Scenario:Vira - A Heart Broken

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A Heart Broken

Vira sees a dream of the day she became Lord Commander of Albion. It soon turns into a nightmare as she is reminded of the pain of losing Katalina. Luminiera senses Vira's mind beginning to slip, and takes over Vira's consciousness to protect her.

Vira: Hraaah!
Katalina: Hraaah!
Vira: Pant... Pant... Ngh!
Katalina: Hraaah!
Vira: ...!
Katalina: ...!
Vira: ...!
Vira: (Katalina... if this is what you truly want...)
Vira: Hraaa—
Katalina: Vira... Forgive me.
Vira: (...!)
Vira: (No... No!)
Vira: (Don't leave me again! You can't! You can't!)
Katalina: Garh!
Vira: Huh...
Vira: Wha?
A sickly warm liquid flows down Vira's sword and soaks her hand in red.
Katalina: ...
Vira: Nooo!
Vira: Aaaaah!
She stumbles back, only to find the same dark red has engulfed her feet.
Vira: Aah... Ah... Ah...
Vira: ...
Vira: Katalina! Katalinaaa!
Vira: No! My Katalina!
Vira: Haah! Haah...
The night returns to silence. Beads of cold sweat drip down from Vira's face.
Vira: ...
Her bloodshot eyes look around the room. She's in her quarters on the Grandcypher.
Vira: ...!
Katalina's Voice: ...
Lyria's Voice: Can't... eat any more...
Vira: ...
Vira: Katalina...
Vira slumps to the floor and stifles her sobs. The tears soon follow.
She feels relief that it was all a dream, but the horror of the images are still fresh in her mind. How many times has this nightmare come to torment her?
Vira: Katalina... I...
Vira: If not for you, I have no reason to be. To be here, to be on this journey... To live.
Vira: ...
The recurring nightmare has taken a great toll on Vira. So much so that it seems to extinguish the very light in her eyes.
Vira: ...
Luminiera: ...
Vira: ...
The young woman stands on deck, staring up at the clear night sky.
Luminiera: ...
When Luminiera finds her all alone, the primal beast happily nuzzles itself into her arms.
Vira: ...
Her tired eyes still staring on, Vira caresses the primal beast with a practiced hand.
Luminiera seems almost catlike in its response, purring and moving Vira's hand to where it wants to be pet.
Luminiera: ...
Vira: ...
Vira: If only I was more like you, Luminiera... childlike... gentle... Perhaps my life would be different...
Luminiera: ...?
Vira: It's nothing.
Luminiera: ...
Vira: Pay me no mind. It's just... that dream from last night. I need some time to recover, is all.
Vira: I'm all right.
But Luminiera sees through her words, and it senses the empty darkness that's entered its master's heart—
Senses that Vira's eyes are open but see nothing.
Senses that if she ever lost the one she loves, she would surely lose herself as well.
Luminiera fears for its master who has but one reason to live...
And knows the signs are too serious to ignore.
Vira: Nn...
Luminiera: ...
Luminiera: ...!
Vira: Katalina... Katalina... Katalina...
Vira: No! No!
Don't leave me, Katalina! Don't leave me!
???: ...
Vira: Who's there?
???: ...
Vira: You... You're...
Vira: Me?
(No... There's something wrong here...)
???: ...
Before her, Vira finds what seems to be another version of herself. Primal bits float about in the air around.
Vira: Luminiera... It's you, isn't it?
Luminiera: ...
Vira: Is there something you want to tell me?
Vira: ...?
Lyria: Yawn... Oh, Vyrn. Good morning...
Vyrn: Mornin'! Lyria, you look like you're still asleep!
Lyria: Ehehe. There was a book I just couldn't put down!
Lyria: And good morning to you, (Captain)!
One morning (Captain) and company gather on deck and exchange pleasantries.
Vira, however, stands out from the crowd.
Vira: ...
She stares off into blank space, eyes never seeming to catch sight of any one thing.
Lyria: Good morning, Vira!
Vira: Good morning. Lyria, Vyrn. (Captain).
Vira then proceeds to hug each member after she greets them.
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Oh hey. Good mo—
Vyrn: Wha! What're you doing?
Vira: Everyone. You are all so warm and so kind.
Vyrn: Th-the heck's gotten into you?
Vira: ...?
I'm just happy to see you all.
Vyrn: Whaa?
Lyria: Hehehe! You startled me for a second there, but I'm happy to see you too!
Vira: You're so guileless and pure, Lyria. I love that about you.
Lyria: Oh my! I think I'm going to blush!
Vira: Well then, Lyria, Vyrn, (Captain). A good day to you all.
Vira delivers the line in perfect monotone and parts ways with the trio.
Vyrn: Psst. Am I the only one feeling Vira's a little extra weird today?
Vira: Weird? What ever do you mean? Could you be more specific?
Vyrn: Eep! How'd you hear that?
Vyrn: Well, it's kinda hard to say exactly...
Vira: Silly Vyrn. I'm me.
Vira: Well then, I'd best get to preparing breakfast.
Vira: I look forward to enjoying our meal together. Until then.
Vira gives an elegant curtsy and saunters away toward the kitchen.
Vyrn: She's cooking?!
Lyria: Wowie! I can't wait! Vira's cooking!
Vyrn: Am I the only one creeped out by this?
Vyrn: (Captain), tell me you don't smell something fishy here too.
(Captain) nods. Something is definitely amiss here.
The question is... What?