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A Heart Restored

In her dream Vira looks back on blissful academy days spent with Katalina, on lonesome years of separation from her, and on the battle they fought after their reunion. When her dream starts to take a dark turn again, Luminiera intervenes to stop the nightmare's cruel conclusion.

From a young age, Vira had never thought much of life. It was, in her words, an utter bore.
In whatever she did, she was the best. Always and without effort.
Not even her elder brothers could attempt to compete with her. Studies, art, swordcraft. She mastered them all.
Vira: My father was a baron, owning more than half of all businesses on the island.
Vira: The young, naive me thought I would be next to inherit that position.
Vira: But eventually I realized my father had no such hopes for me.
It was then that she enrolled herself into Albion's military academy. At the very least she could now avoid being married off to a stranger.
And in the best of cases, she might just find a challenge.
Her hopes for the latter, however, were soon dashed.
The students proved to be no match for her. The lectures taught her nothing new.
The teachers themselves knew nothing.
Vira: There was no one I could consider a worthy rival. None who so much as piqued my interest.
Vira: Spending my days staring up at the clouds might have been a more fruitful venture.
Vira: But everything changed the day I met Katalina.
Katalina: Are you all right?
Vira: Huh? Y-yes, thank you.
Vira: That day I knew what I had to give my life to. Whom I had to give my life to.
The gray everyday of academy life had suddenly blossomed with color for Vira.
Katalina: Vira... I always seem to have you all to myself.
Katalina: I'm not keeping you from your other friends, am I?
Vira: Not at all. You needn't worry about that.
Vira: Nothing means more to me than our time together, Katalina. I'd spend every minute with you if I could.
Katalina: I'm flattered to hear that, Vira. But...
Katalina: You know I won't be here forever.
Katalina: Once I've graduated... I'm worried I'll leave you all alone.
Vira: Katalina...
Vira: There's no need to worry about me. I've fared just fine without friends in the years before I met you.
Katalina: ...
Vira: Katalina?
Katalina: Vira. You're such a bright and lovely person. I want to give others the chance to see that side of you.
Vira: Katalina...
Katalina: Did you know how many admirers you have? They wish they could talk to you but can't work up the courage to strike a conversation.
Vira: What?
Katalina: Haha.
Katalina: If only they knew what a wonderful friend you can be.
Vira: ...
Katalina: Vira. There'll come a time when you'll have more friends than you can imagine. I know it.
Vira: ...
(But all I want is you, Katalina...)
Katalina: Hm? Why the long face? Was it something I said?
Vira: No, no! Not at all. I was just... moved.
Vira: You really are too kind to me, Katalina.
Well then! We'd best finish these sandwiches!
Katalina: Ah, much appreciated. They look delicious.
Vira: The way she moved in training...
Vira: The silhouette of her profile...
Vira: The soft sheen of her lips...
Vira: The gentle flow of her hair...
Vira: The hint of her aroma...
Vira: I loved every moment with her.
Each day was like a dream.
Vira: But those dear three years ended all too soon.
Vira: The Lord Commander at the time died from a bitter sickness. Haste was made to begin the selection of his successor.
Katalina: I didn't spend my days in training to be the next Lord Commander!
Vira: Katalina... If this is what you truly want... I'll bear this burden for you!
Since the times of old, the Lord Commander has been chosen by way of a grand tournament.
In accord with the pact between the city and the primal beast Luminiera, Albion's protector.
Vira: After graduating the academy, Katalina left to become a knight of the imperial army. I became the Lord Commander of Albion.
Vira: Because of my bond with Luminiera, I was unable to leave the island.
Vira: The days without Katalina were like wandering through an empty, endless darkness.
Vira: Until that faithful day...
Vira: If you're looking for a restaurant, perhaps I can give you a few recommendations?
Vyrn: Hm? Who are you? A local or something?
Katalina: Vira...
Vira: It's been quite some time, my dearest Katalina. I hope you've been faring well?
Vira: Six years... Six long years.
Vira: How I wished to leave the island and find her, but all I could do was wait for her return.
Vira: And every night since, that dream has haunted me. I'd see her leave and never come back.
Vira: I can't bear to see her leave me again...
Vira: Never again... No matter the cost.
Vira: Pant... Pant... Ngh!
Katalina: Hraaah!
Vira: ...!
Katalina: ...!
Vira: ...!
Vira: (Katalina... if this is what you truly want...)
Katalina: Garh!
Vira: Hraaa—
Vira: (No! Don't! Stop!)
Vira: (Nooo! Aaah!)
Luminiera: (...)
Vira: (Huh?)
Luminiera Omega: ...
Luminiera Omega appears before Vira in the nightmare to prevent her from once again doing the unthinkable.
Vira: ...?!
Katalina: Wha! What is that?
Katalina: Vira! We'll put our battle on hold for now. First we need to deal with that! Will you help me?
Vira: Of course, Katalina! Always!
Katalina: Then let's go! Stay close!
Vira: Right behind you!

