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The Sky's Call

Though he wants to reach the other side of the sky, Tsubasa hates airships because of an accident that took his parents' lives. At Mr. Bertrand's recommendation, the conflicted Tsubasa decides to take an educational voyage on the Grandcypher. Once on board, the young man is moved by Rackam's resolve and the sprawling sky.

Tsubasa: Heh, purring nice and easy today!
This young man's name is Tsubasa. He's a student in the remedial class at the Mysteria Academy of Magic—or, as many would say, a delinquent.
He leads the Red Wings, a gang made up of others like him.
Tsubasa has one great wish: to see a place beyond the world he knows.
To reach the other side of the sky.
Tsubasa: C'mon, baby! Turn up for me!
The recipient of this encouragement is Tsubasa's beloved gearcycle.
The gearcycle is a form of two-wheeled transportation that advances when its pedals are pumped.
Its rear-mounted fire-magic engine, known as a Turbine Reactor, produces a powerful forward thrust and a roaring exhaust.
Tsubasa often fondly refers to his gearcycle as his beast.
He straddles his gearcycle again today in hopes of reaching the other side of the sky.
Tsubasa and Vyrn became close during a period of inter-gang conflict at the Mysteria Academy of Magic.
As the two ride down the nighttime road, Tsubasa nonchalantly reveals his truest thoughts.
Vyrn: The other side... of the sky?
Vyrn: If you wanna go far away, you should come aboard our airship.
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: (This beast's the pair of wings that'll take me far away.)
Tsubasa: Heh, I'm not about to take a lift from no one else.
Tsubasa: If you don't get there on your own, what's the point of going?
Past events have brought Tsubasa to loathe airships.
But this leaves him conflicted: without an airship, navigating the sky is impossible.
Tsubasa: (I'm gonna get to the other side of the sky Tsubasa-style. I don't need no ship.)
Tsubasa: (But what other way is there?)
Tsubasa: (I hear there's a way to fly. But supposedly you gotta be a born genius to use it.)
Tsubasa: (The hell am I supposed to do? Damn sky...)
During their visit to the academy the following day, Tsubasa, Taiga, and Rintaro are summoned to the staff room.
Mr. Bertrand: I'm sorry for calling you here on such short notice. There's a matter I simply have to talk with you about.
His name is Mr. Bertrand, and he's a teacher at the Mysteria Academy of Magic.
Tsubasa: Talk with me about? You sure you don't mean talk at me about?
Tsubasa: And how come all y'all are here?
Tsubasa glances over to (Captain) and the crew, who are seated nearby.
Vyrn: I don't know. We got called here for a little talk.
Mr. Bertrand: I thought that it would be simplest to discuss matters with (Captain) and the others here.
Mr. Bertrand: Tsubasa, you are feeling a bit adrift now, aren't you? About your past and your dreams?
Tsubasa: ...
Mr. Bertrand: Hohoho... Judging from your reaction, that does seem to be the case.
Mr. Bertrand: Your dislike of airships is perfectly understandable in light of the tragedy you experienced.
Mr. Bertrand: You've come face-to-face with some harsh realities. But in order to find a solution to them, you have to move beyond the past.
Tsubasa: Yeah, so what are you saying?
Mr. Bertrand: As a matter of fact, I have an idea.
Mr. Bertrand smiles meaningfully and then lays out his proposal.
Mr. Bertrand: What if you were to study aboard the Grandcypher? Study, that is, in the same way that Vyrn did at our school?
Tsubasa: Huh! Me?
Mr. Bertrand: You'll surely derive some benefit from the experience of seeing the wider world.
Mr. Bertrand: Taiga and Rintaro, what do you think?
Killa Taiga: Huh? 'S'all good to me, my man.
This young man's name is Killa Taiga. He is the little dog—the second in command—of the Red Wings and Tsubasa's trusted friend.
Yung Rintaro: Mr. Bertrand. Teach. If Tsubasa's outta here, you gotta let us pack it in too.
And this is Yung Rintaro, the gang member who declared himself Tsubasa's younger brother.
Mr. Bertrand: Our role as teachers is to watch our students soar off into new worlds. I'll gladly give you a push onwards.
Yung Rintaro: For reals, yo? You're the man, Teach!
Mr. Bertrand: However, this is all assuming that (Captain) agrees.
Vyrn: We'd love to have you. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
  1. You're in like Flynn.
  2. We're all squad as it is.

Choose: You're in like Flynn.

Vyrn: Hehe, you already sound like one of the squad!
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Choose: We're all squad as it is.

