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All-Seeing Huntress

Silva realizes what caused the rift to form between her and Tweyen and vows to stop her. The Two-Crown Bow orders Tweyen to attack (Captain) and become a true monster.

Silva: ...
Silva stands alone in a storehouse, trying to pick out parts. Her face is flush with determination.
Minister of Ravi: Assassins came after me as expected, but I made it safely here thanks to you. You have my gratitude, Silva.
Silva: It's been an honor, sir.
Minister of Ravi: You've truly done your country proud. You can expect a hero's welcome upon your return to Ravi.
Silva: Thank you, sir!
Minister of Ravi: You must be exhausted. Please sit down—
Knight: There's a horde of monsters approaching! Reports suggest they were sent by assassins!
Silva: Then not even this fortress is safe! Sir! Leave the monsters to us and escape!
Minister of Ravi: But if I don't finish my stay, then coming here was meaningless!
Knight: An evacuation order has already been issued! The people are fleeing the island, so you need to as well!
Silva: Your safety is our number one priority! I'll buy you as much time as I can, so hurry to your airship!
Silva forces the minister to leave and dashes to the outskirts of town.
Silva: (I can't see the beasts through my scope, but I can already smell them. Just how many are there?)
Silva is hit by a pungent stench as the footsteps of countless monsters rock the earth.
Silva: (I refuse to betray the trust of the people who sent me here by letting anything happen to the minister.)
Silva: (And even if I fail him, the least I can do is die trying. At least then I'll have my pride.)
Silva: (I'm so sorry, Camieux, Cucouroux... and Tweyen. We might never meet again.)
Silva: ...
Silva: (All right, come and get me! Just see what happens when you get into this gunner's range!)
Silva stares into the scope, not moving a muscle, and awaits her chance.
Something suddenly moves in Silva's peripheral vision, and she sees a ray of light streak over her head and pierce the ground in the distance.
Silva: ...?
More rays of light follow, and the area Silva is aiming at is gradually stained red.
Silva: Those look like Tweyen's magic arrows! But where's she firing from?
Silva turns to look for her friend, but Tweyen is nowhere to be found.
She stands there in stunned silence, watching the arrows shred the monsters.
Silva: I can't believe how strong you are, Tweyen... To think you can hit targets farther away than even this scope can see...
Silva: So you were too timid to show even me just how strong you really are?
Silva mutters as she watches arrows of light continue to streak over her head.
Silva: Ha-ha... What was I thinking?
Silva: I obviously couldn't have done anything against that many monsters. That must be why she came.
Silva can only watch as, well beyond her range, the ground is covered in blood.
Silva: Such devastating power...
Silva finally spots Tweyen, scarcely more than a speck of dust in the distance, and continues muttering to herself.
Silva: So this is what you were talking about...
Silva: The power of a monster...
The arrow fired as Silva mutters this veers off in an unexpected direction.
Silva: No way... Tweyen missed?
The barrage of magical arrows suddenly stops.
Silva: Don't tell me...
Silva: Did she see me? Did she read my lips?
Silva: Wait, Tweyen! That's not what I meant at all!
Silva screams desperately at her friend, but the sound of cannon fire drowns her out.
Silva: Looks like the monsters finally entered firing range...
Silva: And I can't just abandon my post and go to her now! Damn it!
Silva: Tweyen, I...
Silva picks up a special bullet and bites her lower lip.
Bowing her head as if in prayer, she closes her eyes to steel her resolve.
(Captain) and company gather information as they pursue Tweyen.
After visiting numerous islands, they finally find her.
Vyrn: There she is! Hey, Tweyen! Isn't it about time you came home already?
Lyria: I miss eating with you and shopping for clothes.
Tweyen: Maybe you're right, but there's one more thing I need to do.
Tweyen: My last test... I have to defeat the current owner of the Two-Crown Bow.
Lyria: The owner? But that's—
Tweyen: That's right. You're my final target, (Captain). Once I beat you, I'll finally be a real monster.
Tweyen: Your little crew and the Eternals are useless to me now. I'll be the loftiest ruler of them all!

All-Seeing Huntress: Scene 2

When Tweyen refuses to give up, Silva shoots her out of the sky. Silva and Tweyen finally have a chance to make up, and the crew is relieved that the problem of the Two-Crown Bow and Eternals is at last resolved.

Tweyen: Oof!
Tweyen collapses to her knees, and the Two-Crown Bow clatters to the ground.
Tweyen: No... This can't be! I lost to (Captain) again?
Lyria: Please... you have to stop this!
Lyria: This can't be what you wanted!
Lyria: Come back and eat with us! Go shopping with us! You always said how much you like that! So just—
Tweyen: No. That's no good at all!
Tweyen: I won't just settle down with you guys. I can't!
Tweyen: I have to be stronger. Stronger than anyone!
Tweyen: Anything less would be a betrayal to Silva!
Tweyen picks up the fallen Two-Crown Bow and faces (Captain) again.
Her eyes burning with bloodlust, she takes aim at the captain.
Tweyen: Huh? Cough! Cough!
Before Tweyen can loose a magical arrow, a bomb detonates nearby, blinding everyone with a cloud of smoke.
Vyrn: Now! Get out of there, (Captain)!
Lyria: ...!
Tweyen: Ugh... Good luck running from me!
Tweyen leaps out of the cloud of smoke to pursue (Captain) from the air, but something's waiting for her.
Flying Vulcans: ...
Tweyen: What the?
What appear to be a couple of the Erste Empire's flying vulcans unleash a barrage of bullets on her.
Tweyen: Whoa!
Tweyen flinches long enough to lose altitude, but quickly rights herself.
Tweyen: Higher... I gotta go higher!
Tweyen: So high no one can reach me! Not any machine, not (Captain), not Silva, not the Eternals... Not anyone!
Tweyen tries to fly higher than the vulcans can handle, but she never gets the chance.
Something thuds heavily and painfully into her abdomen. Her vision swims as she plummets in confusion.
Tweyen: Oh...
She finally hears the gun that fired at her and realizes that her attacker was extremely far away.
Tweyen: ...!
Tweyen manages to give herself just enough lift to survive her impact with the ground.
Lyria: Are you okay?
Tweyen: Who shot me? The smoke... and that flying machine... Whoever did this knows me well.
Tweyen forces out her questions, wincing at the pain in her abdomen.
(Captain) stares at her sadly and tells her to wait.
Tweyen, who's curled into a ball, opens her eyes when she hears footsteps approaching.
Silva: ...
Tweyen: Silva...
Silva: Hey, Tweyen. Been a while. We never had a chance to talk after... you know.
Silva: I really wanted to apologize. I know how badly I hurt you...
Tweyen: ...
Silva is a crew member

