Scenario:Vane - The Kind-Hearted Zealot

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The Kind-Hearted Zealot

(Captain)'s party defeats the dragon Fafnir in its den and rescue the primal beast, Sylph. As the party returns to the royal capital, they hear an old woman's scream as she is attacked by a monster and rush to her aid.

The party defeats the dragon Fafnir in its den and rescue the primal beast, Sylph.
As the party made their way back to the capital, they were concerned about the uncharacteristically melancholic Vane.
Vane: Ohhh... It's over...
Vyrn: Hey... what's wrong Vane?
Lyria: Hmm... He's not even walking straight. I wonder if he's sick?
Lancelot: Sheesh... Vane... are you hungry or something?
Vane: That's right, Lacy. You know me so well!
Vyrn: Wha?! You sound like you're gonna die any minute, and you were just hungry?
Vane: Um... I'm sorry to be a bother but... Could I stop by a village and eat something real quick?
Lancelot: Come on... Are you an idiot? We're in middle of escorting Sylph! It's out of the question...
Vane: Come on Lancy... Pleeease... I'm just gonna go and eat real quick!
Lancelot: No! I can't give you special treatment. Rules are rules.
Vane: Psh... You're so stubborn, Lancy... Fine, fine... Just a little longer...
Lyria: Ahaha... You two are such good friends.
Suddenly, the party hears someone screaming.
Old Woman: Aaaaahh?! M-Monster!
Vane: Say what?! Hey (Captain), Lancelot! Let's save that old lady!
Vyrn: H-Hey! Let's follow Vane!

The Kind-Hearted Zealot: Scene 2

(Captain)'s party narrowly saved the old woman from the monster and escort her safely back to the village. According to the villagers, Fafnir has been revived and monsters came down to the village. The party decides to clear the area of monsters so the old woman won't be attacked again.

The party narrowly saves the old woman from the monster.
The old lady tells the party she was on her way back to the village, so they decide to escort her back.
Vane: Here... get on my back.
Old Woman: Young man. Are you sure about that...?
Vane: Come on. On my back you go!
Lyria: Are you okay? You were staggering around earlier...
Lancelot: He's fine. Vane's a grandma's boy to the core.
Vane: But... Anyone would help the elderly in need, right?
Vane: Lancelot... you don't mind if we stop by her village, do you?
Lancelot: We have no choice... Just this once.
Vane: That's the Lancy I know! He always shows kindness in the end.
Old Woman: Thank you. My village is west from here, near the river.
Lancelot: Well... we have no choice. Let's escort her back to the village.
And so, the party takes the woman safely back to her village.
Old Woman: I got back safe thanks to all of you... Thank you.
Villager: Thank you very much. I don't know how we can thank you...
Vane: Luckily, she didn't get hurt. But I don't agree with leaving the elderly to travel around alone like that.
Villager: I'm sorry... This area is usually safe but...
Villager: Well... since Fafnir was revived, monsters started showing up around the village...
Vane: I see... Well we wouldn't want people to get attacked again.
Vane: All right! I'll get rid of all the monsters around the village!
Vyrn: Come on, (Captain)! Let's help out Vane too!
Lancelot: Yes, I'd like to avoid exposing citizens to danger. It'll be a bit of a detour but let's take care of these monsters first!

The Kind-Hearted Zealot: Scene 3

Thanks to Vane, the area around the village was free of monsters once again. The villagers prepare to gather food from throughout the village, but the party declines to take what little they have left. They find out the village's population is dwindling due to a mysterious illness, resulting in a shortage in workers. Vane vows to find the source of the disease and save the village.

Thanks to Vane, the area around the village was free of monsters once again.
Villager: You’ve been a big help. I really... don't know how to thank you enough.
Vane: Don't worry about it, I'm doing this because I want to!
Vane: But... I'm so hungry. . it would be really great if you could spare some food.
Villager: I'm so sorry for not noticing! But this is all we can manage right now...
With that, the villagers begin gathering food from throughout the village to feed the party.
Vane: Wait... it makes me look like the bad guy if you're giving me what little food you have...
Vane: Huh? That's weird... Hm... Huh? I'm feeling full all of a sudden!
Villager: Sigh... I'm sorry we don't have much to offer.
Vyrn: Hey... do you guys really have that little food?
Villager: Well... for some reason our crops suddenly began dying and we've mostly run out of our food supply.
Villager: Because of this, even though we want to do something about it... our population is too low from our people dying off to the disease.
Vane: Is this... the mysterious disease Sophia was talking about?
Lancelot: I see... We'll have to investigate this as soon as we get back to the royal capital...
Vane: Granny! We're gonna help your village so don't worry!
Old Woman: I'm... alright. I believe in Sylph. It'll be alright...
Vane: Granny... praying to Sylph is good but...
Vane: You were light as a feather when I carried you earlier. You need to eat more!
Old Woman: Young man. You talk just like my grandson...
Vane: Huh... you have a grandson...
Villager: No... two years ago her grandson was... taken by monsters...
Old Woman: Oh... young man. If you're ever in the area... I hope you can stop by and say hi.
Vane: ... All right, I will. I'll come see you again.
Lancelot: Vane... it's time to go.
Vane: Alright. Well, I have to go now... Take care of yourself.
Old Woman: Thanks... I look forward to seeing you again...
Vane: Heheh. Take care!
And so... the party leaves the village.
Vane promises himself that he will find out the source of the disease for the villagers, including the old woman he met earlier.