Scenario:Vermeil - Romancing the Stone

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Romancing the Stone

To find the woman he shares a fated connection to, Vermeil searches for the ring she dropped in their past lives. As he's describing the ring's stone to De La Fille, a woman passes by with a ring that seems to fit the description, prompting him to give chase.

An attempt by a group of thieves to plunder De La Fille's jewels is thwarted by the crew.
As the atmosphere aboard the beautiful casino liner returns to normal, (Captain) and the others strike up some relaxed conversation.
Lyria suddenly seems to remember something.
Lyria: When we were chasing after those gem thieves, isn't this what you said, Vermeil?
Vermeil: As a matter of fact, I have a connection with that woman as well.
Vyrn: You mean that con woman we caught earlier?
Lyria: What kind of connection did you have with her, Vermeil?
No version of De La Fille in crew

De La Fille: If it's all right with you, there's something that's been puzzling me as well.
De La Fille: You've never met me before. So why did you put yourself in danger to help me stop those jewel swindlers?
Any version of De La Fille is a crew member

De La Fille: If it's all right with you, there's something that's been on my mind as well.
De La Fille: Why did you put yourself in danger to deal with those jewel swindlers?
Vermeil simply smiles at the flurry of questions before responding.
Vermeil: I believe one answer should suffice for all your questions.
Lyria: Um, what do you mean exactly?
Vermeil: On the day I was separated from the woman of my destiny, she dropped her ring.
Vermeil: Was it intentional? An accident? I cannot say. But it happened after we parted ways that day.
Vermeil: The stone in that ring of hers could be a clue to her whereabouts.
Vermeil: It may have been but the faintest ray of light, but I seized the opportunity to ask the lady with the jewels, and that's when her cohorts showed up.
No version of De La Fille in crew

De La Fille: So what kind of stone was in that ring?
Vermeil: Excuse me, but... who might you be again?
De La Fille: Oh dear. I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself. I am De La Fille, Queen of the Gem Domain.
De La Fille: You can trust my opinion on rare gems far more than that of some third-rate stone seller.
Vermeil: Is that so! What a delightful turn of events! Please enlighten me!
De La Fille: I'd be happy to. Can you tell me what the stone's defining characteristics were?
Any version of De La Fille is a crew member

De La Fille: If you wanted to know about a stone you could have always asked me.
De La Fille: Who better to ask... than De La Fille, Queen of the Gem Domain?
Vermeil: How could I have forgotten? Utter carelessness on my part.
De La Fille: So? What kind of stone was it?
Vermeil: It was a beautiful shade of jade... like her eyes. It had a mysterious marble pattern, and—
Vermeil: ...!
An emerald glint suddenly flickers in the corner of Vermeil's eye.
Vermeil: That stone! It's just like the ring!
A small hand in the crowd bears a ring with the jade Vermeil had mentioned just moments before. After collecting his breath, he gives chase.
But when he turns the corner the owner of the ring is nowhere to be found.
What he finds instead is a belligerent gambler suffering from a bad day at the card tables.
His footing seems decidedly unsteady, and he bumps into Vermeil on accident.
Woozy Man: Hey, you! What's the big idea? You want me to punch you in that dumb weepy eye of yours?
Vermeil: Terribly sorry. I'll just be on my way—
Vermeil ducks low and attempts to run.
But the woozy casino-goer remains belligerent. Vermeil has no choice but to fight.

Romancing the Stone: Scene 2

After losing sight of the woman with the ring, the crew vows to help Vermeil find her. Although fearful about what might happen upon reuniting with her, he searches her out nonetheless, only to discover that she's married to a woozy and belligerent man who had picked a fight with the crew earlier.

