Scenario:Tsubasa Kashiwagi - To Fly Again

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To Fly Again

The members of the pop group Dramatic Stars have now accepted the fact that they have crossed over into the Sky World. Tsubasa is greatly interested in the Grandcypher, and is being shown around the ship by its pilot, Rackam. Tsubasa is shocked to hear that, long ago, Rackam once crashed the ship. Just then, the party receives a commission to take some packages to a neighboring island.

The three members of the pop group Dramatic Stars had crossed over into the boundless Sky World.
At first they thought they were still shooting a TV ad, but through the course of their adventures they came to realize the truth.
Tsubasa was interested in seeing a real airship, so Rackam was giving him a tour of the Grandcypher.
Tsubasa: Thank you for showing me around Rackam.
Tsubasa: It's a wonderful ship isn't it, the Grandcypher!
Rackam: Right? It's a league apart from any other airship you'll find.
Tsubasa: Have you always flown on the Grandcypher, Rackam?
Tsubasa: Or did you pilot a different airship before you joined this one?
Rackam: No, I've always been aboard the Grandcypher.
Rackam: Hehe… One time I crashed the ship and it fell into disrepair, but, ultimately, I couldn't be parted from her…
Tsubasa: …!
Tsubasa: That's… quite some story.
While the two were talking, (Captain) and the others came back from the town with news of quests that the party could undertake.
Vyrn: Heya! We're back!
Rackam: Welcome back. How did you get on, are there any quests for us?
Lyria: Yes! One of the townsfolk asked us to deliver some packages to the next island.
Vyrn: But, they said they'd bring the packages here to the ship for us.
Rackam: That's handy. All right then, let's finish getting ready for lift off.
Lyria: Yes, isn't it, this way we'll be able to deliver the packages to the next island more quickly.
Rackam: You got it. We still need someone to bring the packages aboard the ship though. (Captain) and Tsubasa, can you help out?
Tsubasa: … Huh? So- sorry, I was lost in thought.
Tsubasa: You'd like us to help with the preparations for lift off. Anything you say!
Rackam: OK everyone! Let's get this ship airborne, all hands on deck!

To Fly Again: Scene 2

(Captain) and the others are onboard the Grandcypher, on an assignment to deliver some packages to a neighboring island. But Tsubasa is still thinking deeply about what Rackam just told him, and cannot concentrate. A monster attack forces him to pull himself together and focus on the task at hand.

Vyrn: Hehe, I don't think we'll have too much trouble from monsters. Delivering these packages should be a piece of cake.
Rackam: Hold on, don't get too cocky! Up here in the sky monsters can attack from the direction you least expect.
Vyrn: Oh, you're right. We should brace ourselves.
Whilst the party were engaged in their jolly bantering, Tsubasa was by himself in one corner of the deck, lost deep in thought.
Vane (Event) is a crew member

Tsubasa: Aaaargh!
Suddenly, monsters swooped down on Tsubasa from above.
Vane: Have at you!
Monster: Grrrrr…
The skyfarer who had come to Tsubasa's aid at the last minute was Vane.
Vane: What's going on! I called Rackam, he should know better than to let his guard down.
Tsubasa: Oh… are you… Vane?
Tsubasa: (Ah, it's Vane! I should talk to him as research for my role… but maybe not just now.)
Vane: Good grief… The quest isn't over yet! What are you guys doing, lazing around like that!
Tsubasa: Er… yeah! Quit slacking!
Tsubasa: (…I feel bummed out, causing trouble for everyone like this… I've got to get it together!)
Vane (Event) not in crew

Lyria: Um… Tsubasa.
Tsubasa: …Huh? P- pardon me, Lyria. What can I do for you?
Lyria: Are you feeling all right, Tsubasa? You don't seem yourself.
Tsubasa: Well…
Lyria: You mustn't overdo it. You're looking a bit pale…
Tsubasa: I'm fine! I'm sorry about earlier, when I was lost in thought… I got sucked in to my own thoughts.
Tsubasa: I can't let myself get carried away like that. Until the quest is finished, we mustn't let our guard down.
Tsubasa: (OK, I think I've turned a corner. Feels good.)

To Fly Again: Scene 3

(Captain) and the others have safely completed their assignment. Noticing that Tsubasa seems out of sorts, Rackam asks him if he is all right. Tsubasa explains how miserable he is about having abandoned his dreams when he hit a career setback. Rackam gives Tsubasa some encouragement, reminding him of the importance of friendship. Tsubasa's spirits are lifted, and he promises to himself that he will not be trapped in the past, but will face toward the future and move forward.

(Captain) and the others safely delivered the packages to the neighboring island.
Rackam: Hey Tsubasa! You still got that gun I gave you? Let's finish your training.
Tsubasa: Oh, OK.
Tsubasa: So… that bit goes like this and… Huh? Oh!
Tsubasa: Oh, a bit has gone under the bed… I don't think I can reach it…
Rackam: Hmmm… You're pretty clumsy ain't cha, Tsubasa. Here, try this one instead.
Tsubasa: Ah, thanks.
Rackam: Or at least, you haven't gotten used to it yet. The more you use it the better you'll get, right?
Tsubasa: You're right. I won't improve if I don't practice.
Tsubasa: Come on Tsubasa, get a grip… unfasten this part, give this a clean…
Rackam: …Tsubasa, earlier today, when you were lost in thought, is something bothering you?
Rackam: Or, what I meant… perhaps it would make things easier if you talked about it?
Tsubasa: Rackam…
Disturbed by Rackam's words, Tsubasa began to speak with a grim determination.
Tsubasa: Before I was scouted by the producer, I was an airline… an airship pilot.
Tsubasa: But… so many things happened, and… I had to abandon that path.
Tsubasa: But, you… when I heard that you managed to get over your accident, and take to the skies as a pilot once more…
Tsubasa: …I became really miserable. Whereas I had abandoned my dream…
Rackam: Well, you certainly have a high opinion of me, Tsubasa. And yet…
Rackam: I can't help thinking that you and I are not that different, no?
Tsubasa: Huh?
Rackam: Hehe… After that crash, I was finished, washed up.
Rackam: And yet… (Captain) and the crew reformed me. And that's how I was able to fly again.
Rackam: And you, Tsubasa… You're the same, right? If your friends are there to support you, you can aim for your dreams.
Tsubasa: Oh!
Tsubasa: Yes, yes, you've got it! That's exactly it!
Tsubasa: For my part, Teru and Kaoru, and also this person called Mr. Producer are my best friends.
Rackam: Well knock me down… it seems your troubles have been washed away.
Tsubasa: Yes! Thank you so much Rackam.
Tsubasa: From now on I will strive to have the best outlook on life, together with Mr. Producer and the others.
Although he still bore the scars of the past, Tsubasa bravely faced the future and stepped forward.
And with his friends' support, he advanced, step-by-step, along the path toward positivity.