Silva: When I saw you on the airship, I thought I finally had my chance, but... well...
Silva: Oh, I might as well just say it. I was scared... It felt a little like my world would end if you rejected me.
Silva: I used you as an excuse to avoid facing my own weakness in the same way I almost did just now.
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Silva not in crew

Silva: Sierokarte kept me updated on everything you accomplished and just how famous you became after that.
Silva: I was always glad to hear it, but a part of me was jealous too.
Silva: So I convinced myself that I had no right to see you, and I kept running away.

Continue 1

Silva: I'm so sorry.
Tweyen: ...
Silva: But I do care about you, so I can't run anymore... Not while you're suffering.
Silva: If you insist on sacrificing your humanity to become some sort of monster...
Silva: Then I'll give up my life as a gunner and do whatever it takes to stop you.
Silva: I'm done letting people call you a monster. And that includes the two of us.
Tweyen: Silva...
Silva extends her hand to Tweyen, who's still on her knees.
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen hesitates only briefly before taking her hand and standing up.
Tweyen: Thank you, Silva.
Tweyen: Sorry about butting in during your mission. I just couldn't bear the thought of losing you.
Silva: I resented it at the time, but the mission was a success thanks to you. And you saved me too.
Silva: When I wrote to my sisters to tell them what happened, I truly regretted not feeling grateful to you before I went and hurt you.
Tweyen: Don't worry about it.
Though awkward at first, Tweyen and Silva finally start smiling at each other.
(Captain) and the others watch from nearby.
Vyrn: Looks like everything's gonna be just fine.
Lyria: Yeah. Thank goodness.
Two-Crown Bow: (It seems my plan failed.)
Two-Crown Bow: (I've yet to meet the true master of the bow. How many millennia must I wait before I can finally fulfill my purpose?)
Two-Crown Bow: (If someone defeats Tweyen, perhaps I'll make them the ruler... I suppose I can lend my strength to her until then.)
Vyrn: Hey! Don't you have anything to say for yourself, bow?
Two-Crown Bow: As dictated by my destiny, I was merely seeking the one true master of the bow.
Vyrn: Just shut up, you glorified walking stick! I know what you did to Tweyen's head! You know how much trouble you caused?
Lyria: Yeah! Tweyen was having all kinds of fun with us before you showed up!
Two-Crown Bow: Talent like hers appears only rarely.
Vyrn: Whatever. Just don't go giving her any more funny ideas!
Two-Crown Bow: Fear not. Tweyen is hardly a suitable ruler.
Vyrn: Right... Pull something like this again, and we'll melt you into a puddle. Got it?
Two-Crown Bow: I'd prefer to avoid that.
Lyria: Well, at least everything turned out all right in the end.
Vyrn: Yeah, I guess.
Tweyen: Hee-hee...
Silva: Ha-ha...
Lyria: At least Tweyen and Silva finally made up!
Vyrn: Sure. Too bad it took so long.
Seofon: Huh? Have you returned to your old self, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Seofon!
Seofon: Ha-ha... You know, the other Eternals couldn't help but worry about you.
Seofon: I thought up a bit of a plan and came looking for you, but I guess everything worked itself out.
Vyrn: Yep, as you can see.
Seofon: Well, no complaints here. See you later, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Wait! I owe you and the rest of the Eternals an apology!
Seofon: Maybe... But you can worry about that later. I went ahead and called for a meeting of the Eternals.
Silva: You're not going to put Tweyen on trial, are you?
Tweyen: ...
Seofon: Oh, nothing like that! The Eternals aren't so petty that they'd hold a grudge over a couple of friendly sparring matches.
Seofon: Don't you remember how we used to get together now and then to talk about things over dinner? I figured we could try that again.
Seofon: I know you had your reasons, but every Eternal has past struggles, and I don't think anyone will hold it against you.
Seofon: Still, I won't stop you if you want to apologize for some closure. Maybe treat everyone to tea?
Seofon: Hee-hee... See you later!
Vyrn: Guess no one's mad anymore, so that's that! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yep! And I can't wait to have fun with you again, Tweyen. You can come too, Silva!
Silva: Sure.
Tweyen: Sorry about worrying all of you. Thank you so much.
Tweyen and Silva hold hands, proof that a problem that has haunted them for years has finally been solved.
They might still have a bit of awkwardness to overcome.
But (Captain) and the others can tell that the relationship between the two will soon be stronger than ever.