Scenario:Tyre - Beware of Heat Exhaustion

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Beware of Heat Exhaustion

While on vacation in Auguste, Tyre and friends decide to visit the food stalls, where they unexpectedly bump into Vira. Seeing Tyre so flustered, his friends brainstorm ways to show Tyre's good side to Vira. They suggest that Tyre join a table tennis tournament to exercise his athletic skills.

(Captain) and the crew land in Auguste, eager for rest and relaxation during the hot summer weather.
Crew members go their separate ways to live out different vacation dreams, but one particular pair sticks together.
Tyre: Yaia, it's nearly time for lunch! Are you hungry yet?
Tyre not in crew

With a smile bright enough to rival the afternoon sun, Tyre beams without a care in the world.
The sight would come as a surprise to anyone who knew him during his days as a serious Albion Military Academy student.
He left the academy in search of Vira, the knight he holds in great adoration, and found himself before (Captain)'s crew.
Seeing Vira changed since he last met her, he joined the crew in hopes of learning the reason behind such transformation.
Yaia: I am, but... what should we eat?
Tyre: How about paying Lowain and the others a visit and requesting something?
Yaia: But... they seemed really busy earlier.
Tyre considers Yaia's words before realizing that Lowain and his companions have continued to cook for the crew despite being on vacation themselves.
Tyre: Ah, you're right! How could I have forgotten?
Tyre: They are always preparing such delicious food for us, and yet I was about to impose on their kindness...
Tyre: To request more would be the epitome of thoughtlessness!
Tyre: You know what? We should prepare lunch today instead and allow them a moment's rest!
Yaia: Yeah! I can make fried rice, and they can relax!
Tyre: What a wonderful idea! I can help with the preparations. I believe we should first check what ingredients we'll need...
Syr: I'm starving... Oh! Tyre and Yaia! You guys looking for food too?
Tyre: If it isn't Syr and Alec! Back from your cave exploration already? Well, we are hungry, but...
Tyre explains the situation to their fellow crew members and shares Yaia's idea.
Alec: The guys do deserve a break, but... we made the effort to come all the way to Auguste, so why don't we grab a bite at the food stalls instead?
Yaia: Food stalls? I want to go!
Tyre: That's not a bad idea. I've heard nothing but good things about the cuisine, and touring around the stalls can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself.
Tyre: It's settled then. Yaia, we shall save your fried rice for another day!
Io: What's that? You guys are heading for the food stalls?
Yaia: Yeah! If we eat there, Lowain and friends can take a break!
Io: Oh, that's true... Maybe we should do that too. How about it, Lily?
Lily: Eating with everyone sounds super fun!
Tyre: A meal is always better with friends!
Yaia: Yay! Let's go!
Mouth-watering scents flow from the various stalls crowding the area.
Tyre: Where food stalls gather, people will too... Everyone, please take care not to wander off!
Alec: What do you think we are, two? We'll be fine. Focus on more important things—like what we're gonna eat.
Tyre: Oh... Yaia! There's a stall serving a variety of fried rice!
Yaia: All of it looks so tasty... Mmm, I want the shrimp and fish fried rice!
Io: I think I'll get the pancakes from over there. They're completely covered in cream and fruit.
Alec: Is that actually gonna fill you up?
Io: Wh-who cares about that? You can't tell me it doesn't look super good.
Syr: Guess I'll grab some skewers then! You can have some if you start craving something salty, Io.
Io: Thanks, Syr! Let me know if you want a bite of pancake. And if you ask nicely, Alec, I might give you some too.
Alec: Hmph, as if I'd want any! I should figure out what to order myself anyway. Lily, you know what you want yet?
Lily: I want snow cones! Red syrup, and blue syrup, and maybe milk, and yellow syrup...
Tyre: I do apologize, Lily, but I would advise against consuming too much shaved ice at once. It could upset your stomach.
Lily: Oh! You're right. They all look so yummy though.
Tyre: How about choosing one type today and partaking in a different one tomorrow?