A Heart Restored: Scene 2

Luminiera transfers power to Vira in order to protect her, which results in the primal beast assuming control over the young woman's body. When Luminiera gives other crew members the same amount of care usually reserved for Katalina, (Captain) senses something amiss.

Katalina: We did it!
Together with the Katalina in her dream, Vira defeats Luminiera Omega. Vira, however, faints in the dream world.
Vira: ...
Katalina: Vira! What's happened to you? Vira!
With her dream avatar fallen into a comatose state, Vira herself is unable to regain consciousness.
Luminiera: (...)
Vira: (Nn...)
She can't go on with these dreams.
Another nightmare would surely break her.
Ever the loyal companion, Luminiera decides to take drastic action to save its master from her spiral into madness and despair.
It connects with Vira's deep psyche, transferring a part of its own power to Vira.
Vira: Nnn... Haah...
Vira: Ah! Aaah!
Luminiera: (...)
Willingly or not, Vira's is forced to accept Luminiera's power.
As a result Luminiera assumes control over Vira's awareness.
Vira: Breakfast is ready, everyone. Let's all sit down and enjoy.
Lyria: Wow!
Vyrn: Yes! Grub time!
Vira: Here, sit down right next to me, (Captain).
Vira: Now, open wide and say aah...
Lyria: Huh?
  1. "Aah!"
  2. Blush.

Choose: "Aah!"
Vira: How was it? I hope it suits your palate.
(Captain) nods with a glow of satisfaction.
Vyrn: This day just gets weirder and weirder.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Blush.
Vira: Oh? What's wrong? Porridge isn't your fancy perhaps?
Lyria: Um, Vira! I... I don't think it's the food... It's just... You can't... Well... You just can't!
Continue 1
Vira: Hehe. Not to worry, Lyria. I'll be sure you get your turn as well.
Vira: Here, say aah...
Lyria: Wha! I... I can eat by myself, thank you!
Vira: No need to hold back. I'm doing this because I want to.
Vira: Now, one more time. Aah...
Lyria: H-hwa... Um... Aaah...
Lyria: Nom... Nom...
Lyria: Mmm! It's absolutely amazing, Vira!
Vira: Hehe. I'm so glad you like it, Lyria. All right, Vyrn, you're next. Say aah.
Vyrn: What the!
Vyrn: There's definitely something wrong with her! Definitely!
But (Captain)'s keen senses don't miss the strange dimness in Vira's eyes. The spark that was once there now seems no more.
Luminiera: ...
Vira: What in the skies do you think you're doing?
Vira confronts Luminiera in a dream.
Her body is asleep, allowing her to finally communicate with Luminiera.
Vira: Just what are you trying to prove, using my body like that?
Vira: Are you saying I should live my life as a fool? Wagging my tail for anyone that passes by?
Luminiera: ...
Vira: When I said I wanted to be more like you, it was a figure of speech. Nothing more.
Vira: I'd never truly want that.

A Heart Restored: Scene 3

Now comatose due to Luminiera's interventions, Vira tells Luminiera through a dream that she fears having someone in her heart other than Katalina—something brought about by (Captain). As Vira's consciousness continues to fade away, Luminiera engages Vira in a battle in the dream world in a last-ditch effort to save her.

