Scenario:Vane - All For One, and One For All

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All For One, and One For All

After being promoted to vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons, Vane begins to feel the heavy weight of responsibility. Finally realizing what his friend Lancelot went through, he seeks out special training from Siegfried so that he can help Lancelot in times of need.

(Captain) and company catch up with Vane on the way to the royal capital Feendrache.
On the way there, he starts to tell the crew about his position as vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons.
Vane: You know, it's a different feeling entirely, being in command. Before it was just fight, fight, fight. But now...
Vane: Now I feel like everyone expects me to be strong not just for myself but for others as well.
Vyrn: Whoa! I don't totally follow you, but I see you're struggling as vice-captain. Never knew you could be bothered by those stuff.
Vane: Hey! Even I have the right to worry sometimes!
Vane: Wait... This feels really familiar.
Vyrn: It does? Maybe it's just deja vu?
Vane: I guess so.
Vane: Anyway, I think I sort of get what Lancey goes through. I've really grown as a person!
Vyrn: Say, you've been going on about being vice-captain for a while now, but where are your men?
Vane: What? Oh, I sent my subordinates back to the capital ahead of me.
Vyrn: Huh? Why didn't you all go together?
Vane: That, um... That's classified!
Vyrn: Hey! Now I just gotta know!
Vane: Fine, I'll tell you. But you mustn't share this with another soul, understand?
Vane: You see, I decided to ask Siegfried to give me some special training before I go back to the capital.
Vane starts to tell the tale of his session with Siegfried.
Vane: Hyaaa!
Siegfried: Humph...
Vane throws all of his weight behind his strike, but Siegfried deflects it easily.
Vane: Whoa!
Siegfried: Had enough?
Vane is having Siegfried train him in a village near the royal capital.
Vane: Huff... Huff... Siegfried, you're so fast... How?
Siegfried: Heh-heh... I'm really not. It's just that your attacks are a little too predictable.
Vane: What? They are? I had no idea.
Vane: I mean, I use plenty of feints.
Siegfried: Tch. Perhaps, but they're pointless if none of the follow-up attacks hit.
Vane: What?
Siegfried: Do I have to spell it out? That weapon of yours isn't just something to be waved about wildly. It's far more useful than that.
Vane: I know that! I mean, I remember Lancey saying something like that once.
Siegfried: Sigh... What I'm trying to say is that you have yet to truly master your weapon.
Vane's shoulders droop in dejection.
Vane: Oh... I feel so useless.
Vane: Maybe I should use a big ol' sword like yours.
In response to Vane's whining, Siegfried thrusts his great sword into the ground in front of him.
Siegfried: Hand me your weapon.
Vane: What?
Siegfried forcibly trades his weapon with the perplexed Vane.
Vane: Whoa! This sword's heavier than it looks!
Siegfried: Enough small talk already. En garde!
Vane: Okay! Let's do this!
Siegfried unleashes a flurry of attacks, toying with the obviously outmatched Vane.
Vane is harried by Siegfried's onslaught until he finally loses his weapon.
Siegfried: You see, Vane? This is how your weapon should be used.
Vane thus does even worse with Siegfried's sword than he did with his own weapon.
Vane lowers his head, and his shoulders start to shake.
Siegfried: Vane, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you—
Vane: That was amazing! Truly amazing! You really live up to your reputation, Siegfried!
Vane: Whoa! I had no idea my weapon was capable of moves like that! You've opened my eyes to a whole world of new possibilities!
Siegfried: (Sheesh... To think I was actually worried about you.)
Vane: Huh? Did you say something?
Siegfried: Heh-heh. No, not a word.
Siegfried, secretly relieved, continues with the lesson.
Siegfried: Vane, choosing a weapon is serious business. You have to carefully consider the nature of the wielder.
Siegfried: Take Lancelot for example. His style favors the agility of the dual blades. He uses them to harry his opponents with a series of rapid attacks.
Siegfried: My Dragonslayer Great Sword has similarly been designed to be heavier than normal. That's to make it work for me.
Vane: Yeah, Lancey's swords definitely suit his personality.
Vane: And here on your sword, there's this... Is it a foothold? It's certainly a unique weapon!
Siegfried: Do you get it now? This weapon was designed for me, so you must've found it difficult to use.
Vane: Yes! I much prefer my own halberd!
Vane takes his halberd back from Siegfried with reverence.
Siegfried: Heh-heh... Never forget that your weapon is an extension of yourself.
Siegfried: The more time you spend together, the more of its power you'll be able to unleash.
Vane: I get it now!
Siegfried: As well you should, Vane.
Vane: Huh?
Siegfried: Never mind. Well then, shall we have a short break?
Vane: Not yet! Just one more bout! Please, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Oh, so now you feel like training? Very well. Come at me whenever you're ready!
And so Vane's training session with Siegfried resumes with new enthusiasm.
Lyria: Wow, it's almost like one of those old tales about master and apprentice!
Vane: Right? I never even dreamed that I'd one day be training with the legendary Siegfried.
Vane: Ha-ha! I might as well be the luckiest vice-captain in all the skies!
Vyrn: Okay, so I get that you were busy with your secret training and all...
Vyrn: But what does that have to do with sending your men ahead of you?
Vane: Well, if they knew what I was up to, word might get to Lancey.
Vyrn: You don't want Lancelot to know?
Vane: No. I mean, it wouldn't be the end of the world, but I just don't want him to know.
Vane: Can you imagine how cool it would be if Lancey got into trouble and I came in and used my new skills to save him?
With a smile a mile wide, Vane puffs out his chest with pride.
Lyria: Hee-hee. I think you make a great vice-captain, Vane!
Vane: You think so? I'm really just trying to be more like Lancey.
  1. You're getting there.
  2. Forget that! Surpass him!

Choose: You're getting there.
Vane: Heh-heh! Thanks! Hearing you say that gives me a real boost, (Captain)!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Forget that! Surpass him!
Vane: Yeah! I'll never catch up to him if I don't go for the gold!
Continue 1
Vane: All right! I'm going to continue my training and get even stronger! Then I can surprise Lancey with my new skills!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! That's the spirit! You can do it, Vane!
Vane continues to train hard every day to rise up to the level of his dear friend.
The crew happily cheers him on, though he's not always aware of it.