Lily: Good idea! I'll invite Lyria tomorrow too!
Yaia: Tyre, what are you going to eat?
Tyre: Ah! Well, all the options are so appealing. My eyes can't stop wandering!
Tyre: A sashimi bowl, perhaps... Nay, a fried fish sandwich!
Alec: Hmmm... Fish from the ocean tastes different from river fish, right? Wonder if I should get a fish dish too.
After a little more deliberation, each crew member finally decides on an order. Once their food is in hand, the group moves to the seating area to enjoy their lunch.
Yaia: Mmm, that was really yummy!
Tyre: It certainly was! Oh, allow me to take your dishes. I'll return them swiftly.
Tyre collects the group's dishes and prepares to leave, but Yaia stops him with a tug on his sleeve.
Yaia: Tyre, there's a stall I want to go to.
Yaia: How about I return the dishes with you and we can go there after?
Tyre: It would be my pleasure to accompany you! Where would you like to go?
Yaia: There's a place that sells lots of pretty pictures of the sea over there.
Yaia: I want to buy one for Dad!
Tyre: Ah, a stall selling postcards! Let us be off then!
Syr: Hey, mind if I tag along? Gramps and the rest of the fam would probably appreciate one.
Io: Count me in too. I was thinking of writing Master soon anyway. You want to come with us, Lily?
Lily: Yeah! It'd be nice to send Erin a postcard!
Alec: Whole gang's going then. Gotta admit, I'm kinda curious to have a look.
With everyone helping, the dishes are returned in no time, and the group moves over to the postcard stall.
Yaia: Which one should I get...
Syr: Hmm... That one showing the cave and the ocean sure is nice, but I can't reach it...
Tyre: Syr, are you speaking of this particular postcard? Hnng... Got it!
Syr: Thanks! I figured it'd be perfect since I wanna write about me and Alec exploring that cave.
Tyre: It is indeed suitable! The tale of your adventure will certainly excite as well as delight.
Alec: Maybe I should send one to everyone at school... And...
Io: A separate one for your lady friend, right? I wonder what kind of postcard she'd like.
Tyre: Lady friend? Ah, you're referring to the young miss that Alec saved before! Sending her something is certainly a charming idea!
Alec: N-nobody said anything about sending stuff to her! Besides, it's not like we keep in regular contact in the first place.
Tyre: No news is usually good news, but an occasional check-in with one another is good for peace of mind, isn't it?
Tyre: I'm sure she'd be happy to know you're doing well, even if you do nothing more than sign your name on a postcard and send it her way.
Syr: Besides, she's probably never seen the ocean before, right? I think she'd appreciate the nice picture.
Alec: Well... If you guys insist... I guess it won't hurt to send her this ocean one.
Alec points at an image showing seashells in the sand at the edge of the water.
Glad to see Alec committing to the idea, Tyre turns to look for the stall owner.
Korwa: Hello, everyone! Off on a little shopping adventure? Find anything good?
Vira: This is quite the large gathering. Whatever are you all so interested in?
Tyre: V-V-Vira?
Vira: Is something the matter? You're not one to stutter, and your face looks very flushed... You're not suffering from heat exhaustion, are you?
Tyre: N-n-no! I am fit as a fiddle!
Vira: If you say so. Do take care to hydrate in this hot weather.
Tyre: Y-y-yes, ma'am! I shall take your words to heart!
Yaia: Um... Is Tyre okay?
Lily: He's acting kind of strange... Maybe he's actually not feeling good.
Io: Don't worry about him. He's probably fine. Physically, at least.
Korwa: Well, Io, aren't you a sharp one! You see the way he's going googly-eyed too, don't you?
Alec: Wha? The heck are you going on about?
Io and Korwa exchange knowing looks as Tyre flounders before Vira.
Under Vira's insistence, the group purchases drinks and returns to the beach house.
Syr: Hey, we're back! We've got drinks for you guys, Lowain!