Vyrn: Hey, Weepy-eye, what made you go runnin' off all of a sudden?
Vermeil: My apologies. I saw someone with that stone I mentioned earlier...
Vyrn: Wait, for real? That must be the woman you've been searching for!
Vermeil: Yes. That may well be.
Vyrn: Why didn't you say so sooner? Let's go find her!
Lyria: We'll help too!
De La Fille: It's the least we can do after you helped resolve the incident earlier. I'll do everything in my power to assist.
Vermeil: Thank you, everyone. Now then...
Vyrn: Let's hurry up and find this destiny woman of yours!
Vermeil: Right. But I'm still... I'm still...
Despite the reassuring words of his friends, Vermeil seems indecisive.
He apologetically explains.
Vermeil: I want to meet her... but I fear it as well.
Vermeil: My attempts to protect her became a sickening betrayal.
Vermeil: I may have been married to the lord's daughter, but nary a day passed that I did not think of my one true love.
Vermeil: She, on the other hand, may very well despise me... and I fear the resulting anguish may very well destroy me.
Vermeil: I have to accept what comes. But when I think about it... I find my feet frozen in place.
De La Fille: Hee hee... This is all very hard to imagine after seeing that display of gallantry from you earlier.
Vermeil: De La Fille...
De La Fille: You have no need to worry. She'll accept you. I'm sure of it.
Vermeil: How can you be so confident?
De La Fille: How can you doubt her when you know exactly what kind of person she is?
Vermeil: ...!
De La Fille: She must feel the same way you do. I'd stake my title as Queen of the Gem Domain on it.
Vermeil can't help but smile after seeing De La Fille answer with such confidence.
Vermeil: You are quite the amusing personage. When I speak with you, I feel embarrassed for even worrying about this in the first place.
Vermeil: Everyone. Allow me to once again request your help in finding this destined woman of mine.
De La Fille: I'd be happy to.
The crew splits up to search the casino liner, and soon hear word that the woman they're searching for is on the deck of the ship.
Vermeil ignores what trepidation yet lingers and heads to the deck of the ship.
It doesn't take long for him to find the woman he had noticed earlier.
Vermeil musters up all of his courage... and grasps her hand.
Vermeil: Please wait! There's something I wish to speak to you about...
But Vermeil's hand is thrown aside in anger.
Ring Woman: What do you think you're doing, you annoying little man?
Vermeil: Huh?
Ring Woman: Saw me earlier, did you? I'm not some two-rupie floozy, so I suggest you go bother someone else!
Vermeil: This is all some kind of misunderstanding. I just...
Woozy Man: Just what? Trying to move in on my girl, punk?
Vermeil: You're the man from earlier...
Woozy Man: And you're that pip-squeak who beat me up!
Woozy Man: Guess that saves me the time searchin' for ya! They're gonna be hauling ya out on a stretcher this time!
Ring Woman: Make sure you get him this time, honey! Put him in his place!

Romancing the Stone: Scene 3

The crew resolves the situation and shows De La Fille the ring Vermeil believes to be connected to his past life. Vermeil is heartened to hear that the stone's meaning is one of requited love and long overdue reunions and vows to continue the search for his partner from a past life.

Vermeil and the others subdue the angry couple and carefully explain the situation.
After returning to their senses, the man and woman apologize for their actions.
Woozy Man: Sorry about all that. I thought you were hitting on my precious angel here.
Ring Woman: It was my fault too. I assumed you were some kind of creepy hand grabber... I'm really, truly sorry.
Vermeil: No, it was a rather unexpected move on my part as well. A grave insult.
Vermeil: You mustn't enter into conflict so hastily, but I am truly impressed by the love you hold for each other. May you never forget that love and remain eternally happy.
Ring Woman: Thank you so much...
At the next moment, the woman notices De La Fille staring at her ring.
Ring Woman: Heh heh heh... This caught your eye? My shiftless husband couldn't afford anything expensive, but I still like it.
De La Fille: Could I take a closer look at it?
Ring Woman: By all means. Gaze at it to your heart's desire!
De La Fille carefully examines the stone in the ring.
She returns it to the woman a few moments later with a look of certainty on her face.
De La Fille: Hee hee... I knew it.
Vermeil: Knew what?
De La Fille: She communicated her message to you, whether you realized it or not.
Vermeil: She... did?
De La Fille: Yes. Are you familiar with the language of flowers?
Vermeil: The coded meaning associated with different varieties of flowers, you mean?
De La Fille: Exactly. You may not be aware of this, but stones and gems have a language of their own as well.
Vermeil: They do? Then... does that stone have a message as well, De La Fille?
De La Fille: It's malachite. A stone signifying reunion, prosperity, and requited love.
Vermeil: Reunion, prosperity, and requited love? Does that mean she—
De La Fille: Yes. That's what I told you earlier, didn't I? She feels the same way you do.
De La Fille: As long as you search for her, she'll be searching for you. Believe in the malachite.
Vermeil: Ah, thank goodness. She never hated me... This gives me such profound solace.
Vermeil lets out a sigh of relief and smiles.
But the tears from his right eye continue to flow unabated.
As he wipes them away with his hand, he swears a silent oath within his heart.
Vermeil: (My tears won't stop... not until I see her smiling face once more.)
(Captain) and the crew are deeply moved by Vermeil's display of emotion, and are once more reminded of the preciousness of others.
The crew will continue watching over Vermeil... until the day his tears subside.