Scenario:Vane - Where is He Now

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Where is He Now?

During their journey, our heroes visited a most exceptional country that was said to be prospering thanks to the supernatural protection provided by the primal beast Sylph. Vane, who had joined the party, was reminded of his childhood pal Lancelot by the nostalgic scene. Vane was troubled by how he and his friend had ended up taking markedly different paths in life. The party called on him to join their Order. Vane wished to evolve so that he could stand shoulder to shoulder with his old friend. He joined the party on its journey.

During their journey, the party visited a most exceptional country that was said to be prospering thanks to the supernatural protection provided by the primal beast Sylph.
The party had joined with Vane, a vigorous youth they had met in the harbor.
Vane: Hahaha, some things never change... It’s just as it was back then.
Vane: (Ah... For sure they camped out on that lakeshore. )
Vyrn: Hey, Vane. Why have you been smirking to yourself like that for a while?
Vane: I was feeling nostalgic because a long time ago my comrades in my Order often practiced here.
Lyria: Um... The others in the Order of the White Dragons, yes? The Captain was certainly a close friend, right?
Vane: Ah! On the morning when I embarked on my tour of duty the Captain came to see me off... We walked this path together.
Vane: Captain Lancelot was my childhood best friend, and we had always been together since we were very small.
Lyria: Wow...! It’s amazing you’re in the same order now! I also have a childhood friend I look up to.
Vane: Lance was not any ordinary childhood friend! He could do anything, mental or physical, and in his hometown he was called a prodigy!
Vane: You think that he would have been playing with me every day, but somewhere along the line he committed to memory a huge military tactics manual...
Vane: At one point he defeated a famous swordsman whose pupils have been together, and forced him to give up that line of work.
Lyria: Wha?! He actually beat an adult?
Vane: That's it! Therefore I would be displeased if you think of Lance as an ordinary, run-of-the-mill childhood friend!
Vyrn: Hey... Calm down! I get how awesome this Lance guy was already!
Vane: What?! I’m sorry... I become filled with pride when the topic switches to Lance!
Lyria: Hahaha... You really like Lance, don’t you Vane?
Vane: Of course! Lance is my cherished comrade.
Vyrn: Hehe! (Captain) and I have also been together forever! So I know how you feel!
Vane: Though it would be difficult for us to always be together like we were when we were kids...
Lyria: W-what happened? Mister Vane?
Vane: Huh? Oh, no... When I had first joined an order, I fought alongside Lance in the battlefield as his equal.
Vane: Recently our standings in life have changed and opportunities to be together are few and far between...
Vane: I would like to grow so that I can stand eye to eye with Lance...
Vyrn: I see... You have your demons, don’t you Vane...
Vane: What the... hey! How rude! The very idea of me being troubled!
Vane: Well, anyone who gets to ride an airship at such a young age like (Captain) probably has quite a bit of difference in their experiences than me.
Vane: Maybe traveling by airship makes you grow up...
Lyria: Then maybe you should try riding in an airship? Right, (Captain)?
  1. Why don’t you try traveling with us?
  2. Maybe then you can grow?

Choose: Why don’t you try traveling with us?
Vane: You want me to join...? I didn’t think I would be invited to join an order all of a sudden...
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Choose: Maybe then you can grow?
Vane: Well, perhaps I will never be on an equal footing with Lance if I just stay as I am...
Continue 1
Vane: (Captain)... Meeting you like this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Vane: All right... I’ve decided!
Vyrn: You said it! All right, let me ask you something.
Vane: In this dawning of the peace that has been restored to this country... I want to go with you all so that I may bring my experiences to my own order!
Vane: I think I will ask His Majesty if I can!
Lyria: Yes! We’re rooting for you, Vane!
Vane: Then once it’s settled, we’ll waste no time in toppling Fafnir!
Vyrn: Gotcha! Where to next? Vane?
Vane: Um... Over here! Here? Come with me!
Thus Vane pledged to join (Captain)’s order.
While frittering his life away, Vane would nonetheless continue to grow little by little.