Scenario:Vanzza - Faith is Bittersweet

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Faith is Bittersweet

(Captain)’s party received a quest from a village. The village wanted the skyfarers to investigate what was causing the rare animals of the forest to disappear. After some searching, they locate some suspicious men. Vanzza explains that they are the members of the gang that was lead by Vanzza’s rival. Vyrn accidentally raises his voice in surprise and the gang members find them.

(Captain)’s party received a quest from a village.
The villagers explained that they started seeing suspicious men at around the same time their rare species started to disappear from the forest.
They believe these suspicious men are poaching the rare species and decide to head into the forest to investigate the truth.
Lyria: I’m sorry, Vanzza. I know we haven’t been able to find you any clues about the person you’re trying to find, and yet we’re asking you for your help with this quest.
Vanzza: I don’t mind. Plus, it’s as I’ve been telling you... I will find him myself. There’s no need for you to go out of your way to help me.
Lyria: B-but... I really want to help you!
Lyria: So... What’s this person like? The one you’re trying to find.
Vanzza: Sigh...
Vanzza: He’s the man I place the most trust in. We used to hone our combative skills together. I guess you could call him my rival in that sense.
Vyrn: Ah... Rivals, huh. Did you guys like, fight to see who’s stronger?
Vanzza: ... That sounds about right.
Vanzza: ...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Uh... um! When we’re done with this quest, why don’t we go have some pie?
Vyrn: Uh... Yeah! Apple pie sounds really good to me!
(Captain) nods to Lyria and Vyrn’s suggestion.
Vanzza: You’re all very sweet kids.
Lyria: Hehe...
Vanzza: As I’ve said before, I don’t make promises all the time...
Vanzza: But, I’ll make this promise. We’ll go have some pie.
Lyria: Yay! It’s a promise!
With their promise made, the party goes back to searching through the forest.
After a while, they discover several suspicious looking men.
Vanzza: ...?!
Lyria: W-what’s wrong? Vanzza?
Vanzza: Those guys are Acorazada’s... The rival I just told you about. They’re members of his gang.
Vyrn: Say what?! Why are they here?!
Lyria: Shh! Vyrn, you’re being too loud!
Gang Member: Hm? Who’s there?! Come out! I know you’re there!
Vyrn: Damnit... Sorry... That was my fault.
Vanzza: It’s fine. It would have come to this sooner or later.
Vanzza: (Captain). Ready your weapon. Prepare for battle!

Faith is Bittersweet: Scene 2

During the battle with (Captain)’s party, one of the gang members recognizes Vanzza. In order to buy time, the gang member starts to talk about Vanzza’s past in an attempt to stir up his anger. However, Vanzza is unmoved and corners him into defeat. The desperate gang member calls for his underlings who were hiding behind him and they launch their attack all at once.

Gang Member: *Panting*... Not bad, I must admit...
Vanzza: Give it up. You know you can’t do anything alone.
Gang Member: Damnit... Hm?
Gang Member: No way...! The broken horn, the tonfa... I know you... You’re Vanzza!
Vanzza: ... Yeah. Where’s your boss... Acorazada. Is he here?
Gang Member: Hah! You looking for him? Well too bad. He’s not here.
Vanzza: All right... Then tell me where he is.
Gang Member: Tch...! No idea. The boss doesn’t show himself to us low ranking members.
Gang Member: Hey, why are you still fighting with those tonfas anyway?
Gang Member: I’ve heard about it, you know? You lost to the boss because of those, didn’t you?
Lyria: Wait... What does he mean?
Vanzza: The tonfa is my weakest weapon of choice.
Vyrn: Say what?!
Gang Member: Heh, you really are dumb. If you hadn’t used the tonfa, you might’ve not lost to the boss...
Gang Member: Heh heh... And your precious lover wouldn’t have had to get caught up in all that trouble!
Vyrn: Huh? What’s he mean?
Gang Member: Here, I’ll tell you a little story. That guy there, he lost a fight against our boss, you see. So he was supposed to die.
Gang Member: But our boss is a really nice guy, you know? Heh heh. So he let him live.
Gang Member: Hahaha! But in exchange...! He poisoned his girlfriend and now she’s in a coma!
Lyria: Oh no...! That’s just terrible...
Vanzza: ...
Gang Member: Heh. But rumor has it that you still trust the boss. Are you serious? You were betrayed. You know that right?
Vanzza: ...
Gang Member: Hey! Say something, will you?! What?!
Vanzza: I just didn’t have anything to respond with. I lost because I was using tonfa. That’s a fact and I can’t change it.
Vanzza: I have my own reasons for fighting with the tonfa.
Gang Member: What’s that?
Vanzza: Carolla was always against the thought of me fighting. She always said how it was savage and dangerous.
Vanzza: But the one thing she acknowledged was my use of the tonfas. I guess she liked the way I swung them around.
Vanzza: You asked if I still trust Acorazada? Of course I do...!
Vanzza: Even if he betrayed me! I will continue to trust him! I don’t care if people think I’m a fool for it. That’s what it means to trust!
Vanzza: And that’s why I will put an end to it all. With my own hands, with these tonfa...
The moment he finishes speaking, Vanzza throws his tonfa with full force.
Underlings: Eeek!!!
The tonfa stabs into the ground right in front of the men. The men stop dead in their tracks while trying to carry away the cage.
Vanzza: You thought I wouldn’t notice that you were just trying to buy time?
Gang Member: Damnit! Forget it! Whatever!
Gang Member: Oi! You guys! Lynch them!!!

