Scenario:Vira - A Faithful Knight's Departure

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A Faithful Knight's Departure

Newly freed, Vira followed Katalina onto the airship and declared that she had decided to travel with the group in order to stay close to her. Vira had made amends with our heroes, but she burned with jealousy towards Vyrn, the subject of Katalina’s affections.

One fine, sunny day... (Captain) and company were preparing to head to the next archipelago.
Lyria: Katalina! The food’s all stowed away and ready to go!
Katalina: Great! Well then, are we all set, everyone?
Vira: This won’t do, Sister Katalina. You have sullied your clothing... Fear not, I shall clean it for you.
Katalina: Oops! Thanks...
Vira: There, good as new. Teehee... Your hair is delightfully shiny, sister.
Katalina: Hehe... Thanks, but it’s nothing special if you ask me... Wait...
Katalina: Wha?! V-Vira?! What are you doing here...?
Vira: Need you even ask, sister? Now that I’ve been freed from Luminiera, I can go anywhere I please...
Vira: Over the course of the many long months that I served as Lord Commander, I could only yearn... But now nothing stands in my way.
Vira: Thus, I can think of no place in all the sky I’d rather be than at my dear Sister’s side.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa... Are you saying you’re gonna come with us on our journey?
Vira: If my dear sister is going to continue on this journey, then yes, that is my intention. You don’t mind, do you, (Captain)?
  1. Welcome aboard
  2. ...

Choose: Welcome aboard
Vira: Teehee... Thank you for understanding.
Vira: I would expect no less from the leader of the Order my dear Sister affiliates herself with.
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Choose: ...
Vira: Teehee... You have nothing to worry about.
Vira: As a member of my dear sister’s beloved Order, I will endeavor not to sully your good name.
Continue 1
Vira: You’re a little young for this line of work, but... From here on, I’m in your care.
Lyria: Yay! Welcome aboard! You’re REALLY strong, so I know we can count on you, Vira!
Vira: Teehee... You’re a sweet kid. I like you. Plus, you’re completely adorable...
Vyrn: Good grief... Pushy much?
Vira: As for this lizard... Perhaps I ought to teach it a lesson or two?
Vyrn: Eek!
Katalina: H-Hey! Stop that, Vira! Don’t pick on my sweet, innocent Vyrn...!
Vira: ............
Vira: Oh... Yes, you’re right. I ought to respect and cherish my new traveling companions... I apologize, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Eh, no big deal! Anyways, welcome aboard! Now then, let’s get going!
And so, with the new addition of Vira to the group, the Grandcypher rose up into the sky once more.
Vyrn: Huh? That’s weird... Have you seen her, (Captain)?
Lyria: What’s the matter? Looking for someone...?
Vyrn: Well, you see... I know Vira should be on board, but I can’t seem to find her anywhere...
Lyria: Hahahaha... If it’s Vira you’re looking for, umm... She’s over there...
Vira: Bad girl, Vira... I need to calm down...
Vira: Yes, that lizard may be a mere trifle of a creature, but sister favors him...
Vira: I must hold back... Regardless of how lowly and stupid he is, sister would mourn his death...
Vira: Sister favors him... No, I mustn’t lay a finger on him... I mustn’t make sister sad...
Vira: Must... Hold... Back...
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: I, uh... I trust you, (Captain)! If she tries anything, please come save me, okay?!
With just a touch of uncertainty on the horizon, (Captain) and company soared off into the sky on the Grandcypher.