Scenario:Tiamat - Ride Out the Storm

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Ride Out the Storm

While traveling through a clear blue sky to their next destination, the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Rackam tries to fight the winds, but their airship is ultimately sucked into the storm.

Lyria: Whee! Feel that breeze!
The Grandcypher is cutting across the sky on a clear blue day.
But not for long.
Lyria: Huh? The sky's getting dark...
Vyrn: Looks like a big storm's brewin'.
Lyria: Eeek!
Rackam: Everyone hang on to something!
Rackam: Damn it! Where'd it come from—
Rackam pushes the engines as far as he can to combat the battering winds.
Rackam: Come on!
Katalina: Rackam! Starboard, four o'clock!
Rackam: What is that?
A towering storm cloud looms toward them, threatening to swallow the airship whole.
Rackam: How could I have missed that? The hell is wrong with me today?
Vyrn: Yikes! Punch it, Rackam!
Rackam: Yeah, yeah, I know!
Rackam: Ungh... Ship's not respond—
Vyrn: Aaaah!
Tossing and turning, the ship struggles in vain as it's sucked into the giant, black cloud.

Ride Out the Storm: Scene 2

According to Rosetta, they are trapped inside a weather pattern called the storm jar. Rackam asks Tiamat for help getting out, but Tiamat, who considers this storm to be a trifle, challenges him to do it himself.

Thunder roars and lightning flashes intermittently, forcing the crew to stay on its toes.
Rackam: The atmosphere was fairly stable up until just now.
Rackam: A weather shift that drastic feels like the work of a primal beast, don't you think?
Lyria: No, I don't sense any primal beasts.
Rackam: Well... It doesn't feel like a natural storm to me.
Vyrn: Yaargh!
Vyrn: Look, can we just get the heck outta here please?
Katalina: Vyrn's right. We're asking to be struck by lightning in this cloud.
Rosetta: ...
Lyria: What is it, Rosetta?
Rosetta: I think we might be inside the storm jar.
Vyrn: Jar? What're you talkin' about?
Rosetta: It's a very, very old tale. One that I haven't heard in a long time myself.
Rosetta: A huge storm cloud called the storm jar is said to drift randomly around this skydom.
Rosetta: If for whatever reason your airship were to slip into the cloud...
Vyrn: Gulp...
Rackam: Yeah, slip into... More like dragged into...
Rosetta: If that were to happen, you'd be cut off from the world, doomed to wander as a ghost ship for all eternity.
Or so the rumor goes.
Lyria: Gh-ghost...
Rackam: Clearly we're in a bad spot. No arguments there.
A sudden gust of wind sweeps onto the deck, materializing into the shape of a familiar friend.
Tiamat: ...
Rackam: Tiamat! Can you do something about this storm?
Tiamat: ...
Lyria: Huh? Oh dear...
Lyria: She's telling us to prove to her we can overcome a small storm like this...
Rackam: What!
Tiamat: ...
Rackam: (It's my fault I didn't see this storm coming. And I'll definitely get us out of it!)
Rackam hunkers down to think of a way out while Tiamat observes in silence.

Ride Out the Storm: Scene 3

Rackam devises a plan to ride a downstream current to escape the storm, but a powerful monster attempts to block their way. Tiamat rushes to stop the monster while creating another downward current for the Grandcypher to slip into.

The storm continues to rage around them. Meanwhile the expression on Rackam's face suggests he's hit upon a solution.
Katalina: How's it looking, Rackam?
Rackam: Not good. The gauges are all screwed up, and the engines are already screaming from the strain.
Rackam: But we're not licked yet.
Rackam: Since it's a storm jar, I wouldn't expect it to have a calm spot, like the eye of a hurricane.
Rackam: But the winds should be a little weaker toward the bottom.
Rackam: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. I believe in you, Rackam.

Choose: I believe in you, Rackam.

