Scenario:Tyre - Respect or Love

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Respect or Love

Some time passes after Tyre joins the crew, but every time he runs into Vira he gets cold feet and clams up. Farrah and Lowain observe the encounter from afar and realize this might be their chance to finally pry Vira away from Katalina.

Some time has passed since Tyre joined the crew.
Today, just like any other day, Tyre is hard at work fulfilling his duties.
Tyre: Deck swabbing complete! Now let's see, what's next...
Tyre: Eep!
Vira: Huh? What's your problem?
Tyre: M-m-my apologies! Pardon me!
Any version of Vira is a crew member

Tyre has encountered Vira on the ship once again. But just as in every other prior encounter, he is unable to even look her in the eye.
No version of Vira in crew

Tyre panics for a moment, but composes himself in time to give a downcast stare and a shy apology.
In the distance, two mysterious figures observe the affair.
Any version of Farrah is a crew member

Farrah: Poor little thing. He's never going to look up to Vira again after he finds out what she's really like.
No version of Farrah in crew

Farrah: Sigh. I come to visit Katalina, and this happens...
Farrah: Hmm. Tyre sure does look up to Vira.
Lowain: What? Farrah. Dudette. You gotta be kidding me. I wouldn't call that lookin' up to her.
Farrah: Huh? What would you call it, then?
Lowain: Duuude! That's love, man! Our little boy's crushin' on her hard!
Farrah: Wha! In love? With who? Vira?
Lowain: Plain as day, compadre. Trust me, I've been there.
Lowain: But hold up! If Tyre and Vira are a thing... Guess what happens?
Farrah: Oh! Then Vira will spend less time hogging Katalina!
Any version of Lowain is a crew member

Farrah: I like where this is going! Okay, now where should we start...
No version of Lowain in crew

Lowain: Just imagine. You drop by for some mucho needed Katalina time, and there's no Vira in sight. The future is bright my friend.
Farrah: I like where this is going! Okay, now where should we start...
Lowain: Aw right! It's shipping time! Operation: Tye the Knot is go!
Lowain and Farrah continue to whisper in glee in a corner of the ship.
Tyre: Look out!
Lowain: Oof!
Tyre suddenly tackles Lowain, sending him flying.
Lowain: Hey, man! What's the big idea?
Tyre: I'm sorry! But this is an emergency!
Monster: Grrrrr!
Farrah: M-monsters!
Tyre: It looks like the ship's crossed paths with a swarm of monsters! We have to fight them off!
(Captain) runs to the deck to aid in the fight.

Respect or Love: Scene 2

In the midst of battle, Tyre is reprimanded by Vira. Lowain consoles a disheartened Tyre, and before long the two find themselves lost in their own world of fantasy.

(Captain) and company struggle against the horde of monsters.
Monsters: Groooooar!
Tyre: Ngh! They just keep coming!
Vira: Look out behind you!
Tyre: Ah!
Heeding Vira's warning, Tyre turns around to defend himself from a monster's strike.
Tyre: Thank you! I am in your debt!
Vira: It's nothing. Don't let your guard down next time.
Tyre: Yes, ma'am! My apologies!
Tyre regains his composure, and the tide of the battle starts to turn in the crew's favor. They soon succeed in exterminating the monsters.
Farrah: We did it! I thought we were never going to get rid of those pesky—hm?
Tyre: Sigh...
Farrah: Wh-what's wrong, Tyre? You seem really down all of a sudden.
Lowain: I know that feel, bro.
Tyre: Lowain?
Lowain: When I mess up in front of Kat, I get majorly down. Like I'm talking epic level buzzkills here.
Tyre: Thank you, Lowain. It's good to know someone understands.
Farrah: Tyre... You understood that?
Tyre: Sigh, I can't seem to be anything but a failure in front of the person I adore...
Tyre: I won't be so presumptuous as to try to get close to her, but at the very least—
Lowain: Aww yeah, man. You wanna show that special someone your good side, don't 'cha?
Lowain: Like...
Katalina: Nghh... They've got us cornered!
Vira: Katalina! A new wave is on its way!
Katalina: What! Already? (Captain) is badly hurt. At this rate...
Lowain: Heh, looks like it's my time to shine.
Lowain: Kat! I'll hold the enemy back!
Katalina: L-Lowain? That's insane! You can't possibly stop an army like that all by yourself!
Tyre: Then allow me to help! I'll be right beside you, Lowain!
Vira: Don't do this... Don't you realize it's suicide?
Lowain: Hah! Oooh, what's that, Vira? I never knew how much you cared!
Tyre: Vira... Just hearing you say that has made this life worth living! Trust that I'll protect you with all the life I have left!
Vira: ...!
Fools... The both of you...
Katalina: Lowain, Tyre.... I'm sorry... Vira and I will never forget your sacrifice.
Lowain: Save your thanks for after the party, Kat!
Tyre: Indeed! We're not going down that easy!
Katalina: Understood. We will meet again!
Vira: Katalina!
Katalina: Let's go, Vira. We can't let their efforts be in vain!
Katalina retreats from battle with Vira and the injured (Captain).
Tyre: I wish you only the very best, Vira!
Monster: Grrrrrr!
Lowain: Geez... These guys just don't know when to give up, do they? C'mon, Ty! Let's show 'em who's boss!
Tyre: Agreed! For our comrades... and for Vira!

Respect or Love: Scene 3

Vira runs into Farrah and the boys, and Farrah asks her what she thinks of Tyre. Vira simply seems indifferent to him and questions the path he's chosen.

Tyre: Absolutely superb!
Lowain: Bwahaha! Those were some pretty sweet lines, Ty-Meister!
Tyre: While I entered the academy on my parent's wishes, I'd be lying if I said I didn't go in with a few heroic aspirations of my own.
Lowain: No kidding! Then how about this!
The two begin another one of their fantasies. Farrah sighs as she looks on at them.
Farrah: Urgh. Boys are so dumb. Hm?
Vira: Hmm... What are you three doing cooped up here?
Farrah: Oh, uh... Nothing. Nothing at all.
Farrah: By the way, Vira... What do you think of Tyre?
Vira: What do I think? He may be my junior at the academy, but I can't really form an opinion of someone I've barely met.
Vira: I guess if I do have to say something, it's that I wonder what sort of person would abandon his studies to come here.
With that, Vira turns around and leaves.
Farrah: Hmm... Regardless of how he feels about her, he's going to have a hard time getting on her good side.
Tyre: And with my trusty sword in hand, I crash down from the roof with breathtaking bravado!
Lowain: Whoa! That's totally wicked! Dude, if that were me—
Farrah: Sigh...
Will Tyre's feelings ever reach the heights of the former Lord Commander of Albion?
Though it seems doubtful that distant day will ever come, who can say what the future might hold?