Scenario:Viceroy - The Superalloy

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The Superalloy

On their travels (Captain) and crew find themselves in a town which is having trouble keeping its criminals locked away. The crew head to a nearby factory to ask if they can make a sturdier jail cell for them. Along the way they are confronted by a personable young man who leads the way. The man turns out to be Viceroy, the owner of the factory who agrees to make the townspeople their new jail cell.

Rowdy Ruffian: Bwahahah! You call that iron? It looks like I could just bend that with my pinky! DO you really think you'll keep me in that?
The local peacekeepers' jail is poorly constructed. Every time they try to arrest someone they just escape.
The townspeople are understandably annoyed by this.
Hearing a commotion, (Captain) and crew go and investigate.
Vyrn: Whoa, what is that? What's wrong with that iron grate? It looks about ready to fall apart?
Militia: Ah, travelers. You see we've arrested this no-good hoodlum, only…
Vyrn: Why don't you just build a better jail?
Blacksmith: Ahahaha! Would that we could! No, unfortunately we're more used to working with pots and pans than forges and foundries.
Militia: Well why don't we go ask at the factory by the mountain?
Blacksmith: What? The mountain? You don't mean… Don't be silly!
Vyrn: Why is it silly?
Militia: There's a factory at the foot of the mountain with some talented workers, but there's a rumor they used to be bandits…
Lyria: What? Bandits?
Blacksmith: They're so scary. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go.
Lyria: Don't worry. As long as I'm with (Captain) I'm not scared of anything.
Blacksmith: What? You're not?
Lyria: Besides, we're not the kind of people to just leave you in trouble like this.
Militia: Wow, you're so kind. In that case, if you can help us please do. Tell them we need a properly made jail cell.
A figure in the shadows looks out on the scene.
???: …Hehe, they might be interesting.
As (Captain) and the others hurry along the path to the factory they are accosted by a young man.
Despite his shocking entrance the young man has a friendly face. He starts talking to the crew.
???: I finally found you! I've been looking all over for someone like you guys!
Lyria: Erm, you were waiting for us? Why?
???: Heheheh, you're all heading to the factory by the mountain, right? Let me take you the rest of the way!
Vyrn: Huh? What's going on here? You know that factory is supposed to be home to bandits, don't you?
???: Heheh, don't worry about that. I think you'll find me an excellent guide!
Vyrn: Hey, are we really gonna follow this chatty punk? We don't know anything about him.
Vyrn: Wait, where'd he go? Did he get lost? Some guide he turned out to be!
Lyria: Oh no, what if something's happened to him?
The crew turn back to look for the missing boy.
They soon find him. He's digging a hole and whistling to himself.
???: Heheh, look at this! This is some high quality sand!
Saying this he picked up a handful of the glittering sand and put it in his leather bag.
Vyrn: Y'know seeing him playing in the sand like that, he looks even younger.
(Captain) and crew finally arrive at the factory, and knock on its door with a great deal of trepidation.
Artisan: Bwahahaha! Sounds like we have visitors, boys! Who could it be all the way in the forest here?
Artisan: Hey, you'd better have something good to eat! C'mon, you must have some fruit or somethin'!
The townspeople's fears were for nothing. The men at the factory turn out to be nice, friendly people.
The men in the factory were once in fact bandits, but they gave up that life a long time ago.
They happily explain that they were taken in by a master blacksmith and have completely changed their ways.
Artisan: So what is it? The town needs a new prison?
Artisan: Bwahahaha! So that's why they sent you! You guys must be the most helpful people in the world!
Artisan: Makes it all the harder to say this, but I'm afraid we can't help you.
Vyrn: What! D'you mean we came all this way for nothing?
Artisan: The problem is, we need a certain material to make strong steel, and we're all out of it.
Lyria: Then why don't you get some more? Come on, we'll come with you to the store.
Artisan: The thing is, we sent someone out to collect it for us, but we've not heard from them in some time now…
???: Hehe, I have what you need! Look, there's loads of it!
Artisan: Oh, that's it! That's what we?master! Wh-when did you get back?
Vyrn: What! You don't mean this kid is your master blacksmith, do you?
Lyria: What's going on? Is he someone important?
Artisan: He may look young, but this kid here is the greatest metallurgist alive today! He's known throughout the skies.
???: Heheheh, stop it! You're making me blush.
Viceroy: Oh, I almost forgot! My name's Viceroy. Feel free to call me Vice, though!
Under Viceroy's orders the workers put the sand into the furnace and started work making the steel for the jail.
The workers then lifted the steel cage on their shoulders and carried it to the town like a parade float.
Viceroy: OK, everyone! Let's get this to the town, then we can celebrate!
Viceroy: Another job well done! This might just be the finest jail in all the skies! Nothing's gonna break my super alloy.
Viceroy: …Huh? Hey! Why am I inside the jail cell?
Viceroy looks puzzled by his incarceration.
Artisan: Isn't it obvious? You spent all of our savings partying!
Artisan: Not only that, but you were a nuisance to just about everyone in town! What do you have to say for yourself?
Viceroy: Damn, not again. I'm sorry, townspeople!
Viceroy: Surely you can't blame me for liking a party every now and then. But I guess I do let things get out of hand.
Viceroy: Don't worry about paying for the jail cell, you can keep it! Just please, let me out!
Artisan: We really are sorry. But don't worry, we can make sure it won't happen again. So please let him go.
Vyrn: Agreed! These guys all worked really hard on this jail cell, the least you can do is let him out of it.
Lyria: Yes! Please let him out!
Viceroy: Y-you guys. I really appreciate you doing this for me.
Militia: Well, looks like he has support from all kinds of people. I guess he can't be such a bad egg after all.
Viceroy: (Captain), thanks a bunch. If you weren't here I'd probably still be in that jail cell.
Vyrn: Heheheh, don't mention it!
Viceroy: And… there's something I was thinking about… While I was making that cell.
Viceroy: Iron is not enough on it's own. To make it stronger you need to mix it with something else.
Viceroy: Maybe people are like that too. Maybe I need something else to make me stronger. (Captain), what do you think?
  1. Just come out and say it: you want in.
  2. I'd love to see you in action.

Choose: Just come out and say it: you want in.
Choose: I'd love to see you in action.
Viceroy: Heheh, you saw right through me! I think if I travel with you, I'll uncover the secret to the ultimate super alloy!
The master metallurgist has alloyed with the crew, creating something far stronger than either was before.
The young master smith, Viceroy, is in search of something to make him stronger. He heads out into unknown skies to find it.