Scenario:Veight - Friend or Foe

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Friend or Foe

While out shopping with the crew, Veight is spotted by soldiers. One of them manages to wound Veight, but he simply keeps running.

Soldier 1: Wait, you demon!
Veight: Tch!
Veight sprints through a grassy field, trying his best to elude a number of soldiers in pursuit.
The soldiers occasionally get an attack off on Veight, but he doesn't retaliate.
Soldier 2: He's a quick one! Fix your aim, you idiots!
Veight: Ugh! These guys are relentless!
Aggravated by the situation, Veight thinks back to what caused it in the first place.
Veight and the crew stop by a small country to do some shopping.
Rackam: I'm surprised you decided to come with us, Veight.
Veight: It's easier for me to observe the lives of city folk while I'm with you. It has nothing to do with wanting to follow you or anything.
Veight: And look at all the things you've bought. The more people you have to carry them back to the ship, the better.
Rackam: Wow, that's awfully kind of you!
Veight: Humph. It's no big deal.
Vyrn: Really? I think you're actually worried about us.
Veight: No, I just told you! It's no big deal!
Lyria: (That's a lie.)
Rackam: (He sucks at lying.)
Veight: What? Why are you all looking at me like that?
Veight: I've had enough! I'll be waiting outside!
Vyrn: Hey, come on, you don't have to sulk about it.
Veight: I'm not sulking!
Rackam: Hahaha. He's a handful, all right, but at least he's easy to figure out.
Veight: Argh! What's with those people?
Veight: I said it was no big deal, and I meant it!
Outside the shop and out in the open, Veight feels the burning gazes of suspicion on his skin.
Soldier 1: Look, there it is. See those wings? It's gotta be one of... those.
Soldier 2: There's only one creature with wings like that.
Soldier 3: Vampires! Cursed bloodsuckers!
Veight: (Tch!)
Soldier 2: It's escaping! After it!
And that's how Veight came to be chased by soldiers of a small country.
Soldier 1: Ready! Aim! Fire!
Veight: Ugh!
A bullet strikes Veight's back, but no blood is spilled. He keeps running.
Soldier 2: What? I swear I hit it!
Soldier 1: That's why they're the stuff of legends! What crazy demons!
Veight: (They're the ones shooting at a fleeing target, and somehow I'm the demon.)
Despite his frustrations, he never once turns back to show hostility; he simply keeps running.
Veight: (As far as they're concerned, any sign of animosity from me will only prove that I'm a demon.)
Veight: (It'd be best to avoid that. But is it even possible to forge a friendship with these kinds of people?)
While Veight mulls over his options, another shot rings out across the field.
Veight: Augh! Where?
He feels an intense, sharp pain coming from his right shoulder.
Veight is shocked to find a matte silver bullet lodged in his shoulder.
Soldier 1: It worked! The stories were right!
Veight: (Silver?)
Soldier 2: We've got it now! Shoot! Shoot!
Veight: Urgh!
Veight runs even faster despite his wounds.
But a group of monsters, drawn to the smell of blood, block his path.
Monster: Groaar!
Veight: You're in my way! Begone!