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Delicious Soup

The crew accepts a mission that directs them to go to a village. Vania craves soup along the way, and she promises to make some for the crew once they reach their destination.

A few days have passed since Vania joined the crew.
(Captain) and company are on their way to a village that has asked for their help.
Vania: Huh? Are you feeling okay, Lyria? You seem kind of tired.
Lyria: Ahaha. I'm okay. My stomach's just a little empty, that's all.
Vania: Oh, I see. Now my stomach's feeling empty too!
Vania: Hey, Bloodkin! Do you have anything to eat?
Rackam: We just ate lunch, you guys. There's no food until we make it to the next village.
Vyrn: It seems kind of obvious now, but I guess vampires don't only drink blood.
Vania: Yep! We eat normal stuff like meat and vegetables!
Vania: Ah, but we're not supposed eat anything from outside Medvecia. It's like a law.
Vania: I think. Or maybe not?
Vyrn: Sigh... You really don't care about the vampire way, do you?
Vania: Grrr! Look, I'm hungry! I want some soup! Soup!
Vania: You want some soup too, don't you, Lyria? Delicious, hot soup!
Lyria: Mmm... Yes, I'd love some hot soup!
Vania: Right?
Vania: I just had a great idea!
Vania: Did you know that I'm actually an amazing cook?
Vyrn: Seriously? But I've never seen you cook anything...
Vania: Skills are skills! And you know what else? Soup is my best dish!
Vania: That's why I'm going to treat everyone to a big bowl of goodness!
Vania: That settles it! We're gonna have a soup party at the next village!
Rackam: Wait, wait. We're still on a mission.
Vania: Then we'll just do the mission while we party! I'm putting you in charge of getting ingredients!
Rackam: Sheesh, you're as demanding as always, Princess.
Rackam: Why are we the ones that have to gather everything? Oh well, no point in grumbling. Let's just hurry to the village!

Delicious Soup: Scene 2

The crew's mission is to find out the truth behind rumors of a vampire hiding in the forest next to the village. Unfortunately, Vania's identity is compromised; she and the crew are chased away, but they vow to continue investigating.

The crew arrives at the village, and they are greeted by the village chief.
Village Chief: Oh my, thank you for coming out all this way to our little village.
Rackam: Don't worry about it. When we accepted your request for help, we didn't ask about the details.
Rackam: Just what is going on in this village?
Village Chief: Well, you see...
Vyrn: What? Cat got your tongue?
Village Chief: No, it's just such a strange story that I doubt you'd believe me.
Lyria: What kind of story is it? We promise to listen carefully!
Village Chief: Thank you.
Village Chief: According to the rumors, a vampire has been spotted in the neighboring forest—just like the ones in fairy tales!
Vania: Huh?
Rackam: You can't be serious!
Village Chief: I knew you wouldn't believe me. It really is stupid, isn't it...
Rackam: Ah... Yeah, that's a bit out there, haha... But can you tell us more? You know, just in case.
As Rackam chuckles, he shifts ever so slightly, hiding Vania from the chief's view.
Village Chief: I personally don't think there's any truth to it, but the villagers are terrified.
Village Chief: That's why I made that request for you to seek out the truth of these rumors.
Village Chief: Up until recently our village had been under attack from savage monsters, but they've finally stopped.
Village Chief: We were relieved at first, but now we have new troubles.
Rackam: It all makes sense now. You've had it rough.
Village Chief: Are you all right? You look awfully pale...
Rackam: I'm fine! Never been better!
The chief furrows his brow with suspicion before noticing the small girl cowering behind Rackam.
Village Chief: Hey, that young lady looks like...
Vania: ...!
Vania's visage leaves the chief speechless.
Village Chief: Those red wings on her head! She's just like the fairy tales said!
Rackam: Whoa, calm down! We can explain—
Village Chief: The monsters are real! Someone get the young'uns! Save me!
He runs off in terror, and villagers emerge from their houses with weapons at the ready.
Vyrn: Uh-oh. I think we'd better run.
Vania: Grrr...
They successfully escape from the angry mob, but Vania's cheeks are puffed out in anger.
Vania: Grrr! This is awful!
Vania: I won't be able to make any soup if this keeps up!
Rackam: That's what you're annoyed about?
Vania: I told you, I'm hungry! And Lyria's hungry too!
Lyria: Um... Yes, I am, but...
Vania: Grrr! This is all because of that forest vampire!
Vania: I'm going right into the forest, and I'm going to give that vampire a stern talking-to!
Vyrn: But I thought vampires weren't supposed to exist outside of Medvecia...

