Scenario:Vermeil - An Unscripted Farce

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An Unscripted Farce

Vermeil is half-invited, half-forced by Therese to attend a special duel at the Jewel Resort Casino. Therese is surprised to see Vermeil's half-crying, half-smiling face. To clear up her confusion, Vermeil explains the source of his endlessly flowing tears and his search for the woman with whom he shares this cruel destiny.

The Grandcypher is currently en route to a nearby island, and Vermeil muses to himself on the deck of the ship.
Vermeil: How ironic. I voyage through a sky of the clearest blue, and yet my heart remains clouded with darkness.
Lyria: Um... Vermeil?
Vermeil: Oh, hello, Lyria. What is it?
Lyria: Well, (Captain) says this came for you.
Lyria hands Vermeil a sealed letter, and he opens it after a moment of consideration.
Vyrn: What's it say?
Vermeil: It appears to be an invitation.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Where to?
Vermeil: The Jewel Resort Casino. Someone by the name of Therese sent me a ticket for the viewing of a special match.
Lyria: Wow, a special match? Meaning... a duel?
Vyrn: If it's already been decided, we'd better head into town so you can get spruced up!
Lyria: Agreed. You need to make sure you have appropriately festive clothes too!
Vyrn: Better go let (Captain) know!
Vyrn: C'mon, Weepy-eye!
Vermeil: Hold on! I haven't confirmed that I'll be atten—
Lyria: It looks great on you, Vermeil!
Vermeil: Goodness, you're an awfully impatient lot. I couldn't get a word in!
The crew chats with the various guests assembled at the Jewel Resort's ballroom.
After a few minutes, a female voice cuts through the din.
Any version of Therese is a crew member

Therese: Are you... um... enjoying the party?
Lyria: Oh my gosh! What are you doing dressed like that, Therese?
Therese: Please don't... The owner demanded I wear this, so...
Vyrn: Sounds like a rough situation.
No version of Therese in crew

