Scenario:Vane - You and Me, No Matter What

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You and Me, No Matter What

After a picnic on the mountaintop, (Captain) and company descend the mountain. They hear shouts for help coming from nearby and rush over to find monsters attacking defenseless hikers.

Vane, Lancelot, (Captain), and company return from their mountaintop picnic.
Lyria: The view from the peak and those pretty pink flowers were amazing! What a wonderful place that was!
Vyrn: Ditto! If I had my way, I would've stayed a little longer.
Vane: Sorry about that! Believe me, I wanted to stay longer myself, but leaving while the weather's on our side is the safest thing to do.
Vane: Going down the mountain's more dangerous than up, and you never know when the weather might change around here.
Lancelot: Vane's right. Leaving early means that we're prepared for any trouble that might come up along the way.
Vane: Don't worry—we'll come again next year! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) gives a firm nod in answer.
Just then, the group hears shrill screams pierce through the air.
Vane: Whoa! Speaking of trouble!
Lancelot: Hurry! It came from this way!
Vane: Can you come with us, everyone?
Vyrn: Bet on it! We can keep up!
Lyria: We will! Don't worry about us! This path shouldn't be too hard for us to cross.
(Captain) nods eagerly.
Vane: Okay! Stay close!
After pushing their way through the rough path, the group finds two people cornered at the edge of a cliff by vicious monsters.
Frightened Man: Eeek! G-get away!
Frightened Woman: Help! Someone! Anyone!
Lancelot: We're here to help! Ready, Vane?
Vane: Ready, Lancey!
Everyone, cover us!
Vane: Let's roll!

You and Me, No Matter What: Scene 2

The hikers are rescued, but Vane and Lancelot fall into the rushing river below. Vane pulls them both to safety onto a riverbank and they realize that Lancelot's leg is injured. Vane manages to start a small fire, but monsters close in on their camp.

The group manages to drive away the monsters and rescue the man and woman.
Lancelot: Whew. That's the last of them. Nothing more to worry about. You're safe now.
Frightened Woman: Th-thank you!
Vane: We'd never have found you if not for your buddy here! That's quite a set of lungs you have there, guy!
Frightened Man: Ha... haha... I'd prefer if you forgot about that, actually.
When Vane and Lancelot approach them, the ground under the man and woman suddenly gives way.
Lancelot: Wha!
Vane: No!
With lightning reflexes Vane and Lancelot lunge forward to save them.
Vane: Ngh!
Lancelot: Rgh!
Vane and Lancelot grab hold of each of the civilians and thrust them to safety, switching places with them.
With no time to react, (Captain) and the others can do nothing but watch as the knights fall to the rapids below.
Vyrn: Vane! Lancelot! No!
Lyria: Wh-what do we do, (Captain)!
Vane and Lancelot fight to stay afloat as they are washed away by the torrent.
Vane: Blbbl... Gasp!
Lancey! You okay?
Lancelot: Gasp!
I am! Somehow!
Vane senses the waterway pushing them towards an unsettling destination.
Vane: I think we're headed for a waterfall!
Lancelot: We need to do something! Fast!
Vane: I've got it! Over here, Lancey!
Lancelot: Vane! I'm coming!
Vane: Hragh!
Vane grabs hold of a branch leaning into the river.
Vane: Quick! Grab my hand!
Lancelot: Got you!
Vane: Ngh! Here we go!
Vane: Grraaagh!
With all his might, Vane thrusts Lancelot onto the riverbank.
Lancelot: ...!
You did it, Vane!
But the force of the feat causes the branch that had anchored Vane to break.
Lancelot: Vane!
Vane: Damn! So this is how it ends.
Lancelot: Don't you give up on me, Vane! Grab my hand!
Vane: Lancey!
As quickly as the branch breaks, Lancelot reaches out toward Vane and catches his hand just in the nick of time.
Lancelot: Ngaarrgh!
With every fiber of every muscle in his being, Lancelot plucks Vane from the deluge in one mighty heave.
Vane watches from the safety of the riverbank as items from his baggage are washed away by the currents.
Vane: Pant... Pant... Owe you one, Lancey...
Lancelot: Pant... Pant... I'm glad you're safe, Vane...
The two spend several moments sprawled on the riverside.
Vane: You think (Captain) and the others made it down okay?
Lancelot: It's (Captain)—I wouldn't expect anything less.
Lancelot: We'd do better to worry about ourselves right now.
Vane: You're right, man.
Ah... Ah!
Vane: Achoo!
Lancelot: Vane? Are you all right?
Vane: Wahahaha! It's nothing! I'm fine!
Lancelot: But if we don't do something soon, we might freeze out here. We need a fire to dry ourselves off.
Vane: You're right! We should gather some dry leaves and twigs!
Lancelot: Sounds like a plan. Let's g—Argh!
Vane: Lancey! What's wrong?
Lancelot: Damn. My leg's injured.
Vane: Then I'll go by myself. You just rest here.
Lancelot: I'm sorry I can't help, Vane.
Vane: Heh! Come on, Lancey, what are friends for?
Lancelot: Indeed. Thank you, friend.
Vane: All right. You just wait right there. Daddy Vane's gonna bring home the bacon.
Lancelot: Haha! Be careful out there.
Vane manages to gather a large pile of dried leaves, grass, and branches. They waste no time starting a warm fire.
Vane: How is it? Warm enough?
Lancelot: Ahh, it's perfect.
Vane: Whew. Guess we can breathe easy for now!
Vane: ...!
Lancelot: Wait... I hear monsters nearby.
Vane: Damn it! There's nowhere for us to hide! I'll have to take them on alone. Stay here!
Lancelot: That's madness! It's too dangerous by yourself!
Vane: B-but you're—
Lancelot: I'm fine! Don't worry about me—I know my limits.
Lancelot: Here they come, Vane!
Vane: Then here we go, Lancey!

