Scenario:Ulamnuran - A Smile on Every Face

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A Smile on Every Face

Ulamnuran says that he wants to do a performance at a village deep in the mountains. Led by Ulamnuran, the party heads to the village where no performer has ever gone before. However, they are attacked by monsters along the way.

Vyrn: Hmm... Where is that village? It’s just mountain after mountain here... Hey, Ulam.
Ulamnuran: Hmm... According to the map I got, it should be further in.
Lyria: Umm... Is that a map of when you did the street performing in town?
Ulamnuran: Yes. He was a peddler.
Ulamnuran: He was complaining about how street performers never come to his village.
Ulamnuran: Then I have to help. I gotta show them my performance!
Vyrn: Geez... You’re certainly a crowd pleaser...
Ulamnuran: Um... This is that way, so... Ow!
Lyria: Ack! Are you okay? I saw you hit your head on the tree.
Ulamnuran: D-Don’t worry! I’m okay!
Vyrn: H-Hey! You okay?! I heard a big noise and you’re getting all teary-eyed, Ulam.
Ulamnuran: Never mind me. Just watch the surroundings! I hear there are monsters in this mountain.
Vyrn: Oh, boy... Let’s just keep moving. Ulam, watch your step!
Ulamnuran: Yeah, I... Ahhh!
Vyrn: I told you so! You’re stuck on the tree root... Hey, look! Monsters!

A Smile on Every Face: Scene 2

The party continues through the mountain, but they still do not reach the village. Worrying that Lyria is fatigued, (Captain) and party decide to rest. Suddenly, monsters appeared and a battle ensues.

Lyria: Pant... Pant...
Ulamnuran: Lyria, are you tired? I understand... We’ve been walking the whole time.
Lyria: I... I'm fine, honest. I can keep going...!
Vyrn: Don’t force yourself. (Captain) is worried about you.
Lyria: Thank you, (Captain). Then I’d like to rest a little.
Ulamnuran: Hmm... According to the map, we should be close to the village...
Vyrn: Hey! Did you hear that sound?
Ulamnuran: Of course! I hope it’s the villagers...
Monster: Grrrr...
Ulamnuran: Oh, no you don’t! (Captain)! We can defeat these guys in no time!
Vyrn: Let’s go!

A Smile on Every Face: Scene 3

The party discovers that Ulamnuran was looking at the map upside down. By the time they arrive at the village, it is already nighttime. On the next day, Ulamnuran shows his performance to the villagers and is showered with praise. (Captain) and party look on.

Ulamnuran: Geez... You keep interfering with us... I can’t even look at the map in peace!
Vyrn: That’s weird! At this rate, we won’t get to the village until night.
Vyrn: Hey. Ulam, lemme see that map.
Ulamnuran: Here you go.
Ulamnuran: This is the town we were at this morning. If the sun is in this direction, the village should be down this path.
Vyrn: Huh?
Lyria: What's wrong? Vyrn.
Vyrn: What!? U-Ulam! You had the map upside down!
Ulamnuran: ... What?
Vyrn: Geez... No wonder we never managed to reach the village!
Ulamnuran: W-Wait! The map! Let me see it again!
Vyrn: I told you... This is the town and this is the village... And...
Ulamnuran: You’re right...
Ulamnuran: I-I’m sorry everyone!
(Captain) and party takes the map from the apologizing Ulamnuran and head out to the village.
By the time they arrive at the village, the sun has already gone down. Ulamnuran will be giving his performance to the villagers the next day.
Ulamnuran: Step right up! Here is the greatest show in the world by Ulam! Miss the show and you’ll regret it for all of eternity!
Boy: Wow! What’s going on?!
Girl: Wow! Can I see that again?!
Villager: That is wonderful! Wow, I have no idea how he did that magic trick.
Vyrn: Nice. Ulam is so popular!
Lyria: Yeah! The adults and kids are all having so much fun. Ulam is pretty good.
Vyrn: Oh, brother. If only he’s not so clumsy...
Even though Vyrn gives a wry smile, he cannot take his eyes off of Ulamnuran.
Ulamnuran shows an even bigger smile when he is able to make others laugh.