Scenario:Vira - A Strange Secret

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A Strange Secret

By Vira’s request, the party heads to a bakery deep inside a forest of a certain archipelago. According to Vira, Katalina has a sweet tooth, so she wanted to surprise her. This was to thank Katalina for all the things she does for them every day.

Lyria: Um... What Katalina likes?
Vira: Oh, yes. Lyria, do you know?
Lyria: Hm... I don’t know what Katalina likes to eat, but I love eating her cooking!
Vira: Haha... You have a happy-go-lucky brain and a carefree taste buds, it seems.
Lyria: Huh? Um... Thanks. Hehe...
Vyrn: That’s not a compliment...
By Vira’s request, (Captain) and company stops by a forest in an archipelago.
There, Vira begins to whisper to the others, away from Katalina.
Vira: In the village deep in the forest, there is a bakery that sells the absolute best baked sweets.
Vira: Katalina would never admit it, but she has a big sweet tooth.
Vira: And that is why I would like to prepare some baked sweets for her in secret...
Vyrn: Good grief... You came to a forest with a bunch of monsters for some candy?
Vira: ...
Vira: I thought of what Katalina would like to eat, and I thought cooked meat from a talking lizard would b the best!
Vyrn: Gah! All right! Let’s go get those baked sweets! (Captain)!
Lyria: Haha... It’s a good opportunity to give back to Katalina for all the help she gives us!
Vira: Now let’s go. Please make sure you don’t let Katalina find out.

A Strange Secret: Scene 2

On the way to the bakery, Vira states that she knows everything about Katalina. Vira passionately talks about how it makes her happy when Katalina enjoys herself.

Lyria: I didn’t know that Katalina liked sweets.
Vira: Because she worries about her image and reputation, Katalina has kept her sweet tooth a secret from the others.
Vyrn: Hm? Wait... How do you know so much about that, Vira?
Vira: Haha... There’s nothing I don’t know about Katalina.
Vira: When I was still at Albion, come rain or shine, day or night...
Vira: No matter where she is... No matter what she is doing... I was there to watch her.
Vyrn: Uh... Did Katalina notice you watching her?
Vira: Of course not! I wanted to see the candid Katalina... How she really is.
Vira: Knowing her true self without worrying about the eyes of others brought me no greater joy.
Vyrn: I’m starting to get worried for Katalina...
Vira: Let us hurry back to the village so we can how happy Katalina is going to be!
Vira: Did you know? When she’s alone, the smile that Katalina makes is very, very adorable.

A Strange Secret: Scene 3

When asked about why she is so fixated on Katalina, Vira says it is a secret. While Vira is enjoying thinking about her memories with Katalina, monsters suddenly attack. At the very crucial moment, (Captain) saved her.

Vira: I see the village ahead. We’re almost there.
Vyrn: Hey, Vira. Why are you so fixated on Katalina?
Vira: It’s because she is so beautiful. Is that bad?
Vyrn: It’s not bad, but...
Vira: Haha... Of course there are other reasons... but those are a secret.
Vira: At the moment I swore I would become Katalina’s forever... We...
Vyrn: Hey! Snap out of it! It’s monsters!
Vira: ...?!
Monster: Graaaagh...
Vira: Oh...
Vyrn: All right! Nice one! (Captain)! Now beat up the other monsters!

A Strange Secret: Scene 4

The party fulfills their objective. Saved by (Captain), Vira expresses gratitude and talks about when she first met Katalina. Ever since then, Vira’s fixation on Katalina subsides, but she now expresses interest in (Captain).

Katalina: Thank you, everyone. So this is why you were acting sneaky.
Katalina: But... I've never told anyone that I liked sweets...
Vyrn: Don’t worry about it!
Lyria: Yes! But I’m really glad you like it...
Getting away from the frolicking Lyria, Vira stands next to (Captain) and slowly opens her mouth.
Vira: (Captain), thank you so much for saving me earlier.
Vira: I was completely dazed from being saved... It’s so embarrassing...
Vira: Back then... Though only for a brief moment, your image and Katalina merged in my eyes.
Vira: When I first arrived at Albion, I was attacked by monsters when walking around town. I was saved by a beautiful lady...
Gran is the Main Character

Vira: Haha... I thought men were all the same, but...
Vira: I need to reconsider myself... Now that I have noticed (Captain)...
Vira: Or... Perhaps (Captain) is special?
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Djeeta is the Main Character

Vira: Haha... By the way, (Captain). Do you have any sisters?
Vira: Katalina is my one and only older sister, but I’ve always wanted a younger sister.
Vira: For example... An adorable sister like you, (Captain).
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After saying that, Vira gives a big smile to (Captain).
Ever since, Vira’s fixation on Katalina subsides just a little.