threo: Of course the strong prey on the weak. That's just how it is.
Scoundrel 1: Y-yeah... So give us all your—
Threo: But I'm the strongest in the sky! Well... me and (Captain)!
Threo: You picked the wrong group to mess with! Let's show these guys who the predators are around here, (Captain)!

True Strength: Scene 4

Threo wears a serious expression as she and the crew arrive at the town, and she abruptly runs away. When the crew catch up to her, she tells them that the forest where she grew up used to be where that town now stood. As she faces the harsh reality, she tells (Captain) not to leave her as the forest did.

(Captain) and company drive away the scoundrels and decide to escort the child to his home.
Child: Over here! Come on! Hurry!
Threo: Coming...
Vyrn: Man, that kiddo came from really far away.
Threo: ...
Lyria: Is something wrong, Threo? You seem deep in thought.
Threo: I... I could be wrong, but... this way looks like...
Threo: Hey, are you sure this is the right way?
Child: Yeah, why?
Threo: I see...
Led by the child, (Captain) and company make their way across the fields.
Eventually they arrive at a well-kept town bustling with people.
Threo: No...
Vyrn: Hm? Something wrong? You're unusually quiet.
Threo: This place... was my forest.
Lyria: What? But there's no forest here.
Threo: The forest where I grew up... was right here...
Threo: Past the fields and east of the marking... It's supposed to be here...
Threo: How... Where's the tree where I slept? Where are the rabbits...
Child: Miss?
Threo: The forest where I grew up... The forest that raised me...
Threo: It was so strong... How... How could it lose to these weaklings?
Child: Wha!
Threo: ...?
Threo: ...!
Vyrn: H-hey! Where are you going?
Lyria: Threo? Wait, Threo!
Child: Huh?
Threo suddenly runs away, and (Captain) and company follow her back to the Grandcypher.
Threo: ...
Threo: Hey, (Captain)... I'm strong, right? I'm on the top of the food chain, right?
Threo: That forest raised me. It made me the greatest predator there was... But the forest itself became prey in the end.
Threo: It lost to those people... People too weak to even fight monsters...
Threo: When I saw that town... When I found out how it had devoured the forest... I wanted to level every last building in that place.
Threo: I wanted to take the forest back from them... But I couldn't do it.
Threo: When I saw that kid's face... For some reason, I couldn't do it.
Threo: Say... What does strength mean anyway? I'm supposed to be the strongest of all... But why does it hurt so much?
  1. I don't know.
  2. Let's figure it out together.

Choose: I don't know.
Threo: Yeah... Me neither...
Threo: I'm no genius, but... I think this is a hard question even for smart people.
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Choose: Let's figure it out together.
Threo: Mm... Okay. It's a promise then.
Threo: I'll trust that someday you'll tell me the reason for my pain...
Continue 1
Threo: I'm strong... But I'm still so weak...
Threo: I want to be even stronger so I don't have to feel like this again.
Threo: (Captain). I'm gonna get stronger than ever... And I want you to be right there with me.
Threo: Don't disappear on me... Don't turn into someone's prey... Promise me.
Threo finds new resolve in the face of a harsh reality.
And so Threo seeks true strength in the course of her journey with (Captain).