Lily: Ehehe... You've got to drink lots when you're working in a hot kitchen!
Lowain: Rehydration nation! This ain't sweat pouring down my cheeks—I'm crying real tears of thanks!
Yaia: Tyre has your drinks! Um... Tyre?
Tyre: R-right! H-here you go.
Yaia: Are you really okay? Your face is super red, you know?
Vira: Hm... From the way you've been acting, this must be heat exhaustion.
Concerned, Vira leans in close to inspect Tyre, but he leaps away in a panic.
Tyre: Eep! Ah! Umm... I-I'm really all right!
Alec: You know we can't hear you when you squeak like a mouse, right? You sure you're okay?
Tyre: A-absolutely! P-peachy!
Katalina: This is quite the lively party. What are you all up to?
Vira: Katalina! We've just returned from an excursion. But what are you doing here?
Katalina: I figured Lowain and the others were about to start cooking soon, so I was hoping to help in the kitchen.
Vira: You wish... to help in the kitchen?
Katalina: Haha, you can leave it to me and enjoy the beach. Take advantage of our vacation.
Lowain: ...!
Lowain freezes in terror as the memory of Katalina's catastrophic cooking flashes before his eyes. Vira spares him a glance, then speaks.
Vira: I believe we should leave the cooking to those three, as it serves as both their job and their hobby. It would be rude to disrupt them.
Katalina: You think so? But...
Lowain: Nah, she's right, Katalina. We're gonna be working on a super secret menu, and you know how we do—no spoilers in this crew.
Vira: There you have it. Now why don't we go on a walk together? There's something I'd like to discuss with you...
Vira grabs Katalina by the hand and leads her out of the beach house without giving her the chance to decline.
Tyre: Sigh...
Yaia: Um... Does Tyre not like Vira?
Lily: No way... Tyre is nice to everyone! I know he can get along better with Vira!
Korwa: Lily's right! He struggles a little when she's in front of him, but...
Korwa: Maybe a bit more confidence could do the trick. Get him to act more like himself around her.
Io: Hm... Wonder if there's something that could help show off his good points and give him that confidence...
Alec: Psh, as if something that convenient would just exist—
Yaia: Hey, what's that?
Yaia suddenly points at a poster hanging on a bulletin board nearby.
Korwa: Let's see here... "Sign up for the Auguste Summer Table Tennis Tournament"?
Io: That could work! He could show off in a setting like that.
Yaia: Yeah! Tyre's good at sports!
Korwa: Yes, I can see it... Working up a sweat under the blistering sun—that's passion and hard work personified!
Syr: And who doesn't like a hard worker?
Tyre, come look at this!
Syr drags Tyre to the poster.
Tyre: Syr? Whatever is the matter?
Yaia: Tyre, look! You should join this!
Tyre: A table tennis tournament? But why...
Tyre: No, never mind! If that is what you wish for, then I shall do it!
Tyre: Though it appears I will need a partner, as this is a tournament for doubles...
Korwa: In that case...
Korwa: Psst, Lowain!
Lowain: Who, me? What...
Peeking out from the kitchen, Lowain meets Korwa's gaze. After a moment, his look of confusion transforms into understanding.
Lowain: Oh, so that's what's up! I totally get the sitch. Don't worry, Korwie, I'll do it!
Korwa: Thanks! We need to make this a summer he'll remember!
Lowain: Awrighty, you and me, Tyre! We're gonna rock that tourney and show 'em what real heroes look like—summer style!
Lowain: A buncha running around in the heat is good training too, right? I know that's your thang, so it'll be like knocking out two training dummies with one swing!
Yaia: Wow, Big Hero Tyre! I can't wait to see it!
Tyre: L-Lowain... Everyone... For you all to think so highly of me...
Tyre: I won't let you down! I swear I shall win this tournament!
Though uncertain of the reason why his friends are suddenly pushing him into a competition, Tyre is nonetheless moved by their support.
His next goal is clear: win the summer table tennis tournament with Lowain as his partner.