Delicious Soup: Scene 3

The crew comes across a vampire who had left Medvecia thanks to the open-mindedness displayed by Vania. Tired and hungry, the vampire reluctantly returns to the village with the crew in order to explain her situation.

Vyrn: Hey, you!
Vampire Woman: ...!
Rackam: So there really was one...
Vampire Woman: ...!
Vania: Hey, you! Stop right there!
Vampire Woman: Oof...
Vyrn: What happened? Did she trip?
Rackam: No. It looks to me like she's exhausted.
Rackam: Hey. You okay? Don't worry, we're not going to hurt you.
Vampire Woman: ...?
Vampire Woman: Could it be? Are you Princess Vania?
Vania: Huh? Do you know me?
Vampire Woman: You're the princess of Medvecia. Of course I'd know Your Highness.
Rackam: So why are you here? I thought leaving Medvecia was prohibited by vampire law?
Vampire Woman: You're quite knowledgeable. You're right, but I was intrigued by the world outside of Medvecia.
Vampire Woman: It's all thanks to you, Your Highness.
Vania: What do you mean?
Vampire Woman: Even though you're the princess, you continue to break away from the laws and customs that rule over us.
Vampire Woman: Many vampires aimed their contempt at you, but I sympathized with you.
Rackam: Is that why you became interested in the outside world?
Vampire Woman: Yes, that's right. I was watching you, Your Highness.
Vampire Woman: I felt that spending my final days in Medvecia would be a waste.
Vampire Woman: I knew it was against the laws, but I couldn't stand it any longer. With nothing to lose, I went to speak with the leader.
Vampire Woman: I couldn't believe what happened next. He gave me permission to leave.
Vania: Feldrac's a softy. That's why he let you go.
Vampire Woman: The outside world is such an amazingly large place. I couldn't contain my wonderment.
Vampire Woman: Then the mortals became afraid of me and chased me away. I've been living here in the forest, day after day.
Rackam: I see. That sounds rough.
Rackam: So why did you collapse earlier?
Vampire Woman: Oh, um, well...
Vania: Are you hungry?
The vampire nods in embarrassment.
Vyrn: Huh? I see fruits growing everywhere. Why don't you just eat those?
Rackam: Let me guess—vampire laws?
Vampire Woman: Yes. I've already broken so many laws as it is.
Vampire Woman: I couldn't bear to break yet another by eating the food of the outside world.
Lyria: Gasp! So you haven't eaten any food since you got here?
Vampire Woman: No, I found monsters that also live on Medvecia, and I sucked their blood.
Vampire Woman: But those monsters are gone now, and I haven't eaten since.
Rackam: Huh? Wait a sec...
Rackam: Oh yeah, the village chief mentioned something about that.
Vyrn: He did, didn't he? Awful monsters used to attack the village.
Vyrn: I guess they don't anymore thanks to you.
Vampire Woman: Huh?
Vania: So you're the town's savior!
Vania: In that case, let's go back to the village and explain everything together!
Vania: Then I can make soup! You've got to eat, okay?
Vampire Woman: But, but... the laws...
Vania: Grrr! Are the laws going to fill your stomach?
Vampire Woman: ...!
Vania: Look, we'll go together! Come on!
Rackam: Hah, just when I had her figured for a spoiled princess, she says something sensible.
Rackam: You already know this, don't you? Once she decides something, there's no changing her mind.
Vampire Woman: Yes, that's true. Let's go.
The sun has set by the time the crew returns to the village.
Instead of sleeping, the villagers congregate outside, clutching their weapons in terror.
Village Youngling: There she is! The vampire's back!
Vampire Woman: ...!
Vania: Hey! Stop it! Listen to what we have to say!
Rackam: Tch. It's pointless. They're in no mood to listen.
Rackam: We're going to have to cool them off. Let's go, (Captain)!

Delicious Soup: Scene 4

The initially terrified villagers realize their mistake after witnessing the vampire crying with joy from eating Vania's soup. Vania's leadership skills become clear to the crew given how she has brought mortals and vampires together with only a bowl of soup.