Vyrn: Yeah! My squad is (Captain)'s squad.

Continue 1

Mr. Bertrand: Thank you. I'm truly grateful for this.
Mr. Bertrand: Haha! So then, (Captain), please take good care of them.
Killa Taiga: Tsubasa, man. If there was something on your mind, you shoulda just told me. We're squad, nah?
Yung Rintaro: Yeah, Tsubasa! Real talk—that's what we want from you!
Tsubasa: Shut up... These problems are mine to deal with. How wack would it be to dump them on y'all?
Tsubasa: Just chill already, yeah? Don't go getting ahead of yourselves.
Tsubasa: I never even said I was getting aboard that—
Vyrn: Hey, don't sweat it! You taught me all about your world.
Vyrn: So now it's time to show our world to you, Tsubasa.
Tsubasa: Vyrn...
Vyrn: I know how you feel, Tsubasa...
Vyrn: But there's stuff that you won't get until you board the ship for yourself. It can't all be bad.
Tsubasa: I guess... Maybe what you're saying ain't so bogus.
Vyrn: Studying is all about trying things out, right?
Vyrn: If you really can't stand it out there, you can always come back to Mysteria.
Killa Taiga: Tsubasa, man, peep what your squad's saying. We gotta fly!
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: When I say to let me off, you let me off ASAP. You give me that, and I'll ride.
Vyrn: Hehe! That's more like it!
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasa! This is fresh horizons for the Red Wings. C'mon, c'mon!
Killa Taiga: You never say how you really feel, son. Don't worry, I'll break the news to the rest of the Wings for ya.
Vyrn: Looks like things are sorted! Let's get shaking—
Tsubasa: Wait, yo!
Vyrn: Huh? What is it? Don't want to ride after all?
Tsubasa: Gimme a li'l bit. If I'm leaving Mysteria, I gotta talk to my grandma.
Vyrn: Sure! We'll be ready whenever you are!
Tsubasa leaves (Captain) and the others for a bit to head home.
Tsubasa: Yo, Grandma, it's me!
Grandma: Oh, welcome home, dear.
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: Sorry for springing this on you, Grandma, but you and me gotta talk.
Though initially hesitant, Tsubasa slowly begins explaining the situation to his grandmother.
Tsubasa: Imma be real with you. I don't know what to do.
Tsubasa: There's the whole thing with the accident, and besides... I don't want to leave you alone.
Grandma: Hehe, you're a very kind young man.
Tsubasa: Huh?
Grandma: What do you have to worry about? This is the first step toward making your dream come true, isn't it?
Grandma: You're going to be a great mage someday. Isn't that what you promised me?
Tsubasa: Well, yeah, but...
Grandma: Watching you grow up makes me happier than anything else.
Grandma: So don't you fret about your old Gram Gram. Just go where your dreams take you, and let me see you grow up right.
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: You're right. I don't have anything to worry about.
Tsubasa: I got you! I'm gonna be a real man when I come back.
Grandma: Take care till I see you again.
Tsubasa: Okay!
Tsubasa: Hey, thanks for sitting tight.
Vyrn: Oh, are you ready?
Tsubasa: Yeah, let's peace out.
Tsubasa: (I'll catch you later, Grandma.)
As Tsubasa boards the Grandcypher, determination wells in his chest.
Tsubasa: Tsk!
Tsubasa: (Now that I'm here on board, my whole body's shaking. It's pathetic.)
Tsubasa: (Damn, what is it I'm even afraid of?)
Tsubasa: (I just made a promise to be a man!)
Just then, as if propelled by Tsubasa's determination, the Grandcypher takes off.
Tsubasa: Whoa!
Killa Taiga: Whoa-ho! Check it out. This thing's flying! It's flying, yo!
Yung Rintaro: Turn up, my men! It's time to bounce!
Killa Taiga: Gwahaha! Rintaro, comin' outta your mouth, it just makes me laugh!
Tsubasa: Damn it...
As the Mysterian townscape grows smaller and more distant, Tsubasa realizes that there's no going back. He folds his hands behind his head and slides down onto the deck.
Vyrn: Hm... He doesn't seem very happy. Were we too pushy?
(Captain) and the others consider how to approach the sullen Tsubasa.
One is quicker to decide than the others.
Elmott: Huh? So you decided to hitch a ride?
No version of Blazing Teacher Elmott in crew

