Scenario:Uzuki Shimamura - A Superstar in the Sky

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A Superstar in the Sky

Shocked that pop idols didn't exist in the skydoms, she decided to show the world what a star was by taking to the stage and performing a show herself. The party made plans to set up the event, but were attacked by monsters before they could finish.

Uzuki: Whaaat!? T-There aren't any pop idols in this world...!?
Vyrn: Well... we've never heard of them, at least.
Uzuki: B-But then who sings songs here...?
Lyria: Umm... that would be the bards...
Uzuki: Then, how about people that dance to music...?
Vyrn: Oh, you mean dancers! I usually see them at festivals and the like.
Uzuki: B-But...
Lyria: U-Umm... we live in different worlds so some things are bound to be different, right?
Uzuki: Uuh... maybe...
Uzuki: B-But that just means I have to show everyone what a pop idol is, right?
Uzuki: I'll do my best so the world can see what pop idols are all about!
Uzuki: First we need to organize a show! I better start getting things ready...
Uzuki: I need to find a stage like my producer used to, and umm, oh I need a mic...
Monster: Grrrr...
Vyrn: What the...hey! We got company! Let's take care of these monsters first!
Uzuki: O-okay! Is it clean up time first!? I'll do my best!

A Superstar in the Sky: Scene 2

Uzuki organizes a live show to introduce pop idols to the citizens of the skydoms. Oh the day of the event, only one young girl shows up in the audience. Pulling herself together, she prepares to start her performance but they get interrupted by a monster attack.

Uzuki: Whew... did we do it? Looks like the village is safe!
Villager 1: Thank you so much. As always, skyfarers can be counted on!
Villager 2: That's right! I don't know what would have happened to us if the skyfarers hadn't saved us...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! Helping people in need is part of our job!
Vyrn: Well? You said you have an announcement to make, Uzuki.
Uzuki: Yes! I wanted everyone to know about pop idols, so I thought I'd do a show...
And so Uzuki notifies the villagers of the show. The big day arrives... however...
Vyrn: Sigh... should have seen this coming but... no one's here.
Uzuki: W-Well, this is just the first show after all! But I didn't think no one would show up...
Uzuki: Sigh... I thought I'd get to show everyone what a pop concert is like...
Lyria: Ah! Wait, look! That girl's coming this way!
A young girl was approaching from the direction Lyria was pointing.
Uzuki: Ah... thank you! Are you here to see the show? I'll do my best!
Little Girl: Actually... That show... thing? That's not what I'm here for.
Uzuki: What? Uhh, then, why did you...?
Little Girl: Umm... I don't know what a pop idol is, so I thought maybe you could teach me...
Uzuki: ...Oh! Then I'll give you the best show I can, so just watch, learn, and enjoy yourself!
Uzuki: Okaay! Then without further ado...
Monster: Grrrr...
Uzuki: Oh... before we do that, we need to clean up again! Vyrn! Let's do it! (Captain)!

A Superstar in the Sky: Scene 3

And so, the show came to a close. The little girl was more fascinated by Uzuki's fighting prowess than her singing performance. Although it wasn't her original goal, nothing made Uzuki happier than being someone the little girl could look up to. Uzuki was eager to fulfill her new goal of becoming a pop idol that could sing, dance...and fight!

The party defeated the monsters, and Uzuki's show was a success.
Lyria: Hehe... that little girl looked like she had so much fun!
Vyrn: Yeah! But... she seemed more impressed by you when you were fighting than when you were on stage...
Uzuki: That's okay. Because I saw that sparkle in her eyes... she was just like me when I was a little girl.
Uzuki: Just like me... when I first went to a show and became fascinated by pop idols...
Uzuki: My efforts weren't in vain after all!
Uzuki: I've decided to become a pop idol that can sing, dance and fight!
Uzuki: I think that's the best way to put a smile on this world!
With newfound determination, Uzuki continues her journey.
Her ambition would bring life to new dreams that will spread across the skydoms.