You and Me, No Matter What: Scene 3

Just as Vane and Lancelot defeat the monsters, the sky begins to thunder. They find a cave for shelter from the rain and start a fire. They talk about their friendship and their trust in each other during tough scrapes. But soon enough a monster appears from within the cave.

Vane: Pant... Pant... I think we got them.
Lancelot: This area must be monster territory.
As soon as the two knights defeat the monsters, the clouds above darken and thunder starts to roar. A storm threatens.
Vane: Oh, come on! Can't two guys catch a break?
Lancelot: Vane! We need to find shelter before the rain finds us!
Vane: Ditto! Lean on me—I'll be your crutch.
Lancelot: Much obliged. Let's follow the river for now.
Lancelot limps along with Vane's help.
Before long they come across a cave large enough to accommodate them.
Vane: Whew! We made it! And not a drop of rain on us!
Lancelot: Not a moment too soon either.
Vane: It might be a little dark and damp in here, but it looks like we're finally safe.
Lancelot: The sun's setting as well. It might be best to spend the night here.
Vane: You're right! Wouldn't want to wander down the mountain when it's pitch black out there.
Lancelot: Perhaps we should use the rest of the kindling to make a fire while there's still light.
Vane: Right! I'm on it!
Lancelot: Haha.
Vane: Hm? What's so funny?
Lancelot: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about how dependable you've been today.
Vane: Really? Aren't I always like this?
Vane: Wait. Does that mean I'm usually not dependable?
Lancelot: No, no! That's not what I meant at all!
Vane: I guess...
I just really wanted this hike to go well, y'know?
Lancelot: Mm. As did I.
Vane: I'm... sorry things turned out like this.
Lancelot: Why're you apologizing? This isn't anyone's fault.
Vane: Well, you have a point. But, I dunno, I can't help but feel responsible somehow.
Oh! I got a flame!
Lancelot: Great going, Vane!
Vane: This baby's going to be a roaring fire in no time! Sit tight!
Vane: Huff! Huff!
Vane: Yes! Just in time before dark!
Vane: Argh! I just realized I'm starving!
Lancelot: Pff! Haha! Here, have this.
Vane: Huh? You brought emergency rations?
Vane: You're the man, Lancey! Thanks!
Vane: W-wait, wait, wait. Do you have one for yourself?
Lancelot: Don't worry about me. I'm not too hungry right now.
Vane: No, you gotta eat! We'll split it!
Vane tears the dried snack in two.
Vane: Here! Take it!
Lancelot: Heh. Thank you, Vane.
Vane: Haha. Hey, I should be thanking you here.
Lancelot: Vane... Do you remember?
Vane: Hm? Remember what?
Lancelot: That time when we were kids and went to play in the woods. We got ourselves so lost.
Vane: Huh? Oh, that! Yeah, I was so scared.
Vane: I was crying my eyes out like there was no tomorrow. Man, I was such a baby.
Vane: But you didn't cry. Not even once. You looked after me the whole way through.
Vane: I don't know what I would've done without you.
Lancelot: No.
Vane: Huh?
Lancelot: No, Vane. You've got it all wrong. The only reason I didn't cry was because I had you with me.
Lancelot: It's not that I was strong because I wasn't scared. There was simply nothing to fear as long as we were together.
Lancelot: Vane. It's I who would've been helpless without you.
Vane: Lancey...
The two stare at each other. Lancelot is the first to break the silence.
Lancelot: Hahaha. And if I recall, you were hungry that time as well. I split my food with you then, just like now.
Vane: What, seriously? Looks like I haven't changed one bit!
Lancelot: Hahaha, you certainly haven't.
Lancelot: Even back then you insisted we split the food. You wouldn't budge until we did.
Vane: One day I want to be strong enough to protect you, Lancey!
Sounds of movement start to echo from deep within the cave.
Vane: ...!
Lance! Something's coming!
Lancelot: Yes, it seems we're not alone in here. I'll take care of—
Vane: Leave this to me!
Lancelot: Vane! You can't do this alone!
Vane: I can't let you fight in the condition you're in!
Lancelot: Wha! No, but I can still—
Vane: You think I can't tell, but I can. You've been hiding how bad your leg hurts. You can barely walk, but you've been putting on a brave face for me.
Lancelot: Ngh! That's—
Vane: Lancelot! I'm not that kid in the woods anymore.
Lancelot: But... Vane...
Vane: This time... it's my turn to protect you!
Monster: Grraaar!
Vane: Sorry we woke you up, little guy, but I'm gonna have to tuck you back into bed!