Faith is Bittersweet: Scene 3

The party is successful in defeating all of the gang members. However, while their guard was down, (Captain) is poisoned by one of the gang members. Vanzza takes the antidote from the gang. He struggles for a moment, debating whether to save (Captain) or his lover who was in a coma because of the same poison, but he chooses to save (Captain). After recovering, (Captain) wants to cooperate with Vanzza and he happily accepts (Captain)’s help.

After a fierce battle, the party defeats all the gang members.
However, the gang member who was taunting Vanzza earlier, staggers over and collapses onto (Captain).
Vanzza: !!! (Captain)! Get away from him!
Not being able to react to Vanzza’s warning in time, the gang member collapses onto (Captain).
That moment, (Captain) feels a sharp pain right below the neck and then falls to the ground.
Lyria: What?! (Captain)?! W-what's wrong?!
(Captain) tries to stand up but can’t seem to move. Quickly, (Captain)’s conscious begins to cloud and slips away.
Vanzza: No! You didn’t dare...!
Gang Member: Urg... Heh... Heh heh... Just as you guessed. It’s the same poison... Here, I’ve got your antidote. But there’s only one...
The gang member takes out the antidote and throws it to them as he laughs.
Lyria rushes to pick it up but Vanzza gets to it first.
Lyria: Huh? Huh?! Vanzza...?
Vanzza: ...
Gang Member: Heh heh... It’s useless, little girl. He’s not gonna let go of it. Like I told you earlier...
Gang Member: His lover’s been suffering from the same poison as that kid lying there.
Gang Member: Heh... That’s right... Suffer... well...
With those last words, the gang member loses consciousness.
Vanzza: ...
Vyrn: H-hey, Vanzza...?
Vanzza: Hey... (Captain). We’re gonna go eat pie when this is all over, right?
Vanzza: Then... You better wake up...
(Captain) faints as Vanzza finishes talking.
Lyria: Oh! (Captain)! You’re awake...!
(Captain) wakes up in an inn. They are back at the village where they had received the quest.
Several hours must have passed. Lyria had tears in her eyes as she sat next to the bed where (Captain) lay.
Lyria: *Sniffle*... I’m so glad... So so glad...
Lyria: Huh? You want to talk to Vanzza?
Lyria: Actually, right after we carried you here, he said he wanted to be alone and...
Lyria: Hey! (Captain)?!
(Captain) jumps up and rushes out of the inn.
After searching through town, (Captain) finds Vanzza crying under the shade of a tree.
Vanzza: I’m sorry... I’m so sorry... Carolla... I... I...
Vanzza: It was my chance to save you, and I...!
Vanzza: ...?! Oh, (Captain)... Were you listening?
Vanzza: What’s with the face? You shouldn’t be the one feeling guilty...
Vanzza: Plus, even if I had left you and saved Carolla instead...
Vanzza: Carolla wouldn’t be happy. She’d probably actually leave me...
Vanzza: ...
Vanzza: Hey, (Captain)... Thanks for coming to find me but... Do you think you can leave me alone for a bit?
  1. I want to help you.
  2. ...

Choose: I want to help you.
Vanzza: You really are something...
Vanzza smiles gently and puts his hand on (Captain)’s head.
Vanzza: You’re a kind soul... Maybe even too kind...
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Choose: ...
(Captain) refuses and sits down next to Vanzza.
Vanzza: You really are too nice...
Vanzza: Really... The nicest and the best...
Continue 1
(Captain) looks into Vanzza eyes and tells him that they will all be there to help him.
Vanzza: When I first met you, I thought you were just a helpless kid.
Vanzza: But I wonder how it’s come to be...? You’re looking quite dependable.
Vanzza: So let me say, thank you. I gladly accept your help.
Vanzza reaches out his hand.
(Captain) responds with a strong handshake.
Vanzza: We should probably go back. I’m sure Lyria and Vyrn are worried.
Vanzza: And as we all promised, we need to go eat some pie together.
(Captain) smiles at Vanzza.
Vanzza smiles back. Together, they go back to the inn where Lyria and Vyrn were waiting.