The villagers have become less heated, but they're still terrified.
Vania looks at the villagers and takes a deep breath.
Vania: Everyone into the dining hall!
Village Youngling 1: What?
Vania: We're making soup! Now move it!
Village Youngling 1: But...
Vania: Now!
Village Youngling 1: Okay, okay!
Village Youngling 2: What's going on?
Village Chief: What do you think you're doing?
Rackam: Hey, Chief. Can I talk to you for a second?
Rackam explains that the vampire was responsible for driving the dangerous monsters away from the village.
The villagers are still skeptical, but they file into the dining hall nonetheless.
Vania and (Captain) begin to make soup while the villagers and other crew members wait.
Vania: Come on, Bloodkin! You have to cut the vegetables properly!
Vania: Yeah, like that! Good work!
Apprehension hangs in the air as the villagers listen to the voices coming from the kitchen.
Village Youngling 1: Did that vampire lady really save us from monsters?
Village Youngling 2: I'm not convinced. They're trying to lower our guard just so they can eat us.
Vampire Woman: Oh...
Rackam: Don't worry. We're here if things go south.
Vania and (Captain) soon bring out a large, steaming pot of soup.
Vania: Here it is! Tasty, hot soup!
Lyria: Wow! It looks so delicious!
Vania: Of course! By the way, it doesn't just look delicious—it is delicious!
Vania: Dig in, everyone! Hurry before it gets cold!
Rackam: All right! I'm starving...
The villagers and the vampire woman raise their spoons tentatively to their mouths.
Vania: Well? Well?
Rackam: It's something all right...
Village Youngling 1: What am I even eating?
Village Youngling 2: This taste is hard to describe...
Vania: Huh? What are you saying?
Lyria: Well, it's very... unique!
Vania: What kind of flavor is unique? Hey, you! It's good, right?
Vampire Woman: If I may speak frankly, it's not very appetizing.
Vampire Woman: But I haven't eaten in so long. It warms my stomach and my heart.
Vampire Woman: Warmth... Yes, it's so warm...
Tears stream down the vampire's face as she continues to eat the soup.
The villagers are astonished at the trickling emotions.
Village Youngling 1: She's crying...
Village Youngling 2: They have emotions just like us...
Village Youngling 1: Excuse me, miss, but we heard from the skyfarers that you haven't eaten in days. You must be famished.
Village Youngling 1: I can go and make you something if you want! What would you like to eat?
Vampire Woman: You will?
Village Youngling 2: Yes. We assumed the worst about you, and that was wrong. You saved our village, and that's the truth.
Village Chief: Given all that's happened, I'll understand if you say no, but would you allow us to give you a proper welcome?
Vampire Woman: Yes, please!
Everyone is enjoying themselves except for a single grumpy girl who sits with her cheeks puffed out.
Vania: Hang on! What do you mean my soup isn't appetizing?
Vania: Rackam! You think it's tasty, right? Right?
Rackam: Um, it's uh... well... Hey, Vyrn, what do you think?
Vyrn: Whoa! Don't drag me into this! Uh...
Vania: I'm waiting!
Vyrn: Ow, ow, ow! Stop pinching me!
Vampire Woman: Heehee... How strange. She may be childish, but she's clearly worthy of her royal title.
Vampire Woman: To be able to bridge the gap between vampires and mortals over a simple bowl of soup...
Vania: It's not gross! It tastes great!
Vampire Woman: She isn't aware of it yet.
Vampire Woman: But I believe she will one day change the way the world views vampires.
Vampire Woman: It may not be my place to say such a thing, but I have a request.
Vampire Woman: Please look after her as she continues to grow up.
(Captain) takes the vampire's words to heart.
Vania: Yoo-hoo! Bloodkin! Please come over here!
Vania: Everyone's grossed out by the soup I worked so hard to make...
Vania: Is it really that bad?
Vania anxiously hands (Captain) a bowl of soup.
  1. Bring me the whole pot!
  2. You tried your best.

Choose: Bring me the whole pot!
(Captain) boasts about possessing incredible soup-drinking skills.
Vania: Heeheehee. Thanks, Bloodkin!
Vania: Listen up! My bloodkin here is going to drink all the soup! If you don't want yours, then give it to (Captain)!
And so, (Captain) finishes Vania's soup down to the last drop.
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Choose: You tried your best.
Vania: Is that a compliment, Bloodkin?
Vania: All righty then! You can eat all of it!
Vania: Here, let me pour it for you! Eat, eat!
And so, (Captain) is forced to finish Vania's soup down to the last drop.
Continue 1
Vania: Heeheehee! Wasn't it delicious, Bloodkin?
Rackam: Whoa! You're a true champ!
Vania: Okay, now it's my turn to fill my stomach! I'm so hungry!
Vania: Can you make the soup for me this time, Bloodkin?
(Captain) barely has enough energy to nod, but Vania is too excited to notice.
Vania: Heeheehee! Thank you, Bloodkin!
Everyone has a hearty laugh after witnessing the back-and-forth between (Captain) and Vania.
The crew spends the night in the village embraced in the warmth and peace of friendship.