Scenario:Tien - Pulling Back from the Brink

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Pulling Back from the Brink

Seofon and Feower recruit the help of (Captain) to bring Tien to her senses. (Captain) and Tien try to reason out their differences at first, but Tien insists the captain stop her by taking the Ten-Wolf Gun from her by force.

Having defeated the nine other Eternals, Tien sets out for the mafia hideout—to obliterate the mortal enemy of her siblings once and for all.
Feower and Seofon seek out (Captain) and company to ask for help.
Vyrn: What the? She's heading off to face the mafia alone? Again?
Vyrn: (Captain) went to all that trouble stopping her, and this is the thanks we get...
Lyria: I know Tien's doing her best to protect the children of Stardust Town, but this is too reckless!
Seofon: The Ten-Wolf Gun is manipulating her purest desires to do its bidding.
Lyria: The Ten-Wolf Gun's doing this? But why?
Seofon: It's been left alone for so long that it now wishes only to be wielded by the strongest.
Feower: That doesn't give it the right to string my sister along like a puppet!
Feower: I'd go myself, but... honestly I'm still hurting from when I fought against her earlier.
Feower: (Captain), will you lend us your strength in order to bring my sister back to her senses?
(Captain) consents to Feower's earnest plea.
Seofon: There's no telling when the mafia's gonna show their ugly mugs around here again.
Seofon: I'll stay behind in Stardust Town with Feower just in case. You'll have to take it from here, guys. Sorry.
Entrusted with this most important task, (Captain) gets Tien's location from Seofon and heads out.
Tien: ...
Lyria: Tien! Wait!
Tien: Lyria? (Captain)? I figured you guys might show up.
Tien: My gut told me you'd be the last one to try and stop me.
Lyria: Pull yourself together, Tien! Don't you see that the Ten-Wolf Gun is controlling you?
Vyrn: Drop the weapon already! Then we can go back to Stardust Town together. Everyone's worried sick about you!
Tien: I can't.
Lyria: But why?
Tien: I... I'm going to protect my siblings with the Ten-Wolf Gun's power!
Tien: If you want to stop me, then come at me with everything you've got!

Pulling Back from the Brink: Scene 2

(Captain) manages to take back the Ten-Wolf Gun, returning Tien to normal. They return to Stardust Town, where Tien sheds tears of joy at the affection of the children.

Tien: Ngh!
(Captain) quickly snatches the Ten-Wolf Gun from Tien while she is collapsed on the ground.
Tien: Ugh...
Lyria: Are you all right, Tien? Please tell us you're okay!
Tien: Lyria... I... I'm...
Vyrn: How you feelin'? Does it hurt anywhere? The Ten-Wolf Gun had you under its spell this whole time!
Tien: The Ten-Wolf Gun... That's right... I was speaking to it, and then...
Tien: Oh, I'm so sorry... I remember it all now. All the trouble I caused you.
Tien: How could I ever call myself the strongest if I let the Ten-Wolf Gun control me so easily...
Vyrn: It's not your fault, Gun Girl! It just latched onto your deepest fears and wouldn't let go!
Tien: Thank you, Vyrn. But I...
Tien: Mm... Just goes to show how weak I am... How can I protect my siblings like this?
(Captain) helps bring the downcast Tien to her feet.
(Captain) and company escort Tien back to Stardust Town.
Clerk Jill: Ah! Tien! (Captain)! Welcome back!
Having been briefed on the situation by Feower, the children happily welcome the crew back.
Tien: ...
Merchant Jack: Tien, thank goodness you're okay.
Tien: Sorry.
Merchant Jack: Oh, no, no. We're the ones that should be sorry!
Clerk Jill: Since we're just kids, we always let you and Feower handle the hard stuff.
Clerk Jill: But we should change that. It's not fair to you!
Tien: But I...
Merchant Jack: I get what it is you want to say, Tien. I know we've always had the oldest children undertake the hardest jobs in order.
Merchant Jack: But let's put an end to that. Overcoming our struggles should be a group effort!
Tien: ...
Merchant Jack: It's gonna be tough. It's gonna be painful. It might even be rougher than death itself!
Clerk Jill: But the important thing is that we'll be together. You'll never have to feel lonely again, Tien.
Merchant Jack: So let's live. It might not be pretty, we might get hurt, but we'll be alive... together.
Tien: Jack, Jill...
Touched by the heartfelt words of the children she's always fought so hard to protect, Tien quietly sheds tears of joy.
The future of Stardust Town remains uncertain.
But one thing's for sure—Tien's been changed by this cathartic experience forever.