You and Me, No Matter What: Scene 4

The weather finally clears, allowing Vane and Lancelot to leave the cave. Not long after venturing out, they hear (Captain) and the crew calling out in search of them. Vane and Lancelot realize their bond is even stronger after overcoming this hardship.

Vane deals with the monster that had awoken in the cave.
However, day after day, the weather permits them no passage to the outside world.
Vane: Lancey... Have some water.
Lancelot: Glug, glug...
Thank you, Vane.
Vane: How's the leg?
Lancelot: I'm managing...
Vane: Argh... The monster in my tummy's growling again.
Lancelot: Vane. This is the last of our food. You take it.
Vane: Huh? What's gotten into you? No, we're splitting it like we always do!
Lancelot: Wait! Think about this. With my leg, I'm in no state to go down the mountain.
Lancelot: When the weather clears, you need to go without me. So take this—
Vane: I said no!
Lancelot: Listen to me! We're both going to die out here at this rate!
Vane: I'd rather die with you than survive alone!
Lancelot: Wha! Have you gone insane?
Vane: Besides! I'm bigger and burlier than you. It's gonna be a long time before I starve!
Lancelot: Sigh... Sometimes you amaze me, Vane. I didn't think you could be this stubborn.
Vane: There are some things I can't do, Lancey. Even if you're the one asking me to do it.
Vane: Don't worry! I haven't given up yet! Rescue's coming—I know it!
Lancelot: Heh. Very well. I'll believe in you, Vane.
Vane: That's my boy. Well, no use wasting energy staying awake. Let's turn in for the night.
Lancelot: All right. Here's hoping to a clear sky on the morrow.
Vane: Good night, Lancey.
Lancelot: Good night, Vane.
The screaming winds and pouring rain rage beyond the cave as the two weary knights rest.
The following day, however, is the blue sky they had so hoped for. For the first time in days, they leave the cave.
Vane: Lancey. Can you stand?
Lancelot: Yes. I should be able to handle this much.
Lancelot: Ngh!
Vane: Lance!
Lancelot: I'm all right, Vane.
Vane: No, you're not! Here, hop on my back.
Lancelot: Don't be absurd! You can barely stand on your own!
Vane: Just get on!
Lancelot: Ah! Hey!
Ignoring Lancelot's protests, Vane scoops him onto his back. Step by heavy step, he trudges along the mountain trail.
Vane: First... we go up the ridge... and find a path we recognize.
Lancelot: Mm...
Vane: Whew... Exercise on an empty stomach... sure is something...
Lancelot: Vane. Don't do this. I can walk.
Vane: No... I'm stronger this way... I'm... never... giving up!
Lancelot: Vane...
Vane: Whatever happens... as long as we have each other... no matter what... we're gonna make it...
Vane: The both of us... are getting home... alive! Graaagh!
It is then that they hear voices echoing in the distance.
Vyrn: Vane! Lancelot! Are you out there?
Lyria: Vane! Lancelot! Answer if you can you hear us!
Vane: Lancey! D-did you hear that?
Lancelot: I did! Vane, they're really here!
Vane: Heeey!
Vane: Vyrn! Lyria!
Vane: We're over here!
Lancelot: We're saved! And all the knights from the order are here too!
(Captain) and company rush toward Vane and Lancelot.
Vyrn: Sob...
Vane! Lancelot! You're safe now! You made it!
Vane: Heh. Thanks, bud.
Lyria: Sniffle... Sniffle... Thank heavens you're safe... We were so worried...
Lancelot: Thank you, Lyria. We always knew (Captain) and the rest of you would be looking for us.
(Captain) checks to see that the two knights are safe and breathes a sigh of relief.
Lancelot: I see you've called the other knights to help in the search, (Captain). Thank you, we are in your debt.
Vane: We would've been goners if you hadn't.
Vane: Thanks, (Captain)
With tears welling, (Captain) gives a soft smile.
The knights of the Order of the White Dragons gather around in concern.
Vane: Thanks, guys, I really can't thank all of you enough.
Lancelot: Haha. As long as we have each other, we'll always make it, right?
Vane: Yep. No truer words! You and me, no matter what!
Vane and Lancelot are saved from their ordeal and live to tell their harrowing tale.
The bonds between them stronger than ever before, they know that no matter what may come to pass, united they shall abide.