Scenario:Tweyen - The Evil Winged Beast

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The Evil Winged Beast

After awakening the Two-Crown Bow, (Captain) hears a low hum coming from it. A light arrow suddenly flies past, and the confidently smiling Tweyen appears. To test the strength of those who awakened the bow, she challenges (Captain) to a duel.

After a truly epic grind, (Captain) finally succeeds in awakening the Two-Crown Bow.
(Captain) and company are returning to the Grandcypher, restored weapon in hand.
Lyria: We finally did it! Congratulations, (Captain)!
Lyria: But I'm a bit worried that something might happen now that it's been awakened...
Vyrn: You mean that Eternal archer? She sure seemed to like (Captain)...
Lyria: Yeah... She seemed like she really wanted to fight (Captain)...
Vyrn: I'm sure it'll be fine. (Captain) can handle anything!
In response to a sudden unfamiliar sound, the crew looks in confusion at the Two-Crown Bow, which seems to be humming.
Just as (Captain) realizes that the bow is trying to warn them, an arrow of light whistles past the crew.
Vyrn: Eep! Again? Where's she shooting at us from this time?
Tweyen: Hee-hee... It took you guys long enough.
Lyria: Tweyen! Why are you here?
Tweyen: Nice to see you again too. And to answer your question... I saw you guys show up.
Tweyen: I figured you finally awakened the Two-Crown Bow and just had to pay you a visit.
Tweyen: Ha-ha... (Captain), your aura's completely different from before.
Tweyen: Do you feel like you've become a monster? Or are you still a person?
Lyria: What an awful thing to ask! (Captain) is the same as ever!
Tweyen: Really? Even though (Captain) is now the only one who has bow skills that rival mine?
Vyrn: Spare us another lecture on monsters! What do you want anyway?
Tweyen: I already told you. I'm here to test the one who awakened the weapon.
Tweyen: I want to know what people think you are now... and what you think I am.
Tweyen: I've waited so long to find someone like you, (Captain). And what a tiresome wait it was.
Tweyen: Hee-hee... See? The Two-Crown Bow is crying out for it too! It wants to use its true power!
Lyria: Stop! If you two fight, someone could get hurt...
Tweyen: It'll be fine! We're just going to test each other's strength... like a couple of beasts butting heads.
Vyrn: Hey! Come on, (Captain)! You're not seriously thinking of fighting her, are you? Let's just get out of here...
Tweyen: There's no point in running.
Tweyen: I'm an expert hunter. Nothing's easier for me than to track my prey, aim, and shoot. There's nowhere for you to hide.
Tweyen: So let's do it, (Captain)! Show me how monstrous you've become!

The Evil Winged Beast: Scene 2

After losing to (Captain), Tweyen reveals that she fought due to loneliness. Her power has isolated her, so she wanted to have fun with friends like an ordinary girl. Lyria sympathizes with her and invites her to join the crew.

Tweyen: Amazing... Looks like the hunter got hunted... Hee-hee...
Vyrn: Hey, are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Lyria: Why did you fight with (Captain)? Please tell me...
Tweyen: ...
Lyria: You don't seem to feel any enmity toward anyone...
Tweyen: I was just lonely...
Lyria: Huh?
Tweyen: The people in the town I used to live in... The more they learned of my power, the more they distanced themselves from me.
Tweyen: I got tired of that and went back to my hometown, but the people there treated me like a stranger even though I was the same person.
Lyria: That must have been awful for you.
Vyrn: Hmm... But what does that have to do with you fighting with us?
Tweyen: Well... I thought I'd finally found some companions after joining the Eternals.
Lyria: Hmm...
Tweyen: But the life of an Eternal is so dreary! They don't even get dinner together!
Vyrn: Huh? Why's that?
Lyria: I think I know how you feel!
Lyria: I love dining with my friends in the crew... It really would be lonely not to.
Tweyen: Right?
Tweyen: Even if I find a nice restaurant and invite them, they just do as they please! They never come!
Tweyen: It's rare to find a group as strong as the Eternals, but they don't make time to pal around.
Tweyen: I mean, I get that the Eternals weren't established just to hang out... but it seems like such a waste.
Tweyen: There are other girls in the Eternals as well, but they don't travel together, go out to lunch, or anything like that.
Tweyen: I've always sort of wanted to have fun like an ordinary girl...
Lyria: Yeah, I know all about that.
Tweyen: Maybe it's my fault, but I expected a little more from the life of an Eternal.
Tweyen: So I want to find strong companions outside the Eternals who don't treat me like some kind of monster...
Lyria: It sounds like you've had a really lonely life...
Tweyen: Lyria... You understand?
Lyria: Yes...
Lyria: Um... Why don't you become our friend?
  1. That's a great idea.
  2. How can you just blurt that out?

Choose: That's a great idea.

Lyria: Hee-hee! You think so too, (Captain)?
Lyria: I want to do lots of eating and traveling with you too, Tweyen!
Tweyen: But are you sure it's okay? I...
Vyrn: You know, I'm not sure what the people in that town of yours thought of you...
Vyrn: But there are plenty of weirdos in our crew already! We're used to it!
Tweyen: Ha-ha... That's good to hear. I feel like I've been waiting a long time for someone to say that.
Lyria: Hee-hee! All right, then we're friends from now on!
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Choose: How can you just blurt that out?

Lyria: Well, I can't just leave her behind! Tweyen, I can't shake the feeling that our circumstances are similar...
Tweyen: Your powers make you feel lonely too?
Lyria: Yes... I felt that way right up until I escaped the Erste Empire's facility.
Tweyen: I see... Good thing you met (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: That's right! And that's why I can't just leave you!
Lyria: Hee-hee... That's why we'll be friends from now on!

Continue 1

Lyria: I'll show you around our airship!
Vyrn: Hold it, Lyria... It seems like you're trying to drag her along with us on our journey.
Lyria: What's wrong with that? She just said she wants to travel with friends... Though we aren't exactly on a vacation.
Vyrn: Yeah, but she probably can't stay with us around the clock...
Lyria: We can't know that if we don't ask her!
Lyria: Um... Heh-heh... So what do you think, Tweyen?
Tweyen: I definitely want to go with you!
Tweyen: If you need an archer, I'm the girl to... um... shoot for?
Tweyen: That doesn't quite work... How does Sierokarte come up with her jokes so easily?
Lyria: Ha-ha... No need to overdo it.
Thus Tweyen, an Eternal and the best archer in all the skies, joins the crew on its journey.
The lonesome girl's magical arrows never miss and will see (Captain) and company through more than one ordeal.