Scenario:Vania - Promise

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The crew bumps into a young vampire named Vania who is gathering fruits and vegetables to help her sick friend, Malinda. She quickly becomes distracted by a butterfly, then falls asleep on (Captain)'s back as they carry her back to the airship.

One day on the island of Tornizza, the crew encounters a vampire named Vania.
The crew agrees to help the young vampire gather fruits and vegetables for her ailing friend.
And so, the party ventures into the forests.
While they busy themselves with searching for food to gather, Vania becomes fascinated with a butterfly.
Vania: Wow! Look, look! It's a butterfly!
Vania: Oh no, it's flying away! Wait, come back!
Rackam: Haha, have fun chasing it, but don't go off too far now. Who knows what dangers—
Rackam: She's gone! Where did she run off to?
Lyria: I think she went that way. Let's go after her, (Captain)!
The crew chase after Vania and emerge into a clearing filled with beautiful flowers in full bloom.
Lyria: Over there! In the middle of the flower bed!
Vyrn: What's she doing?
Vania is curled up in a ball with a satisfied smile on her face.
Vania: Zzz...
Rackam: Sigh. Here we were, worried out of our minds while she sleeps blissfully away.
Vania: Snore. Wait... butterfly...
Rackam: Silly girl's still chasing the butterfly in her dreams?
Lyria: Wake up, Vania! You'll catch a cold if you sleep out in the open like that.
Vania: Hm? Yawn... Good morning.
Rackam: Sheesh. She's so carefree. Why are you sleeping out here?
Vania: It was so nice and warm. I got kinda sleepy.
Vania: Ah! Butterfly! Where did you go?
Lyria: Hmm... I don't see it anywhere.
Vania: Oh. Oh well, that's too bad.
Lyria: Heehee. You really like butterflies, don't you, Vania?
Vania: Yep! Not just butterflies. I like anything that's cute and pretty!
Vania: Medvecia doesn't have many cute things, so I got a little carried away.
Rackam: Yeah, I wouldn't exactly call things on Medvecia cute.
Vania: Except for the castle, there's no pretty scenery either!
Vania: The outside world is so much more beautiful! Like this forest, and these flowers!
Vania: I've never seen a place that sparkles in the sun like this!
Rackam: Hahaha. This definitely is a beautiful forest.
Rackam: But did you know the skies are full of other gorgeous places?
Vania: Wah! Really? Oooh, I want to see them!
Lyria: Then let's go see the world together!
Vyrn: Oh, good idea, Lyria! You'll get to see all kinds of things with us, since we travel all over the place.
Vania: Can I really come with you?
Rackam: Of course you can! Welcome aboard!
Vania: Heeheehee! Then it's a promise! Once Malinda gets better, show me more of the world!
(Captain) nods with excitement.
Vania: Heeheehee!
Rackam: Putting that aside, you should be more careful of your surroundings.
Rackam: It's nice and quiet now, but monsters roam around from time to time. You can't just fall asleep without anyone around!
Vania: Huh? No, it's okay.
Vania: Because I have my bloodkin to protect me!
She looks over at (Captain) with an impish smile.
Vyrn: Nah, (Captain) isn't your bloodkin just yet.
Vania: Grrr. I know I haven't bitten (Captain) yet.
Vania: But (Captain) is definitely my bloodkin!
Rackam: Yeah, yeah, we get it.
Vania: Grrr! I'll get you someday, I swear! Just you wait!
Rackam: Okay, okay! Come on, we'd better get back to harvesting. The sun's gonna set soon.
Vyrn: Yeah. Let's hurry back to pickin'.
Vania: Aww. But I'm tired.
Vania: Hey, Bloodkin. Can you give me a piggyback ride?
Rackam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't you think you're being a tad selfish?
Vania: I'm not being selfish! I just want a piggyback ride!
Vania: Come on! Lift me up! What are you waiting for?
Rackam: Geez... I don't think there's any getting around this. Give her a piggyback ride, would ya, (Captain)?
(Captain) bends down so that Vania can hop on.
Vania: Heh heh heh! You're wide open! Time for a feast! Rawr!
Rackam: Ahh! You trickster! Watch out, (Captain)!
Rackam's warning comes too late. Vania has already latched onto (Captain)'s back.
Lyria: Aaah! Don't bite (Captain)!
Rackam: Er...
Vania: Zzz...
Rackam: She fell asleep as soon as she hopped on.
Lyria: Oh dear. Thank goodness.
Rackam: Sorry, (Captain), but you're gonna have to carry her for a while. It's a pain, I know.
Rackam: All right, let's grab a few more fruits before it gets completely dark.
Lyria: Yes! We'll surprise her with a mountain of fruit when she wakes up!
(Captain) nods and follows behind them while Vania continues to sleep clinging to (Captain)'s back.
Vania: Snore. Someday... I'm gonna bite you... mmph.
Vania mumbles softly in her sleep the rest of the way.