The assimilation with the primal beast has taken a toll on Vira's mind and body.
As of late, her body has needed more and more sleep to cope with the burden of Luminiera's immense power.
Vyrn: Ever since she started acting funny, Vira's sure been sleeping a lot.
Lyria: And she hasn't been looking well at all. Oh, I hope she's all right.
Vyrn and Lyria tend to the slumbering Vira by her bedside.
(Captain) holds her hand, waiting for her to awaken.
Vira: ...
Luminiera: ...
Vira: All I've ever needed... is Katalina by my side.
Vira: Even now that hasn't changed.
Vira: But joining this crew, spending more time with others—
Vira: I've started to worry, and I don't know what to do.
Vira: The crew, they should be nothing more than strangers to me. Yet... (Captain) won't let me stay a stranger to them.
Vira: They want me to be one of them... and that scares me.
Vira: I try to ignore it, but I can always feel something pulling me slowly closer to them.
Vira: Cooperation, giving and taking... Being equals with someone else.
Vira: I've never done such things before. I've never had to.
Vira: Even in my time with Katalina; those three years we spent together weren't as equals.
Vira: Which is why... I'm afraid.
Vira: Afraid that I might have someone more important than Katalina to guide my way.
Vira: "If I'd been more open with my feelings like you are, perhaps I wouldn't have been afraid."
Vira: That's what I thought when I let those words slip from my mouth that night.
Vira: That's why you're doing all this, isn't it? You thought this was what I wanted.
Vira: But that isn't me, Luminiera. Above all things, I need to be true to who I am.
Vira: It's all right, Luminiera. You've done enough.
Vira: I'm all right.
Vira: I can't risk getting attached to anyone else. I'll have to...
Vira's consciousness begins to fade.
Prolonged separation from control of her body has started her mind on a path to deterioration.
To once again save her master, Luminiera prepares to give all its strength to Vira.
But she isn't yet ready to accept that power.
Vira's subconscious has gone into a catatonic state, refusing to let anyone in.
Luminiera: ...
Primal Luminiera: ...
Vira: What are you... doing?
Without merging with Luminiera, Vira has little hope of ever waking.
And so Luminiera turns to the only option left.
Primal Luminiera: ...!
If you can't join them, fight them.
Vira: I see. So it's a battle you want?
Vira: Then it's a battle you'll get!

A Heart Restored: Scene 4

The battle with Luminiera has opened Vira's eyes, allowing her to accept Luminiera and become one in mind and body with it. Upon awakening she sees the love and care she's received from the crew, and is moved by (Captain)'s words of acceptance.

Vira: I see the truth now...
Vira: I was too foolish to see it earlier.
Vira: How could I have been so blind. You, who have been by my side all this time, giving your all to me.
Vira: I failed to notice you despite all the loyalty you've shown me.
Vira: What a fool I am.
Vira: From the moment you acknowledged me as your master, your devotion has never wavered.
Vira: I feared so much... I shut all others out.
Vira: Even Katalina...
Vira: But that ends today.
Vira: It's time to finally show her all that I am.
Through their battle, Vira is reminded of the Luminiera's devotion to her and allows herself to accept the primal beast in body and soul.
In a mix of shame and ecstasy, tears pour out of Vira.
With that, Luminiera and Vira become one.
Vira: Nn...
Katalina: Vira! You're awake!
Vyrn: Vira!
Lyria: Vira!
The first thing Vira sees is (Captain)'s face staring back at her with concern and relief.
Vira: ...!
Katalina: You've been asleep for three days straight; everyone's been taking turns tending to you. We were worried sick.
Vira: I'm... sorry for the trouble, everyone.
Vyrn: We're just happy you woke up! How you feeling? Better?
Vira: Y-yes...
Lyria: I'm so glad you're back with us!
Rackam: Can you eat? I asked the cook to whip up some soup for you.
Io: Oh! Vira's awake?
Io: You must've been super tired to have slept that long!
Vira: ...
Katalina: Haha.
Katalina: I'll go let everyone know you're back. I'm glad you're feeling better.
Vira: Katalina...
Katalina gives a warm smile and leaves the room.
  1. Hold her hand.
  2. "Back to your old self, Vira?"

Choose: Hold her hand.
Vira: ...!
Vira: So it was you. The one who's been holding my hand all this time.
(Captain) gives a gentle smile in reply.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: "Back to your old self, Vira?"
Vira: ...!
And the smile on (Captain)'s face says it all: "Whatever's happened, it's good to have you back."
Continue 1
Vira: Luminiera and I have become one in mind and spirit.
Vira sets a primal bit into the air and displays her fine control over the flying orb.
Vira: It's the first time I've ever truly let anyone into my heart. It feels... better than I thought it would.
Vira: We're one person, one body now.
Vira: It almost feels like I've gotten a roommate inside me. But thanks to her I've managed to keep sight of what's most important.
Vira: I'm sorry for worrying you.
  1. "Did you solve what was bothering you?"
  2. Shake head.

Choose: "Did you solve what was bothering you?"
Vira: Huh?
Choose: Shake head.
"You don't need to bottle up your feelings for the sake of others anymore," says (Captain).
"We love you for who you are, Vira. And that's all you need to be."
Vira: ...
Vira: I really am no match for you.
Vira: Why am I hearing this from you... Not Katalina, but you...
The tears feel warm against her cheeks as she whispers the words and gives a smile to (Captain).
Thereafter the nightmares never again come to haunt Vira.
And she returns to daily life.
At times, one might spot her having a pleasant chat with the other crew members.
With Katalina looking warmly on.