This man's name is Elmott. He temporarily served as a teacher at the Mysteria Academy of Magic.
Elmott: Pfft. I thought you were startin' to open up a bit, but this is a surprise.
Tsubasa: Tsk, it's not like that.
Tsubasa awkwardly averts his eyes. There is a reason for his discomfort.
Tsubasa was faced with expulsion from the Mysteria Academy of Magic. The ones pushing for his removal were the school board, an organization meant to provide educational support to students.
But on account of Elmott's efforts, Tsubasa was able to avoid expulsion.
Elmott's forceful advocacy on Tsubasa's behalf that day moved Tsubasa to tears, and he has had a difficult time facing the teacher ever since.
Tsubasa: I'm gonna take a walk over there.
Yung Rintaro: All right then. Me too!
Tsubasa: Huh!
Yung Rintaro: Whoooa!
Tsubasa cries out and takes off by himself.
Killa Taiga: Aw no... He is seriously bugging out.
Yung Rintaro: Thought I was about to get iced.
Yung Rintaro: Maybe he's all hot and bothered 'cause we forced him to come here.
Elmott: He's facing his past now. Don't worry about it—it's not your fault.
Vyrn: Hm... What should we do to make him feel better?
Elmott: ...
Tsubasa: (This is seriously wack. Looks like I'm running away or something...)
Now all alone, Tsubasa recalls Elmott's face and grits his teeth.
Tsubasa: (I'll just go back. No reason to start getting all embarrassed now.)
The young man attempts to retrace his steps, but he soon loses his bearings.
Tsubasa: Why'd they have to make this ship so big? I don't know where's where.
Tsubasa: Ah, damn it!
Tsubasa is winding up to kick a wall out of irritation when a voice calls to him from behind.
???: Hold up. That's my baby right there. I'm not about to stand by while you hurt it.
Tsubasa: Huh? Who are you?
Rackam: Rackam. Ship's helmsman.
Tsubasa: Helmsman...
Tsubasa's eyes fill with hatred the instant he hears the word.
Rackam: Hey, that's enough! The look in your eyes is putting me on edge.
Rackam: I heard it all from (Captain). How you lost your parents to an airship accident.
Rackam: And so you hate airships to death. Am I right?
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: I don't see a big difference between airships and any other assassin's tool...
Rackam: I get where you're coming from. Accidents can kill.
Rackam: But this thing didn't come into the world to hurt anyone.
Rackam: Think of a knife. What counts is how you use it.
Tsubasa: Lecture me some more...
Rackam: I crashed this thing back in the day. If there's anyone who knows what you're saying, it's me.
Rackam: And you're right on the money. One wrong turn of the rudder's all it takes to put someone six feet under.
Rackam: See, that's why I helm like my life depends on it. Because I'm not about to let anyone die.
Rackam: And any skyfarer I've met feels the same way.
Rackam: I'm no different. Because I don't want the Grandcypher taking anyone's life.
Rackam's firm, sincere stare takes Tsubasa's breath away.
Tsubasa: (This guy really gets it.)
Tsubasa: (He's an OG skyfarer, way different from everyone I know.)
The hostility in Tsubasa's eyes dissipates, and as he notices this, Rackam lets a smile slip.
Rackam: All right then, Tsubasa? You're new on board, so let me show you something good.
Tsubasa: Something good?
Rackam: The seat of honor.
Tsubasa follows Rackam toward the ship's bow.
There stands (Captain). To the side are Taiga and Rintaro, who are fooling around like children.
Vyrn: Oh, Tsubasa! You made it!
Tsubasa: ...
Vyrn: Yeah... While you were gone, we talked about how we'd been all pushy.
Vyrn: Sorry! Please don't be mad!
Tsubasa: Don't sweat it. In the end it was my decision.
Tsubasa: I let myself get too irritated. Sorry.
Killa Taiga: Hey! You feeling like yourself again, man?
Yung Rintaro: Heh, this is a true bromance, folks! Right before your eyes!
Tsubasa: You two can apologize some more though.
Taiga & Rintaro: Eek!
Rackam: Haha, you guys sure get along well.
Rackam: Hey, look.
Rackam gestures toward the bow with his chin, and Tsubasa follows its invisible path.
Beyond is the great, measureless sky.
Tsubasa: (So this... is the sky realm.)
Tsubasa's heart is taken by the sight before his eyes. He loses himself for a few moments before Rackam's voice brings him to.
Rackam: How about it? Best view ever or what?
Tsubasa: Heh... It ain't so bad.
Tsubasa's curt response belies how impressed he is by the spectacle before his eyes and by Rackam's unshakable resolve.
This glimpse of another world fills Tsubasa with hope for the future.