Rackam: Thanks, Cap!
Katalina: Wait! Why did you shut off the engines!
Rackam: We're gonna ride the down current.
Rackam: Once we drop into the weaker zone, I'll fire up the engines and blast us outta here!
Vyrn: What is this, an airshow? You sure you know what you're doin'?
Rackam: Strap yourself in, and have faith in your helmsman! Check this out, Tiamat!
Tiamat: ...
Down they go, gradually picking up speed as the ship descends.
Rackam focuses on the howling air currents around him, waiting for the right moment.
Rackam: Raaah!
At last the ship catches the down current.
Rackam: Heh. Now I just turn on the juice—
But before he can do that, a bolt of lightning grazes the ship.
Vyrn: Ack!
Rackam: Damn, that was too close...
Rosetta: That was no ordinary lightning. I daresay whatever's targeting us has given itself away.
Lyria: Gasp!
Lyria squints into the black clouds, trying to make out what appears to be a writhing mass.
???: ...
Rackam: What in blazes... Is that a monster?
A dreadful apparition hurtles toward the Grandcypher with terrifying speed.
Katalina: Just what we need at a time like this...
Katalina: Brace for impact!
Tiamat: ...
Tiamat: ...
A three-headed dragon manifests around Tiamat, and she leaps off the deck to intercept the incoming enemy.
Lyria: Huh? You'll take care of it?
Tiamat: ...!
Tiamat is primed to fight, the heads of her dragons bellowing with anger.
Her power rebuffs the storm's violent gales, altering the airflow beneath her.
Tiamat: ...
Lyria: Ride the air current down, she said!
Rackam: Yep, that's the plan!
Rackam skillfully steers the ship into the current created by Tiamat.
Vyrn: Yaaah! Aren't we falling a little too fast!
Rackam: We've got no choice. That lightning's probably still after us, and we need speed to break out!
Rackam: Thanks for the assist, Tiamat!
The Grandcypher continues to fall through the storm jar, achieving terminal velocity.
Tiamat: ...
Assured that the ship is clear, Tiamat turns her attention back to the unknown enemy.

Ride Out the Storm: Scene 4

After the crew and Tiamat escape from the storm jar, the primal beast blows it away with her powerful wind. Tiamat reveals that she helped the crew because they were facing an enemy that mortals couldn't handle. The predicament they've weathered has strengthened their bonds—bonds that will continue to deepen as their journey goes on.

(Captain) and company have successfully escaped from the storm jar. All that's left is to wait for Tiamat to return.
Vyrn: I hope Miss Breezy's okay.
Rackam: That's the best we can do for her: pray that she'll make it out.
Lyria: I can feel her!
No sooner has Lyria spoken than Tiamat comes flying out of the dark cloud.
The sight of the graceful wind god calms the roiling anxiety in the hearts of the crew.
Tiamat: ...
Katalina: Hm? What are you—
Tiamat: ...!
Tiamat does an about-face, and with all her might, blows away the menacing storm cloud.
Katalina: Aha-hah... I'm glad she's on our side...
Vyrn: Phew... Got that right.
Rackam: Yeah, just thinking about what would've happened if we didn't have her around makes me shiver.
Vyrn: Seriously.
Vyrn: So what's the deal, Tiamat? You told us to figure it out for ourselves. Why'd you step in?
Tiamat: ...
Lyria: Oh, that's why!
Lyria: That monster in the cloud was too powerful for us skydwellers to handle. She had to help us.
Vyrn: Yeah, that was one freaky customer on our tail...
Rackam: The point is we escaped the storm jar. Isn't that good enough?
Rackam: Whaddya say, Tiamat? Will you keep watching our backs?
Tiamat: ...
Thanks to Tiamat's power, the crew breaks out of a tempestuous predicament.
So there you have it. From their humble beginnings in Port Breeze...
Rackam and Tiamat's entwined paths stretch far into the future, promising to deepen the bond between them.
But that is a story for another time.