Therese: Are you... um... enjoying the party?
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Are you a model? And that outfit is so cute!
Therese: Please don't say things like that... It's so embarrassing...
Vyrn: Why's that? I think you look cool!
Therese: F-forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Therese, and I'm one of the duelists scheduled for tonight's event.
Vermeil: Ah, so you're Therese. Allow me to thank you for inviting me to such a spectacular event.
Therese: I just... um... Don't worry about it.
Vermeil: I must ask. Why would you go to the trouble of inviting someone like me?
Therese: Well, um... I guess... I heard you liked shows, so...
Vermeil: Pardon me for saying so, but my preference is actually for comedies, you see.
Vermeil: I fear the show you've prepared for me is one that I am... less than enthusiastic about. If you'll excuse me...
Vermeil produces the letter from his pocket and attempts to return it to the sender.
Therese refuses to take it. A strange smile creeps across her face.
Therese: You've never seen a platinum duel ticket before, have you? Even duelists like myself have a hard time getting their hands on one.
Therese: It's just about time to begin the duel... A special match with the record for longest win streak on the line. I had hoped you'd be watching...
Vermeil: Is that so. I must be causing you a great deal of trouble then. I spoke callously without consideration...
Therese: Oh, I wouldn't say that. You wouldn't have dressed up so formally just to cordially refuse me, would you?
Vermeil: When you put it that way, I suppose the eyes really do have it. Or at least... one of mine does.
Vermeil: I suppose I must reconsider. If I had to be honest with myself, I'd be happy to accept your hospitality.
Therese: And I'll be happy to make it worth your while.
The duel between Therese and Ladiva has begun.
Instead of offering introductions, the two quickly move within striking range of each other.
The crowd soon finds itself whipped into a frenzy of excitement and laughter as the two duelists exchange comical jabs.
As the audience's excitement reaches a fever pitch, the real bout between Therese and Ladiva commences at last.
Therese: So how was it? My duel, I mean.
Vermeil: Absolutely superb! Truly, you are an entertainer par excellence!
Vermeil: How sad would my life have been if I had chosen to deprive myself of such an experience?
Therese: I-I'm not... You're exaggerating... P-please don't say such things... It's embarrassing...
In the next moment, Therese notices something about Vermeil.
Therese: Hm? You sound like you had a great time, so why are you crying?
Lyria: I think we can explain, Therese...
Vermeil simply chuckles.
Vermeil: That won't be necessary. I have to repay you for that incredible show after all.
Vermeil: Allow me to explain, however briefly, this unending stream of tears I live with every day.
Vermeil: My past self was getting ready to marry my fiancee.
Vermeil: She was the daughter of merchants. Her beautiful smile was like a sunflower in bloom.
Vermeil: But her family's business suffered, and their creditors soon sought to exact revenge on her household.
Vermeil: I could not see her come to harm. I betrayed my lord and took up the blade in defiance of my oath as a knight.
Vermeil: When all was said and done, she and I both were imprisoned. All we could do was await execution.
Lord: I offer you the freedom to choose, my traitorous knight. Either die a noble death, or live a life of shame.
Vermeil: I had violated a bond of trust.
Vermeil: To save the life of the woman I loved, I gave up the second most important thing to me: my honor.
Lord: Bwahaha... A life of shame, is it? I suppose even an honor bound knight has his price!
Lord: Sigh... That ideal love of yours is pathetic. Your family and hers are too different for such a dream to ever come true.
Lord: Fear not. As punishment for your betrayal, I shall abuse your honor until the day you die!
Vermeil: My lord represented the creditors. He offered to free my fiancee under one condition: that I marry his daughter instead.
Vermeil: It was all for my fiancee. All I cared about was her safety... her happiness.
Vermeil: But it seems I was the only one who saw it that way.
Destined Woman: ...
Vermeil: Her face was emotionless. Unfeeling. No rage. Not even a hint of disgust.
Vermeil: The only thing visible on her face were silently flowing tears.
Vermeil: The sight of her weeping cauterized itself onto my eye like a prisoner's brand. A stigmata that would remain forever, no matter how many times I might be reborn.
Vermeil: I have the faintest feeling that she was trying to tell me something back then, with eyes full of tears... but I cannot remember.
Vermeil: No matter how hard I try, those memories remain beyond my reach.
Vermeil closes his eyes to hold back the overflowing tears. He has no words.
All he can do is search for a woman bound to the same fate as his own, trapped in an endless, teary cycle of reincarnation.
Lyria: It'll all be okay, Vermeil. I'm sure you'll find her.
Vyrn: You sure will! You've got (Captain) searchin' right alongside you! Right, (Captain)?
  1. I shall ensure you weep no longer.
  2. I'd like to meet her myself.

Vyrn: Are you trying to imitate Weepy-eye, (Captain)?
Choose: I'd like to meet her myself.
Lyria: Heehee, I don't think it was a fitting imitation, but I understand. You're really just trying to hide your embarrassment.
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Vyrn: Right? I wonder what kind of person she is...
Continue 1
Lyria: I'm sure they'll get along great together. And I'm sure you'll find her, Vermeil!
Therese: Have you tried searching for her during a duel? We're a very popular attraction. You never know who might be in the crowd.
Vermeil: Everyone... Thank you.
Vyrn: Now that's the face I wanted to see! Right, (Captain)? Sending that invitation was totally worth it after all!
Lyria: Vyrn, no! That's just between us!
Vyrn: It just slipped out, I swear!
Vermeil: So that was your plan. You saw me in pain and went to extraordinary lengths just for me...
Vermeil: I can't believe you all... Is my right eye not enough? You want my left eye to never stop flowing either?
Vermeil: With these... these tears of joy?
Tears silently stream from both of Vermeil's eyes.
(Captain) and the crew smile gently, wishing Vermeil all the best on his journey to come.
They sing a silent hymn within their hearts, promising to watch over Vermeil until he finds who he's looking for.