Scenario:Tsubasa Kashiwagi - Nothing but Wind and Sky

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Nothing but Wind and Sky

Tsubasa, a pop star transported to Sky World, still believes that he’s filming a video there. Rackam, seeing Tsubasa’s inexperience with firearms, takes him under his wing, and teaches him the basics of gun handling.

(Captain) and the crew were fighting some strange green monsters when they came across a young man named Tsubasa.
Afterwards, they decided to return to the ship for a break, taking Tsubasa with them.
Mysterious Creature: Ribbiiiiiit…
Rackam: There we go! That looks like the last of them. Wanna go back to the ship?
Tsubasa: Wow! We're using a real airship? Not just special effects?
Lyria: Special effects… What's that? Any idea, (Captain)?
  1. Like… alchemy?
  2. Hmm, I don't know…

Choose: Like… alchemy?
Lyria: Wha-? Tsubasa, you can perform alchemy?
Tsubasa: Erm, I don't know if the people in post-production can do that…
Tsubasa: The producer didn't say anything about it… I think.
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Choose: Hmm, I don't know…
Vyrn: Tsubasa says some weird things, doesn't he?
Tsubasa: R-really? I'm sorry, I'll be more careful!
Tsubasa: Please, (Captain). If I say anything weird, tell me!
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Rackam: Do you have a minute, Tsubasa?
Tsubasa: Sure! What is it, Mr. Rackam?
Rackam: Well, I saw you earlier… You don't seem to have any idea of how to use a gun…
Rackam: Are you alright with that gun? If you're not careful, you'll really hurt yourself, you know!
Tsubasa: R-really? I'm still not very good at using props, and I haven't had much training…
Rackam: What! No training? So you're self-taught? Man, that's dangerous!
Tsubasa: I'm sorry…
Rackam: Oh man… I suppose I should teach you the proper way to handle a firearm, then.
Tsubasa: Really? You'll teach me?
Rackam: Watching you with that gun makes me nervous. I've never taught anyone before, but it's gotta be better than nothing, right?
Tsubasa: Thank you so much, Mr. Rackam! I really appreciate the help!
And so, Rackam instructed Tsubasa on the correct way to handle a gun.
Tsubasa: Ow!
Rackam: Hey, hey, what did I tell you? With that posture, the recoil will just hurt your shoulder!
Tsubasa: I'm sorry, I'll be more careful! So, I hold it like this… And then…
Rackam: Well, I think that's about as much as I can teach you, Tsubasa.
Tsubasa: Thank you so much! I've got to be careful when I use it in the video too!
Rackam: Gods, you're such a worrier! Well, learning to use a gun could help you loosen up a bit.
Rackam: Woah! You've gotta be careful with the bullets, too!
Tsubasa: Oh, right! I thought they were all gone, but the gun's still loaded! Phew, that was close!
Rackam: You've got to try harder, Tsubasa! I don't see a single mark on that target!
Tsubasa: Yeah… If I mess up a take when we're actually filming, it'll be frustrating for everyone else…
Tsubasa: Anyway, thank you so much for training me, Mr. Rackam!
Rackam: Well done. Right, let's head back to the airship!
Tsubasa: Erm, is it okay if I stay here and practice for a bit longer?
Rackam: Sure. There shouldn't be any monsters around here. Seeya in a bit!
Tsubasa: Okay! Thanks again for your help, Mr. Rackam!
Tsubasa: Right, let's do this… First, check your posture…
Tsubasa: Wow, this gun's so heavy, it doesn't even feel like a prop!
Tsubasa still hadn't realized where he had been transported to, and was lost in a strange world.
But, like so many of his journeys in his past, he felt that he would definitely enjoy the ride.